Thursday, 31 January 2013

Puppy + Nail Addiction?

I LOVE my dogs! 
They're like children to me, I know they're not, but they are one of the things that light up my life! 

I a true dog lover, I mean there's many dogs I don't like the look of, but I'm truly a bit of a dog enthusiast!
But, I am also a self-confessed nail addict...
Left: Jude (Age 3) Right: Charlie (Age 11 months - 14 months)
Right, I'll give you a lil' back story, then get to the main feature (if you're not too interested, just skip on to my awesome nails!)
For as long as I can't remember I've always had a dog... My first dog was amazing! She was called Tess. A gorgeous KC, Pedigree Springer Spaniel.  She was ages with me, so when she died when I was 16, on the day of my R.E GCSE exam, I was devastated, (I know for sure that exam didn't go well!) we all were, and I was pretty pet-less for months! Then I met, Robert, and I would always be at his house, doting my dog-loving on his little Jack Russell, Star. She would fall asleep on my knee, and after my sugar allergy discovery she gained a steady stone. due to eating what I couldn't...

But one day, not too long after I'd met Rob, me and my mam were having an afternoon in Carlisle and we randomly saw an advert for Miniature Jack Russell puppies. I phoned up thinking at least I could cuddle a few puppies, and she had one little boy left. Let's just say I had him in the car before he was paid for and a Beatles song came on - "Hey Jude", he fell asleep to it, and so his name was born - Jude! Charlie, was a different story, we'd been living together in stoke for a little while and I found a woman was giving her pup away - or being made to. It was Charlie, he came from an abusive home and we rescued him, called him Charlie and he was instantly one of my boys!
From Left: Jack Russell Sitting. Snow Leopard Profile and Rhodesian Ridgeback Portrait.
So that's just how I got them, but I would have hundreds if I wasn't stopped, dogs are so loving - the dog reflects the owner after all... But I get a bit crazy when I see things that look like my dogs, I have calendars, pen's, books, teddy's, even pj's. So when I was on ebay (I LOVE ebay!) last year I was so excited to see nail stickers/transfers - I got some and they were amazing, but at £5 a pop I started shopping else where and last month my friend linked me on to JanChristie, where they're roughly £1.80 a pop - which obviously is more cost-effective. So because I've been buying a few times I got a discount at half price which made me really excited to find they started doing my dogs on the site, as before hand I'd just been getting butterflies ect. So I've waited a fair bit of time an voila - I have my dogs mixed in my nail art addiction!
Random Dark Blue, Nails inc top coat, Sally Hansen Double Duty and Rimmel London Sweet as Sugar.
Now, these are good for the price, slightly lower in quality, than some I've use eg. they rip slightly easier, so you have to be even more careful with them, and they don't show up aw well on darker colours, but no worries, be they last roughly as long and they look just like my babies!

They're rather easy to use, paint your nails, your colour choice, I chose a light Rimmel blue on my thumb and ring finger so they'd show up better and contrasted it with my darker blue. I cut them out really carefully, peeled them off and popped them on my digits in place, et voila....

You must make sure that yours nails are perfectly dry, pick the right size, be careful when you're peeling it, because I had a problem with one of my 'Charlie' stickers ripping because they are rather flimsy, but you can't ask for complete perfection for the price! I used Sally Hansen 'Double Duty' as a top coat - because it's ab fab and so far they've survived a lush bubble bath, so I'm quite happy about them!

They're not great photo's because I have shaky hands- but you get the idea, they're quite cool and yet again  my nails have been complimented and My Mum's even got herself online to buy some that look like her babies! I also got really excited they had Snow Leopard - as I adopted a Snow Leopard years ago to support them - and was devastated I couldn't keep it for real and they have some that look just like my horse (Surprise, surprise, a country girl with a horse!) Gentleman - Named because he is a gentleman - So I'm investing in some to look like him too.

It was good because I got sent some birds stickers to practice with -Magpies, which is funny, because my Mum says I'm like a magpie, because I love shiny pretty things and some blue tit's - which I don't half resemble in winter (bah, du, tsh!) - I didn't really need to practice, due to having them before, but I've never had any like my babies - eeeek!

I would recommend these for anyone who wants a cheap and easy way to make their nails look a bit different. Or add their love for their babies to their love of nail beauty (they have cats and loads of things) - Janchristie, was the cheapest one, just about that I've found, but don't hesitate to pop on ebay or amazon as they're pretty awesome to pick up some DIY fashion pieces... I put them on my ring finger as I've loved that trend for ages now, and thumb just to make it a bit different than just one finger, as everyone and their mum's does that, so I jumped on a new trend!

But, I LOVE my dogs, they're like my babies and I LOVE nail art, so I thought this was a nice way to combine my addiction to both and show them off!

So I think everyone should make a statement to how much they love their pets- mine even get a doggy birthday cake - in some way or another, I've picked nails, stationary and calendars ect, why not hop on board?

Tell me your thoughts...
I'll leave you of a few pictures of my babies and me!


  1. Lovely nails, and such cute dogs! :)

  2. how cute!!! i am so lacking in creative ways to do my nails.

    new follower :)

  3. Dogs are such beautiful animals. I think it's great that you have ones that you love so much. And your nails are adorable! So creative.

  4. oh my goodness I love your dogs! I have 2 of my own as well-a toy fox terrier named Lola and a 6 month old 'schnoodle' named Max. They are so adorable aren't they? I wanted to reach through my screen and give yours an ear scratch!

  5. Forgive me for this post.


    Entering tantrum stage, now! ;).

    Your nails look gorgeous! I'm so glad I'm not the only crazy poochy mama.


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