Friday, 11 January 2013

Northern Girl Hits The City - SHOPS...

As the title implies, I'm back in the big city- Ok, not HUGE, but my City of Stoke! I'm back at uni - Eeek - Now some of you may not 'Eeek' at the idea of going back to uni. But I am!

As much as I've loved being home these past few weeks - seeing my amazing Mammy and my lovely friends ect. I've felt a bit, hmmm, deprived, (Yes, that's an exaggeration, but why doesn't that surprise you?) when it comes to fashion, beauty, and well internet connection - as silly as that sounds... Basically at home our internet speed is like 2.2 -for all techies out there that understand this - for us that, like me, don't: SLOW and well to upload my first Youtube video it took 3 1/2 days.... 3 effing days?! But I do live in the fabulous Lakes so give and take eh?

Anyway, after my "deprivation" I've had to be dragged back to uni... But since I was dragged, I felt I should be treated for the extensive journey... I did the obvious - went shopping!
That's right, I was back in stoke for an hour and  I'd been to uni and managed to hit the shops... It wasn't an extensive haul, which I intend to have soon, but I managed to snag up a few bits and pieces...

My LUSH goodies!
From Top Left:
  • Creamy Candy Bubble Bar -This smells deliciously edible and feels fabulous and for £3 is a bargain, if it lasted long enough! It's worn down loads after just one use... I'm going for Happy next time...
  • Angles Delight Soap - The name reminding me of my childhood drew me in and the smell kept me! This is so fruity and fabulous on your skin.
  • Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub - this is lovely like a gentle on your skin, yet effective retaliatory - definitely a must bye!
  • Toner Tabs -I got the tee tree toner tab and the chamomile one - they were £1 and I thought I'd try both see if they work - I broke them in to quarters and my face felt refreshed.
  • Squeakly Green Shampoo Bar - I simply had to try a solid shampoo to see if my hair would benefit - let's just say I WILL be going back for more and the conditioner too! 
  • Fresh Farmacy Solid Face Wash - I'd heard good reviews on this - they have the black one too, which is for more oily skin, but this has actually been effective aleady!
(Get them all HERE or in your local LUSH store) 

I've LOVED all of these and I would recommend them all to you LUSH lovers out there! I'm loving the shampoo the most as my hair has come out feeling fab!
I've also gifted myself with a few more high-street items, but I thought I'd just blog Lush today... So that's my  lil lush haul which I feel I deserve after my long journey back to Stoke!

Another thing that's great about coming back to uni is that at home, everyone knows everyone! I live in a a fair sized city so if I run into someone once you have a large chance of never having to see them again. Whereas, back home it's a terribly small town and you always have a HUGE chance of running in to people you DON'T want to see... Now, that's not usually bad, but you all know about my Stalker and her friends. Well they live in Cumbria, meaning going home I have a huge chance running in to them - in fact my stalker literally ran in to me over Christmas and she sent me some vile comments on my blog trying to put me of blogging - so coming back to stoke is nice to avoid those kind of people! (To be honest I think they're just getting testy due to is coming up to one if their 'dumping' anniversary soon so they'll be feeling a bit stung!) - Though the derogatory comments haven't ceased - silly people! But a definitely an excuse to treat myself to more beauty and fashion products to feel better!

So that's my trip back to uni and my lovely Lush haul full of amazing products... I can't wait to see what else the city has to offer me in this New Year and what products I'm yet to discover - though, I must quickly add I am now the new owner of ALL the different MUA Fur Effects (Blog Post to come on this!) just thought I'd end this on a perk!

Have any of you had any new hauls or new Lush products?
Tell me what you think...


  1. Ooh I just did a Lush haul too - great goodies x

    1. Oh you simply must blog about it - I love knowing what Lush products people love! x

  2. Lush hauls are my favourite kind of hauls! Makes me upset that I don't own a bath, though :( I've been wanting to try the solid cleansers for a while now!

    - Sho x

  3. I'm glad that you're so excited to be back! That is great! Those products look wonderful. :)

  4. This looks gorgeous, I need so LUSH in my life :)


  5. I'd love to go to stoke now! I went a little crazy at Lush this year too because I missed out on some great stuff last year. I love using the toner tabs.

    I have a MAC lipstick giveaway currently running:


  6. Wow! I hate my figure.. Gone to a size 14 since having my child 2 years ago.. Down to medication :( BUT you have installed confidence in finding the right LBD with this fab post !!


  7. I've been eyeing up the sugar scrub for a while, definitely going to pick next time I'm in Lush :)


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