Thursday, 31 January 2013

Puppy + Nail Addiction?

I LOVE my dogs! 
They're like children to me, I know they're not, but they are one of the things that light up my life! 

I a true dog lover, I mean there's many dogs I don't like the look of, but I'm truly a bit of a dog enthusiast!
But, I am also a self-confessed nail addict...
Left: Jude (Age 3) Right: Charlie (Age 11 months - 14 months)
Right, I'll give you a lil' back story, then get to the main feature (if you're not too interested, just skip on to my awesome nails!)
For as long as I can't remember I've always had a dog... My first dog was amazing! She was called Tess. A gorgeous KC, Pedigree Springer Spaniel.  She was ages with me, so when she died when I was 16, on the day of my R.E GCSE exam, I was devastated, (I know for sure that exam didn't go well!) we all were, and I was pretty pet-less for months! Then I met, Robert, and I would always be at his house, doting my dog-loving on his little Jack Russell, Star. She would fall asleep on my knee, and after my sugar allergy discovery she gained a steady stone. due to eating what I couldn't...

But one day, not too long after I'd met Rob, me and my mam were having an afternoon in Carlisle and we randomly saw an advert for Miniature Jack Russell puppies. I phoned up thinking at least I could cuddle a few puppies, and she had one little boy left. Let's just say I had him in the car before he was paid for and a Beatles song came on - "Hey Jude", he fell asleep to it, and so his name was born - Jude! Charlie, was a different story, we'd been living together in stoke for a little while and I found a woman was giving her pup away - or being made to. It was Charlie, he came from an abusive home and we rescued him, called him Charlie and he was instantly one of my boys!
From Left: Jack Russell Sitting. Snow Leopard Profile and Rhodesian Ridgeback Portrait.
So that's just how I got them, but I would have hundreds if I wasn't stopped, dogs are so loving - the dog reflects the owner after all... But I get a bit crazy when I see things that look like my dogs, I have calendars, pen's, books, teddy's, even pj's. So when I was on ebay (I LOVE ebay!) last year I was so excited to see nail stickers/transfers - I got some and they were amazing, but at £5 a pop I started shopping else where and last month my friend linked me on to JanChristie, where they're roughly £1.80 a pop - which obviously is more cost-effective. So because I've been buying a few times I got a discount at half price which made me really excited to find they started doing my dogs on the site, as before hand I'd just been getting butterflies ect. So I've waited a fair bit of time an voila - I have my dogs mixed in my nail art addiction!
Random Dark Blue, Nails inc top coat, Sally Hansen Double Duty and Rimmel London Sweet as Sugar.
Now, these are good for the price, slightly lower in quality, than some I've use eg. they rip slightly easier, so you have to be even more careful with them, and they don't show up aw well on darker colours, but no worries, be they last roughly as long and they look just like my babies!

They're rather easy to use, paint your nails, your colour choice, I chose a light Rimmel blue on my thumb and ring finger so they'd show up better and contrasted it with my darker blue. I cut them out really carefully, peeled them off and popped them on my digits in place, et voila....

You must make sure that yours nails are perfectly dry, pick the right size, be careful when you're peeling it, because I had a problem with one of my 'Charlie' stickers ripping because they are rather flimsy, but you can't ask for complete perfection for the price! I used Sally Hansen 'Double Duty' as a top coat - because it's ab fab and so far they've survived a lush bubble bath, so I'm quite happy about them!

They're not great photo's because I have shaky hands- but you get the idea, they're quite cool and yet again  my nails have been complimented and My Mum's even got herself online to buy some that look like her babies! I also got really excited they had Snow Leopard - as I adopted a Snow Leopard years ago to support them - and was devastated I couldn't keep it for real and they have some that look just like my horse (Surprise, surprise, a country girl with a horse!) Gentleman - Named because he is a gentleman - So I'm investing in some to look like him too.

