Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Galactica/Galaxy/Outer-Space Trend...

I may not have really mentioned this guilty pleasure of mine but - I'm in LOVE with the Galactica/Galaxy/Outer-Space/Space-Bound
whatever you wish to call it trend!  

It's sooo pretty, but until recently I hadn't really worked up the courage to purchase any pices - until now! I'd always admired it from a distance in places like Topshop, Newlook, ASOS or BlackMilk... I've fallen in love with so many pieces, blogging about this trend seemed inevitable to me...

These are just a few pieces of Galactica trend that I either really want or have acquired/on the way...
They're from a variey of places... Here's what we have... It's time to join the Space Age!

From Top Left: 
  • Caprice Galaxy Print Knot Front Dress - Boohoo - £12.99 - This cut out dress seems fab and a sheer must for the price...
  • Purple Cosmic Print Tube Skirt Topshop - £28 - This I have been brave enough to get this in petite and it works really well with a black sheer shirt tucked in... I also paired with a lil bowler ha for a bit of extra mee-ness - if that makes sense!
  • Galactic Print Nightwear Set - Topshop - £25 - I love this trend so much I want it in my bed! Nuff Said!
  • Hearts & Bows Galactic Print Dip Back Vest - ASOS - £10.50 - The colours are exquisite in this making it a fab item for a night out or during the day.
  • Veeanne Peeptoe All Over Sequin Ankle Strap Wedges - Boohoo - £35 - The texture and style of these give a nice variation to the trend as they don't consist of the obvious space pattern.
  • Jeffrey Campbell X BlackMilk - 99 Tie - BlackMilk - £116 - BlackMilk + Shoes = Perfect for the galaxy trend - Though, admittedly, a bit pricey...
  • Vibrant Starlight Ballerina's  - Topshop - £18 - These are a nice change to usual heels and could make any plain outfit shine!
  • Navy Speckle Skater Skirt - Topshop - £16 - I know this isn't officially space print, but it does look a bit like the starry night sky due to the speckle style of it.
  • Love Label Galaxy Print Peplum Dress - Very - £14.50 - This simply had to be mine - space scene + peplum = has to be mine! I love this and for that price and not too much means you can't go wrong!
  • Galaxy Blue Leggings - BlackMilk - £48.91 - Another BlackMilk piece fro me - these fabulous leggings, like other BlackMilk pieces, are truly out there - but exactly what this trend calls for!
So, those are the 11 pieces of clothing I either have or truly want! - I shall put a photo of me up, eventually, when I manage to get round to taking one, though, I am admittedly in the market for a new camera - any ideas for a new one are welcome!

Though you can't leave a outfit unaccessorised! Or, at least I can't... So along with these, I've picked a few pieces of galaxy trend jewellery or just some that match - along with some choice make-up items that scream  'Galaxy!' so here's what I chose:
From Top Left:
  • Nails in Beleza - Topshop - £6 - This is gorgeous over a black of really dark blue as it really does look like a glittery night sky...
  • Pearl Section Earrings - Topshop - Was £12.50 Now £3.50 These aren't necessarily 'Galaxtica' but I thought they went really nicely with the trend and some of he other pieces. Plus such  a bargain!
  • Ottoman Hands Large Stone Ring - ASOS - £60 - A bit pricey, but I couldn't say 'no' to this fabulous ring to go with dress no.1 in the first picture!
  • Hayley's Comet - Models Own - Yes, another nail colour - I am obsessed - but even without glitter this gives a lovely night sky look! Think 'aurora borealis' but on your nails!
  • Spike Bomb Ring - Topshop - Topshop seems to have really hit it big with this trend and this is like having a little star on your finger with you at all times!
  • Gold & Diamond Constellation Cosmic Coin Charm Necklace - Linda Lee Johnson - £2,165 - If you haven't come across Ms.Johnson yet, you simply must! Her Jewellery designs are fab and his constellation is PERFECT for this trend - and there is't just this one but many more! Buuut a bit pricey for a lil student like me...
  • Galactic Print Scarf - Topshop - £18 - This is mine for the subtlety of the trend and the mix of colours - it's brilliant because of this as it goes with so much -certainly a must even if you're not a fab of the trend!
  • Galactic Glitter Eye Dust - Art Fire - £2.48 - This is a fabulous glitter dust -it's holographic making it a must for this trend, plus I couldn't resist the price when purchasing a few items! 
  • Galactic Charm Necklace - Topshop - £6.25 - This was an obvious choice for the trend. But once on is actually a gorgeous statement piece adding that bit extra to any outfit!

There you have it - my Galactic accessories! I've chosen all the pieces either because I have them, want them or think they're perfect for the Galactica/Galaxy/Outer-Space/whatever you want to call it trend! Besides the Linda Johnson piece, (Well unless you have two grand spare!) I recommend you try some of the pieces I've picked if you want to hop on the space band-wagon like I have!

When I finishing fannying around with photo taking, I'll pop some photo's of me up in my Galactic wear - hopefully you'll all like the ways I've styled them - if not, I'm always open to a few tips and tricks of the trade!

So I hope you've enjoyed my 'exposing' of my guilty pleasure of the Galactic trend - and I especially hope you like some of the pieces I've chosen! Buuut, I have one lil' item left to add to give the full space effect!
The Shimmy Shimmy Massage Glitter Bar from Lush should certainly do the trick with adding shine and sparkle to make you the glittery space babe you want to be - plus it really is lovely on! (My Mammy bought me one eeek!)

So that's my take and ideas on the Galactica/Galaxy/Outer-Space/whatever you want to call it trend - Tell me your thoughts!


  1. LOVE this post!! I have that pencil skirt and I LOVE it!! It's so pretty!! xxx

  2. Ahh it's all so nice! Such a good post

    Chels xx

  3. Wow, what a collection! You do have a good eye!

  4. Really love your blog and now following you via GFC :)

    And I love this post! I bought the Hearts and Bows ASOS galactic print tunic as I thought it was lush! I think we have very similar tastes. Check out to see what I mean!

    Oh and I'm currently hosting a little giveaway if you fancy winning some goodies!

    Speak soon, lovely.



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