Saturday, 26 January 2013


I LOVE jewellery - I love all sorts of jewellery, but after Christmas, where I got some lovely pieces, I'm not as willing to part with my pennies as I thought, though there's sales I end up spending too much anyhow- so I was happy when I stumbled across ClothingLoves and there was deal struck!

Fine print is all boring so I'll get the main part - I received two necklaces from them - eeeek - But not just your average necklace I got two STATEMENT pieces... I know some people are just hopping on the wagon now, but I've always been a fan from ASOS to LucyQ - I'm in LOVE! - Collars, ties, chunky, jewelled - I loved em' all! Don't get me wrong, I have more delicate jewellery that's versatile, but with something's bigger is better! - Maybe it's a complex because I'm so petite, but who knows hehe

So I was pretty chuffed when these babies showed up at the door willing me to rip open and wear straight away...

These necklaces are from the Jewellery range on ClothingLoves with a combined price of £8.21 - without shipping... But either way, you're talking good for your money! I thought I'd show you what they look like separately and on meee...

I've just got to say, this one is probably (definitely) my favourite of the two - it's such a good Dupe of Zara Taylor but for a tenth of the price! At only £4.28 I would recommend it to anyone wanting a simple yet striking statement piece - It's almost like a 'starter' in my eyes for statement pieces, to get people in to them that aren't used to big necklaces - I got so many compliments from it I just love wearing - plus because of it's simplicity it doesn't have to be the focus of the outfit, it can be worn along with a more striking dress - yaaay!

It's not uncomfortable to wear and is suitable for even us see-through-pale ladies to wear - where as some brass necklaces may make us look washed out this suits just about everyone - just be careful if you've got a super-round face - as piece two may be for you!

This one is a bit punky and feminine at the same time due to the thinner chain and suits nearly every face shape due to it's shape - if you've got a long face piece number one is for for you - I was a bit skeptical about this piece when it first arrived, as I wasn't sure if I really liked it, but when I got it on I fell in love and even wore it to film my latest video blog!

At £3.93, you can't really go wrong with this piece and it's also rather versatile, I've been adding to my LBD look or a high neck peplum is equally suiting - obviously everyone to their own, but I think it sits nice with either a high-neck piece or a fairly low cut number due to the slightly pointed down center dying to shout "look at me" but ever so subtly!

So these are my two well worth it investments of the moment in the world of statement jewellery! ClothingLoves I've found is rather handy for affordable jewellery and even clothes ect... So it really is worth it to have a look as we are in a recession, but your love of fashion and beauty shouldn't have to suffer because of this!

Check it out and definitely tell me what you think of me in these lil' statement pieces!
Have you invested in any statement pieces lately?

P.S. I'm going to do a full post on not just STATEMENT jewellery but fashion also, very soon, so keep posted for more!


  1. These are lovely! Love the gold one especially! :)

  2. Both of these necklaces are absolutely gorgeous! I love the first one so much :) xxx

  3. I am loving these! I love big necklaces always make a great statement to any outfit.

  4. Ooooh I looove both those necklaces, particularly the second one! I have a silver collar/choker similar to the first, and the second is just so unique and versatile as you say...might have to invest!


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