It was good because I got sent some birds stickers to practice with -Magpies, which is funny, because my Mum says I'm like a magpie, because I love shiny pretty things and some blue tit's - which I don't half resemble in winter (bah, du, tsh!) - I didn't really need to practice, due to having them before, but I've never had any like my babies - eeeek!

I would recommend these for anyone who wants a cheap and easy way to make their nails look a bit different. Or add their love for their babies to their love of nail beauty (they have cats and loads of things) - Janchristie, was the cheapest one, just about that I've found, but don't hesitate to pop on ebay or amazon as they're pretty awesome to pick up some DIY fashion pieces... I put them on my ring finger as I've loved that trend for ages now, and thumb just to make it a bit different than just one finger, as everyone and their mum's does that, so I jumped on a new trend!

But, I LOVE my dogs, they're like my babies and I LOVE nail art, so I thought this was a nice way to combine my addiction to both and show them off!

So I think everyone should make a statement to how much they love their pets- mine even get a doggy birthday cake - in some way or another, I've picked nails, stationary and calendars ect, why not hop on board?

Tell me your thoughts...
I'll leave you of a few pictures of my babies and me!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

That 90's Show: Nails + Look

I thought I'd do a quick OOTD and NOTD post as both of these aspects of my day were, unintentionally, a bit 90's themed!

I'll start with the outfit:

Today I had a meeting with our awesome director (Who I must name-drop and say is Debbie McAndrews - who if you don't know was on T.V for years on Corrie (As Angie) and many other things - Plus is a huge script-writing hero/idol/inspiration of mine) so I like to look presentable - so I make an effort. I gave my hair a quick one-two with the straightness - then didn't like the pristine of of curls, as I actually wanted a more rugged 90's look for he hair, and decided to brush it out to natural - Though I had to add the pic of me in my pj's and my hair done pristine as I would wear them for uni/work any day if it was socially acceptable, because they're damn comfy!

I wore my Topshop black pinafore and my Primark Boy-shirt which was unintentionally resembling an outfit from Clueless... I paired all of this with a pair of thick 90's-esk tights (to fight off the winter cold) and finished it off with a pair of 90's chunky heel ankle boots from Topshop - As they really are amazing for this stuff at the moment!

As for my nails:

Why these were 90's style was because I used the MUA Fur Effect Nails in "Fluffy Bobbin" which made it like a purple/blue velvety feel - which reminded me greatly of the 90's style velvet dresses (one which I actually realised I invested in years ago - so I can't wait for a post on it eeek) - I'm in LOVE with the furry nails and have managed to be the complete owner of all the different colours - yes, I'm a bit of a nail addict , if you couldn't already tell, so I'll also inform you I've managed to get my hands on more nail transfers to replace my used up ones, so I'm really excited to have nails with pictures of my own little dogs on...

So, I'm loving a bit of the 90's looks at the moment! Maybe I'm trying to re-live my childhood, or maybe I'm simply playing to what the fashion designers want - either way, as long as they modernise it a lil' bit I'm happy to replay a bit of Clueless fashion!

So, I can probably (definitely) promise you all that there will be more 90's style post's and hopefully loads more NOTD post's this week after having my nails done and manicured! I'm going to get my moneys worth of them, especially after the slight chemical burn I gave myself on one of my lil' fingers when a solvent I bought to remove nail varnish started to burn me when it reacted with my fleece snuggly! Ouch! So, more nails to come... eeek!

Are you all loving the 90's style at the moment? Or simply loving the nail styles of the times?
Tell me what you think of my look and of my furry nails?

Sunday, 27 January 2013

BEAUTY - Myths & Legends!

We've all heard of Mythbusters well I'm going to attempt to be the Beauty/Fashion Equivalent of this - I've found out some hilarious and quite odd beauty myths and found out all the answers to what's really the truth!

