Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hats off to you!

I thought I simply had to do an OOTD post due to the fact I was actually brave with my fashion today!

I say brave - ok, maybe not brave. But I did show off a bit of tummy (which is brave for me!) in the British winter (which is brave for anyone!) - Today I wore my Denim Bralet... Eeek!

So this is my outfit of the day - I've gone for a flippy hem skirt to pair with my bralet, which I snagegd from the local potteries market for on £3! I know amazing. It went along
 with a delightful scarf and a light cardi... But I topped it all off with my new bowler hat - eeek! I love this hat as far as hat's go this is my new baby! They were in Topshop for £25. But I wasn't willing to part with that amount of money for a new hat - so when I saw the same one in a 'flash sale' on Missguided for a fiver I couldn't say no now could I?

Also I know I said I braved the British winter in a crop-top - and technically I did - but I wasn't going to be a silly girl (like many others I saw today) and brave it without a coat on - that would be idiotic since snow is meant to be on the way and finished it all off with my favey coat from Newlook - Another reason why I didn't show as much tummy off as most ladies do. But I kind of reserve that for holidays where the temp is above well 3! Now as for shoes - as it is NEVER a woman's prerogative to forget the shoe aspect of it all - These shoes are, though a bit difficult to see as they blended nicely with the tights, are actually little black ankle boots that I got for Christmas!

What I'm wearing:

Hat - Rovena Roller Hat With Bow - missguided 
Scarf - Cameo Print Scarf - Primark
Jacket -  Black Woolly Contrast Sleeve Belted Skirt Coat - Newlook
Cardi - Blazer style Jersey Cardigan - Topshop
Bralet - Demin stlyle cropped bralet - Potteries Market
Skirt - Petite Jersey Flippy Hem Skirt - Topshop
Tights - Primark (Of course)
Shoes - Low Tie Ankle Boots

Well that's it - it may not be a big deal to most ladies popping on a cropped top, but I've been trying to keep my size to a ten, and I thought I'd show my work off - hope you all like it! I know I'm a bit late jumping on the 'Bralet Train' but I never really thought I could - perhaps I shall research which shapes can and a 'Knowing Your Shape' is necessary? Hmm Maybe...

Anyway - as I do digress easy - Tell me what you think of my outfit!  As I give a hats off to myself for being brave and managing to find a bralet style for my shape!
Have any of you tried bralets? If so - Hats off to you and tell me about it!



  1. Awww lovely, I really want a bowler hat!! X

  2. I love it! I love your hat, I sooo wish I could pull them off, they just really don't suit me ha xx

  3. I've had the scarf for a while & I always get compliments on it! Doesn't look like a primark number at all. You look beaut!

    - Clothes, Shoes & Boys with Tattoos

  4. Lovely outfit. I've always wanted a hat like that! x

  5. Love your outfit I also want to get one of them hats you got a bargain there!.

  6. Love this outfit, the hat really suits you! :) xx

  7. beautiful outfit :)

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  8. Hey, i really like your blog and your pictures :)
    you want to follow eacht other via gfc (and maybe bloglovin) ?
    i would be very happy :)

    lovely greetings, Lucia

  9. I actually bookmarked a website to buy a bowler hat yesterday, love them!! x

  10. Thank you all very much for all your lovely comments! If I don't already I'll follow all of you back - Thank you again xx


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