Sunday, 6 January 2013


Last night was my last night out in Cumbria of the winter seasons as the next time I shall be up't north is during the Easter festivities - which actually, will probably (definitely), because it's Cumbria, still like winter... 

Well I've enjoyed my time home -apart from the lack of variation and choice where fashion and beauty is concerned, though I have snagged myself a bargain or two, I can't wait to get to a true shopping center and see what the city has to offer!

Last night was not your usual night out - Oh, no, I had a DATE NIGHT!

Yes, me and Rob are the kind of couple that actually goes on night's out with each other as dates, as we reserve in the thoughts that date exploits should venture further than a suave meal or a romantic film ect. We like to party - and I love my friends, but we truly do have the best time together - I mean we're like BFF's anyhow. So why not have a night out with your bestie that you can also do more than party with?! *wink wink*...

So, I was going to give you guys a run-down on the night, but instead, as I don't think the idea of telling you when he made me swoon over a drink is appropriate, I'm going to try and make this evening more beauty/fashion related!

Now, I know we've been together for what feels like forever - in a positive way! - but I still like trying to look my best for my man and get dolled up - so Here's my OOTE (Outfit of the evening)... 

Black Cowl Neck 3/4 Sleeve Top
Black Chunky Peep Toe Platform Heels
LucyQ Hula Pendant
H&MP Black Bodycon Skirt
Topshop: Studded Biker Jacket
I went for some reliable items I've had for a while eg. The leather jacket and the skirt, and partnered them with some of the newer items I got in the Boxing Day Sales. But also added a lil' extra piece of fabulousness to this ensemble - the LucyQ I got for Christmas! Eeek!

I'm all for statement pieces, but everything I'd chosen made me look like I was feeling morbid - hint why I chose to wear the two toned heels and the leather jacket. I LOVE this jacket (Click HERE), it certainly is a statement piece when it's on, but it's versatile. But I do agree with other bloggers in saying a jacket can be the statement piece, not the dress, I've said this for years - simply for the fact, I value my health in the winter seasons - a jacket does NOT ruin the outfit... I think it helped really brighten this LBD look!

Along with my outfit I decided to use some of the new make-up products I've recently acquired... Such as my fabulous MUA Fur Effect Nails...

My nails with a base of Max Factor, Max Effect, Chilled Lilac Base. Topped with MUA Fur Effect Nails in Fluff & Cuddles...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new look! From the moment I discovered them on the MUA site and their own Blog, to the moment I went to my man, "I NEED them!" to when Mr.Postman faithfully showed up at the door on the Saturday morning - truthfully I would've hugged him, if it hadn't of been the guy that used to ask me out all the time! It's he curse of a small town! - These are fabulous! - A bit tricky to do the first time, but really gorgeous on and I had velvety/furry nails for my date yaaay! - There is a blog to come of it's own simply about these!

I'll spare you the gossip of the evening as it consisted of the usual fabulous times with my man - though I had to give my "Back off Bitch" look to a person working behind the bar in a club after she talked about me, the flipped me off - disgusting I know! - and I give a bloke that was slagging off my new video blog a dig in the ribs with my elbow... But the night was perfect, filled with drunken goodness and even journey's to the quaint harbor in which the town is based...

Like I said, I'll spare my readers the gossip for once, and simply leave you with a few choice pic's from the evening... Enjoy!

My personal favourite is the odd animals from the opticians we passed on the way to the bank!

Hope you all had a fab evening as I did! 
Have any of you tried fur nails or got any ideas for more statement pieces to brighten up an LBD look?



  1. LOVE your heels! You looked really nice :)
    Nicolle x

    1. Aww thank you - they were sooo comfy - I'm such a show addict hehe x

  2. you look gorgeous, your heals are lovely!

    ps - I added your button to my blog as part of the button swap, could you do the same please xo

    1. Oh thank you soo much! They're fab on hehe I'l get right on it sweetie! xx

  3. You look so pretty! I love your jacket. Cute date night!!

    If you have time, please come by and check out my blog! And maybe follow?

    xo - Sheila

    1. Aw thank YOU! I checked your out and I'm a new follower sweetie! xx

  4. your outfit is very cute.

    Looks like a fun night!

  5. I really love those shooooes! And your necklace is stunning :)

    I also really appreciate the fact that you can go on a night out with your man :) I will never understand couples who can't go to a club together!

    Looks you had lots of fun, he's very lucky :P

    Hannah xo

  6. I love that top!! I hope I can find it, I want to buy it! lol
    LaceyLoves x

  7. Oh goshhhh! I have not even seen those Fur nails!!! They are beautiful! Eeeeekkk better get those little furry creatures onto my nails soon :-) Your date night looks cute and fun. Your outfit is cute.



  8. Amazing blog and outfit!


  9. Love your jacket! Your outfit is really nice :) x

  10. I absolutely love your jacket Rachel-Marie! The outfit looks insane and I love your nail fluff!

    I haven't heard of this before but shall be checking this out, so thank you :). You have a new follower!

    Have a lovely weekend :) X


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