We all have those style and beauty tips and tricks that we swear by, whether we read them online or it's something our gran's told us - for example sleeping on your back will stop you getting wrinkles and avocado is good  for your skin. But I've found some that you seriously do think "What???" when you hear them, that are true and of course a lot that aren't...

One of my Beauty myths? - Relaxing in a Lush bubble bath for an hour is good for you!
This week has been full of Myths for me - from walking in to La Senza and being told how not to wear a bra (with my boobs too!) to being in Boots and getting told that my hairs will grow back awful if I wax them (I've been waxing for years love!) and right to a certain BULLY of mine, Bella, claiming she isn't a bully (Hello Sinead and Ruby from Hollyoaks - we all know that isn't true!) So, with all this swishing round my lil head so I've been researching my little heart out - even tested a few myself - to see if these myths are fact or fiction - So here we go...

  1. MythIf you splash ice cold water on your Boobs every morning you won't need to wear a bra:
    FICTION - This may give you a initial shock, but there's no proof of this, the initial shock will cause your body to naturally hold high for a short time, but your boobs will sag if they're going to sag, despite a bra, it all depends on a person - Plus, we all don't want to see swingy boobs everywhere ladies!
  2. Myth - Chocolate makes you break out in spots!
    FICTION - Having a poor diet or eating a lot of greasy food will make you breakout in blemish's, chocolate will just make your clothes shrink ladies! In fact small amounts of dark or white chocolate can be good for your cholesterol and a lil square in the morning can help boost metabolism and mood (esp dark choccy)
  3. Myth Cucumber can reduce the puffiness round your eyes:
    FACT - I've read up about it and tried it - I swear by this on a poorly morning or on a hangover morning pop some cucumber on your eyes and relax! The coldness restricts blood vessels which reduces swelling and puffiness. Try it!
  4. Myth  Creams and Coca Butters will get rid of Stretch Marks
    FICTION - As much as we'd love to invest in the latest cream or serum, stretch marks depend on the person and at the rate in which you gain or lose weight, luckily they can usually be reversed, so eat health and exercise, and don't fret - at least you'll be super soft!
  5. Myth - Split ends can be reversed
    FICTION - I really wish this one was true, I really really do. But it's not! Once split ends happen there's no going back, they simply need a chop! (Like mine this week) - But there is some lovely cremes and serums to hold them at bay until you brave the hairdressers and make them less noticable (I'm currently prepping a post on this)
  6. Myth: 8 Hours Sleep Can help you lose weight
    FACT: Yay an excuse to sleep - Aim for 6-8 - as it's not just no eating while your sleeping, but not getting enough sleep can make you look older, puffy and stop you burning calories as easy - so get some kip!
  7. Myth: Getting your hair cut really frequently will make it grow quicker
    FICTION: Phew, an excuse to dodge the hairdressers "inches" (feet!) everyone has a unique speed in which your hair grows and slows down as you get older - getting it cut just gives it a healthy look and gets rid of those split ends
  8. Myth:  Waxing or shaving will make your hair grow back thicker and darker
    FICTION: Contrary to what that awful woman said and to some popular belief it doesn't! (Ha) Most people think this is true because when hair grows back in after waxing/shaving, the hair is a bit shorter than normal, therefore seeming thicker and coarser while longer hair appears more fine.
  9. Myth: Pumping the mascara wand helps to apply mascara better.
    FICTION: As far as mascara's go they say 'no'! The only thing you get when you pump the mascara wand is extra air and bubbles in the mascara tube which dries it out - eek...
  10. Myth: Drinking plenty of water will help give you healthy and clear skin
    FACT: Drinking water will definitely keep you hydrated and healthy where you skin is concerned, it'll help if you have dry or oily skin so get gulping!
So that's ten myths busted! I know there was more fiction than fact - to my dismay - It was quite interesting to find out what people believe and stick by - and some were just damn odd! I've got too say there is some I'll always personally stick by in hope they'll one day work - even if they don't, we all like the hope these myths give us - except the icy water, please wear a bra ladies - this'll just make you have a nip-on and not hold anything up - including the guys eyes!

