Sunday, 27 January 2013

BEAUTY - Myths & Legends!

We've all heard of Mythbusters well I'm going to attempt to be the Beauty/Fashion Equivalent of this - I've found out some hilarious and quite odd beauty myths and found out all the answers to what's really the truth!

We all have those style and beauty tips and tricks that we swear by, whether we read them online or it's something our gran's told us - for example sleeping on your back will stop you getting wrinkles and avocado is good  for your skin. But I've found some that you seriously do think "What???" when you hear them, that are true and of course a lot that aren't...

One of my Beauty myths? - Relaxing in a Lush bubble bath for an hour is good for you!
This week has been full of Myths for me - from walking in to La Senza and being told how not to wear a bra (with my boobs too!) to being in Boots and getting told that my hairs will grow back awful if I wax them (I've been waxing for years love!) and right to a certain BULLY of mine, Bella, claiming she isn't a bully (Hello Sinead and Ruby from Hollyoaks - we all know that isn't true!) So, with all this swishing round my lil head so I've been researching my little heart out - even tested a few myself - to see if these myths are fact or fiction - So here we go...

  1. MythIf you splash ice cold water on your Boobs every morning you won't need to wear a bra:
    FICTION - This may give you a initial shock, but there's no proof of this, the initial shock will cause your body to naturally hold high for a short time, but your boobs will sag if they're going to sag, despite a bra, it all depends on a person - Plus, we all don't want to see swingy boobs everywhere ladies!
  2. Myth - Chocolate makes you break out in spots!
    FICTION - Having a poor diet or eating a lot of greasy food will make you breakout in blemish's, chocolate will just make your clothes shrink ladies! In fact small amounts of dark or white chocolate can be good for your cholesterol and a lil square in the morning can help boost metabolism and mood (esp dark choccy)
  3. Myth Cucumber can reduce the puffiness round your eyes:
    FACT - I've read up about it and tried it - I swear by this on a poorly morning or on a hangover morning pop some cucumber on your eyes and relax! The coldness restricts blood vessels which reduces swelling and puffiness. Try it!
  4. Myth  Creams and Coca Butters will get rid of Stretch Marks
    FICTION - As much as we'd love to invest in the latest cream or serum, stretch marks depend on the person and at the rate in which you gain or lose weight, luckily they can usually be reversed, so eat health and exercise, and don't fret - at least you'll be super soft!
  5. Myth - Split ends can be reversed
    FICTION - I really wish this one was true, I really really do. But it's not! Once split ends happen there's no going back, they simply need a chop! (Like mine this week) - But there is some lovely cremes and serums to hold them at bay until you brave the hairdressers and make them less noticable (I'm currently prepping a post on this)
  6. Myth: 8 Hours Sleep Can help you lose weight
    FACT: Yay an excuse to sleep - Aim for 6-8 - as it's not just no eating while your sleeping, but not getting enough sleep can make you look older, puffy and stop you burning calories as easy - so get some kip!
  7. Myth: Getting your hair cut really frequently will make it grow quicker
    FICTION: Phew, an excuse to dodge the hairdressers "inches" (feet!) everyone has a unique speed in which your hair grows and slows down as you get older - getting it cut just gives it a healthy look and gets rid of those split ends
  8. Myth:  Waxing or shaving will make your hair grow back thicker and darker
    FICTION: Contrary to what that awful woman said and to some popular belief it doesn't! (Ha) Most people think this is true because when hair grows back in after waxing/shaving, the hair is a bit shorter than normal, therefore seeming thicker and coarser while longer hair appears more fine.
  9. Myth: Pumping the mascara wand helps to apply mascara better.
    FICTION: As far as mascara's go they say 'no'! The only thing you get when you pump the mascara wand is extra air and bubbles in the mascara tube which dries it out - eek...
  10. Myth: Drinking plenty of water will help give you healthy and clear skin
    FACT: Drinking water will definitely keep you hydrated and healthy where you skin is concerned, it'll help if you have dry or oily skin so get gulping!
So that's ten myths busted! I know there was more fiction than fact - to my dismay - It was quite interesting to find out what people believe and stick by - and some were just damn odd! I've got too say there is some I'll always personally stick by in hope they'll one day work - even if they don't, we all like the hope these myths give us - except the icy water, please wear a bra ladies - this'll just make you have a nip-on and not hold anything up - including the guys eyes!

We maybe all need a myth of two in our lives, but we've just got to decide whether it's helping the hope, or we're just going to be lying to ourselves/others and we should just face the truth...

Is there any beauty myths you believe in - I'd love to know!


  1. Love this post! so interesting! :)

  2. Lovely post dear! Really interesting and informative! :))


  3. This is such a great post, I need to go out and get me some cucumbers, my eyes are gross at the moment!
    And UGH Sinead and Ruby make me so mad


    1. Well Hollyoaks was breaking my heart and reminded me of my experience and my stalkers/bullies, we just like that! Thanks for the lovely comment xx

  4. wicked post! always use cucumbers to soothe my eyes. I get alot of alergies x

  5. Hi :) Thank you for visiting my blog and for the nice words - yours is --awesome-- I am your newest follower. :) This post is spot on! I wax my legs, too - in fact I wish I would have started waxing younger so that my hairs would have grown back finer. As for the cucumber, drinking it in juice form (fresh juiced only) is VERY good for your skin (fact not myth ;) ).

    The part about cold water and boobs - I lol'd!!! If it was only that easy!

  6. Hi thank you so much for visting and following my blog :) I gave your lovely blog a follow and this post is AMAZING by the way! It was very interesting to read :) I also subscribed to your YT channel xo

  7. This is a great post, really informative! xx

  8. Thanks for stopping by on my blog! I've come across a gem here! Mythbusters is my secret shame! This is a great post! I hope to see more like this. xox


  9. Haha, there were some myths I had never heard of. Great post!! I wish split ends were salvageable. x


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