Sunday, 20 January 2013

Oh LOOK there's post on Sunday!

Well it's the end of another week - but this week was a bit different - it SNOWED! 

Now, forgive me for what may seem like excitement for the subject, but, unfortunately my feelings towards snowday's are quite reserved - Snow: Fun for the first five minutes - until the post the is cancelled and my shoes didn't arrive on time... Then it makes you bloody ill a day before you have to dress up like a Pam Anderson look-a-like... That's right - I'm GOING to freeze - but so's the other Cheerleaders so at least we're all together doing it...

Besides the snow which is seemingly an occurring theme in EVERY social network - I have actually been busy this week - it was my first week back at uni, work and cheerleading - eek it's been busy... Hectic to say the least.... But I was happy to find out I have four day weekend for the next few weeks - which is very #yaay# as it's given me the opportunity to blog more -and catch up on uni/work of course!

This week has been trying - snow, bitchy bloggers, snow, video blogs, snow, odd names, snow and yes of course more snow!
Well I complain about the snow but it has made a fabulous background for photo's...

That's just a few pictures I did get of me suffering the snow - and the I made the worlds best snow-woman ever - literally - well I wasn't freezing my we digits was I?
Speaking of freezing - Underneath the coat in the middle pic, was a fabulous vest + sheer shirt skirt combo for my doctors appointment then work - whilst in the doctors they gave me the wrong name 'Rachael Greaves' instead of 'Rachael Grealish' which was bad enough - then made worse by the fact my chest felt very oddly cold -then Rob pointed out I needed to pull my top up as I'd had the vest on the wrong way and it was lower on the back and had slipped down my boobies exposing me and my gorgeous lacy bra to the world - eeek! 
Cuddling up with my pup - BEST OOTD EVER - The Onsie! - Lush Bubbly bath...
When I'd escaped the snow it's seems there is inspiration everywhere I look for new 'Knowing Your Shape' post's as I've seen Fashionista after Fashionista giving me more ideas in the ways to hopefully she some light on outfits for different shapes - First it was a need to revise my thoughts on LBD's for the season - seasons changes needs must - and now well it seems tight high-waist skinnies on an apple with a chunky blazer/jacket making the wearer look like a black and white triangle is all the rage - so jeans are on my radar next for us ladies to look fab in them - remember if you can't get two fingers down the back or the zip is bugling they're too small - always be comfortable - that's when you're sexiest!

So I've been snuggled up mainly away from the snow and I participated in my first #bbloggerschat eeek - this was exciting helping others with advice on beauty and fashion and receiving many of my own tips to help me along... But some bloggers aren't really friendly - as something I don't like about Twitter if you block someone they simply can't follow you - but they can see all your tweets and photoy's if they so wish - which is rather unnerving some oddballs can have a good ol' all eye-ball at me, then talk about it! - Oh so, odd... Something needs a fix there Mr.Twitter!
My TOPSHOP Haul - in my VIDEO Blog!
This week hasn't been all bad - Oh, no I did video blog No.3 - eeeeeek! Yes, I'm three in and officially a video blogger now! I've got subscribers, viewers (I hope eek) and even a lovely comment off a fellow blogger! (If you want to view my channel click HERE) Also doesn't Youtube leave you with a horrible screenshot for the video still? So I apologise for the duck faces it usually stills me as...

So that's my week in a nutshell - Video blogging, Knowing Your Shape, BBlogger Chat, Snow.... Yes, I only want to repeat three of those four things next week... So snow, it's been fun but if you'd kindly piss off it would be great...

Have you done anything fun this week in the snow?


  1. I feel the same way about snow - it's lovely for a little while, and then it's just cold and annoying. These pictures are super cute though! That onesie is adorable! :)

  2. A milky bar whilst in a Lush bath, that is pure perfection! The one thing I miss about home is having a bath and filling it with treats from Lush!

  3. I love lush products soo much spesh their bath bombs! Lovely post! :)

    Pipp xx


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