We maybe all need a myth of two in our lives, but we've just got to decide whether it's helping the hope, or we're just going to be lying to ourselves/others and we should just face the truth...

Is there any beauty myths you believe in - I'd love to know!

Saturday, 26 January 2013


I LOVE jewellery - I love all sorts of jewellery, but after Christmas, where I got some lovely pieces, I'm not as willing to part with my pennies as I thought, though there's sales I end up spending too much anyhow- so I was happy when I stumbled across ClothingLoves and there was deal struck!

Fine print is all boring so I'll get the main part - I received two necklaces from them - eeeek - But not just your average necklace I got two STATEMENT pieces... I know some people are just hopping on the wagon now, but I've always been a fan from ASOS to LucyQ - I'm in LOVE! - Collars, ties, chunky, jewelled - I loved em' all! Don't get me wrong, I have more delicate jewellery that's versatile, but with something's bigger is better! - Maybe it's a complex because I'm so petite, but who knows hehe

So I was pretty chuffed when these babies showed up at the door willing me to rip open and wear straight away...

These necklaces are from the Jewellery range on ClothingLoves with a combined price of £8.21 - without shipping... But either way, you're talking good for your money! I thought I'd show you what they look like separately and on meee...

I've just got to say, this one is probably (definitely) my favourite of the two - it's such a good Dupe of Zara Taylor but for a tenth of the price! At only £4.28 I would recommend it to anyone wanting a simple yet striking statement piece - It's almost like a 'starter' in my eyes for statement pieces, to get people in to them that aren't used to big necklaces - I got so many compliments from it I just love wearing - plus because of it's simplicity it doesn't have to be the focus of the outfit, it can be worn along with a more striking dress - yaaay!

It's not uncomfortable to wear and is suitable for even us see-through-pale ladies to wear - where as some brass necklaces may make us look washed out this suits just about everyone - just be careful if you've got a super-round face - as piece two may be for you!

This one is a bit punky and feminine at the same time due to the thinner chain and suits nearly every face shape due to it's shape - if you've got a long face piece number one is for for you - I was a bit skeptical about this piece when it first arrived, as I wasn't sure if I really liked it, but when I got it on I fell in love and even wore it to film my latest video blog!

At £3.93, you can't really go wrong with this piece and it's also rather versatile, I've been adding to my LBD look or a high neck peplum is equally suiting - obviously everyone to their own, but I think it sits nice with either a high-neck piece or a fairly low cut number due to the slightly pointed down center dying to shout "look at me" but ever so subtly!

So these are my two well worth it investments of the moment in the world of statement jewellery! ClothingLoves I've found is rather handy for affordable jewellery and even clothes ect... So it really is worth it to have a look as we are in a recession, but your love of fashion and beauty shouldn't have to suffer because of this!

Check it out and definitely tell me what you think of me in these lil' statement pieces!
Have you invested in any statement pieces lately?

P.S. I'm going to do a full post on not just STATEMENT jewellery but fashion also, very soon, so keep posted for more!

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Who's that girl?

I thought it was time I had a revamp to my hair - usually when I get bored I dye it, but he idea of further damage to my hair was sickening - so I've been 'umming' and 'ahhing' about this for ages, but finally I've bitten the bullet, dragged my arse to the hairdressers and given my hair the chop...

Top Left: Curly/natural. Top Right, Straight. 
Bottom Left: Up-do. Bottom Right: Sex Hair????
Ok, 'chop' was exaggerating - there's no pixie crops here, I got my fringe cut - eeeek! Like I said I've been considering this since I got my dip-dye, but was never brave enough to take the plunge... But seeing as this year I was brave enough to video blog, I thought I'd be able to get some bangs cut it....

I had originally thought to watch a few "How to cut your own fringe videos" on Youtube, but cutting my own bangs in just seemed stupid - not because it would be awful, but because if want something done amazing get it done professionally! Plus, I couldn't risk a shaky hand with the kitchen scissors and ending up with three stands like on some ladies I've seen recently - eek, I just couldn't take the risk personally...

So I've got a fringe.... I actually haven't had a fringe since I was 17 - so it's been mighty strange for my peripheral vision to cope, but I'm getting there. -Plus I'm loving the versatility of trends I can take with it... Eg. I can have it full, swept, parted (Think Alexa Chung) , and even clipped back for Cheer! So the Hair world is my oyster... Oh and if you don't get the title, it's because my guy said I looked like Zooey Deschanel with my new fringe - I don't, but I did appreciate the comparison to that gorgeous woman! (She's definitely an idol of mine)

I would love to know what you all think of my new-do and if you've got any product or styling tips to keep my fringe luscious I'd love to hear - I don't want to end up with an afro fringe or like something from a bad 80/90's film do I? - I was actually chuffed I woke up and it was a bit fluffy, but not quite resembling There's something about Mary (e.g sticking up cum hair if you haven't seen it Google it, it's HILARIOUS, but no-one wants that look!) or a super afro fringe due to my curly hair - so tips are greatly appreciated!

Though, all in all I'm loving having a fringe sooo... Tell me your thoughts...

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Well after my more serious post yesterday on Bullying (If you haven't read it please do it's a touching subject) I thought I'd lighten all our spirits a bit tell you all I've braved the constant snow and cold and to make myself feel better about all of that I've have had a Boots and Lush Haul - Yayy!

All items from Boots and Lush -
Umberto Giannini:
Backcomb Hair styling kit.
No7: Essentially Natural Foundation. & Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes.
Simple: Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser & Clear skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub.
Mark Hill: Little Hottie Conditioner.
Models Own: Indian Ocean & Blizzard
Lush: Midnight massage Bar & Rocket Bubble Bar.
Well that's my lovely little haul from two of my favourite shops! I'd been feeling down lately as this horrible snow and cold weather had been making my skin dry and flaky and my current moisturiser wasn't intense enough to settle the flakiness and my foundation, though fantastic and the right colour was absolutely NO help - so I needed a winter Holy Grail for my face - The rest was all a bit of a bonus to make me feel better after such things like in my last post -so a bit of TLC which includes my favey things was needed!

What I got and what I thought:
- From Boots:

  • Umberto Giannini: Backcomb Styling Kit - I'd been after this for a while, but frankly I wasn't willing o part with £12 (I know it's not that much but more than I was willing to part with as a student!) so at £5 in my local store it was a must - I've attempted it but I'll good photo and post it as a HOTD - hopefully I'll look more hot than not haha
From Left: No7: Essentially Natural Foundation, Simple: Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser,  Simple: Clear skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub, Mark Hill: Little Hottie Conditioner
  • No7: Essentially Natural Foundation - My Boujours 123 is fabulous, but is a medium heaviness, meaning when my skin get's dry and flaky it does me NO justice. I explained this to the woman in the store and she used the nifty little device that pairs you with your perfect shade then gave me one that would be light and nice coverage. Le Voila I got this beauty and it feels amazing on - may I have found my Foundation Holy Grail?
  • No.7: Beautiful Skin Quick Thinking Wipes - These were like a repurchase for me as they're simply fabulous! They remove waterproof mascara, good for sensitive skin and make you feel refreshed and hydrated when used - plus I got them for £2 when they should've been £7 -  Bargain!
  • Simple: Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser -  My current moisturiser wasn't up to the challenge of my combination skin and wasn't supplying it with enough oil to help the dryness and wasn't balancing the oil to keep it from going greasy - as it was completely oil-free. So I thought I'd move on from Teenage moisturiser to something to accommodate my aging skin which this seems to be doing the job!
  • Simple: Clear skin Oil Balancing Facial Scrub - In for a penny in for a pound, my poor wee skin needs all the help I can get so I went all out for a 'once-a-week' scrub. So far I'm liking, so I'll keep you updated...
  • Mark Hill: Little Hottie Conditioner - This was a genuine random buy to try and mix up my hair care routine to see if it'll help along with my solid shampoo from Lush! This has been a lovely lil buy so far, I may just repurchase it in full!
From Left: Model's Own: Blizard & Indian Ocean.
  • Models Own: Indian Ocean & Blizzard - Yes, MORE nail polish! I'm addicted, but I was after a new chunky glitter then the Indian Ocean just said 'buy me' - I couldn't say no! I will feature these in a NOTD or just a lil Models Own blog post or video of it's own as well it's a très fabuleux brand!
 -From Lush:
From Left: Midnight Massage Bar & Rocket Reusable Bubble Bar
  • Midnight Massage Bar- This is just fabulous! It smells just about edible and makes my skin feel amazing! I've fallen in love with it - it's a shame it was limited edition.
  • Rocket Bubble Bar - I stand corrected from saying the wand was my favey - This may stand at top spot from now on - It makes me excited for Valentines day bubbly bars eeek!
I'll just set the record straight now with the Lush items I got them in the 'Happy Hour Sale' so they may no be available - but if you can get your hands on them - Go for it!!!

I would recommend all these products to those of you reading this - but some of the products are pretty much tailor made to me - but the brands are brilliant so if you do want something similar these brands are the way to go...

I've loved my little therapeutic haul and can't wait to discover what else catches my eye -especially with Lush as there is some amazing new products appearing for the upcoming seasons - Willow Pattern Soap anyone?

So that's my haul and what I've thought of the items, which I'm quite chuffed about as I have no negative thoughts (so far) so yaay!

Have you had any good hauls lately?


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Beauty aside - Let's talk BULLYING!

This is not the post I was going to do today, as I actually had a beauty haul planned... But this is a subject, I think to be serious and important, so I appreciate the reads...

I've been watching Hollyoaks since it started basically - but no story line has ever truly stood out for me like the one on at the moment... Bullying...

Bullying - it seems such a trivial thing. Something you associate with schools, kids, young people - not something that happens to adults, not something that happens to you! I mean I had occasional bullying as a kid - boys pulling your hair ect. But nothing like that on the Esther story line on Hollyoaks - nothing to make you go the the extreme...
Does this look or feel familiar to you?
Taken from the Hollyoaks/Channel 4 website no property of my own!
Bullying: Bullying may be defined as the activity of repeated, aggressive behavior intended to hurt another person, physically or mentally. Bullying is characterized by an individual behaving in a certain way to gain power over another person. - (From Wiki - but that's ok - I'm dyslexic!)

In the storyline her bullies are manipulative - making it seem like Esther is the one at fault. When she isn't. They alienated her from her friends. Making it seem like there was valid reason for the bullying. When there wasn't... I may not be on the brink of suicide, but my life doesn't seem far from this... I was bullied in all senses of the word! Even the more modern term, like Esther, I was Cyber-bullied:

Cyberbullying: Cyber-bullying is any bullying done through the use of technology such as social networks, mobile phones and email for example. 

It started when I was 17/18 - after I started seeing my man for a few months. Then, I got some odd messages off a girl he used to date. Now, I laughed it off at the time and told Rob to not say anything. But it went on. I know what you may think, he should've sorted it. But I'm the girl to fight my own battles - but probably left that too late as well... The messages were like something you see off films: "He still loves me ect" so I thought best to ignore it... I mean she tried to add me as a friend on Facebook (I'd never try to 'friend' someones new girlfriend on anything who dumped me) Time passed and she got her fiends involved - I didn't know why to begin with, but it turns out it was because she was saying I was being odd with her. Saying she dumped him - petty childish stuff you know? She's tried to add me as a friend on Facebook again! and tried to get in touch with Rob. But we were just a happy couple trying to ignore it. 
Then, it got worse. There was dodgy Birthday, Valentines Day, and Christmas cards sent to my guy, when she hadn't spoken to him in nearly a year! There was more and more Facebook messages to me. And somehow she got hold of my mobile number - daft arse me pretended to be someone else in hope she's leave me alone - it didn't work! Basically he and his ex had mutual friends which she didn't like the fact started to like me, so she made sure they wouldn't by making stuff up about me, by even saying I was 15 when he started seeing me and not 17!

I'd had surgery during the week - but went on a night out as a double-date-thing for my sister for support sort of thing and she was there - with her friends in tow! I managed to ignore them for the evening. Well until it was impossible. We went to a pub we used to go to at the end of the night and after 20 minutes of being there, she'd followed us with there friends. She then talked about me loudly with lies. Even got her friends chap to corner Robert in the Men's and basically attack him. Then as we were leaving, I said something to my chap and her friends all started on me - I got out unscathed - I can't say my stitches were intact though! They say they were just being protective friends - I can see where they were coming from - but violence is not the answer...

That died down - but every time we'd go on a night out it would be like timed toilet trips in pairs as they'd try and get me alone - it was frightening. More crap from them happened, but it was all very immature a droll so I'll skip -I then started a blog after starting uni -as a way to celebrate a 'new start' I was having after a positive trip home - what did they do? Abuse it. There would be comment after comment of awful things one actually said: "You should either stop blogging - or jump off a bridge" - anonymous of course or under their name with no link ect - then the worst happened - they had my email, blog, Facebook, twitter, tumblr - EVERYTHING HACKED! 

I nearly lost a job because of them - they posted in my name disgusting and derogatory posts and tweets pretending to be me! I was so furious - not just because of the hacking that someone was so determined to be a bully they'd commit an illegal crime to get to me! Rob put his foot down with all this and got the police involved and even showed me to a company called cyber smile - unfortunately a few of the accounts such as my AOL were never recovered - due to the police statement "We can't do anything unless AOL do" but they'd changed all my secret answers and everything so I couldn't even attempt to get back on. 

Even when I got it back they haven't stopped - My friend from uni got attacked on her blog, I've had more comments and they even came up to me on nights out trying to start something (Click HERE)- She bloody shoulder barged me last time I was home! (Click HERE to read more) They've still gone on with snidey tweet's, odd blogs and actually copying things I've blogged or tweeted (Which, ok, is not bad, but I only get a few good ideas now and then, can't I at least have that?) or following the people who follow me, she's even tried to follow me herself, fortunately she's blocked, but they always have sneaky ways of finding things! But it'll never beat me! Though it can be worrying even writing this as I have a good feeling at least one of them may say something or do something to insinuate this is wrong of me to talk about. As they seem to think everything, including (I went on a date today with my guy) is somehow about my stalker Bella, if people don't like something for a strange reason, no one asks them to read it! But even if it happens I know I have a close knit community of friends to support me through it - and a cyber smile case building with all their awful comments....

Now, the aim of this is not pity - but to get a story out there - that those things that happen on the likes of Hollyoaks that we all say: "Oh that'll never happen in real life" - well it does, like all I've said there - except T.V does something that I didn't - went to the extreme - Esther's line was one that got to her and pushed her - Me, well, I didn't, and I never will! I may have had to endure the immaturity of crazy ex's, "protective" friends, odd comments and daft hacking. But none of that will ever change me - I'll always be me! - Well maybe a little wiser to the world of bullying...

This isn't a beauty post - this isn't even a beautiful post - because bullying isn't beautiful - bullying is real and does and can happen to anyone. Whether it's a the end of a punch or the end of the Facebook message. Never think you're any less because of what they say! I know it's hard - because like Esther, I wasn't believe deither. But I was lucky, I had friends and family behind me...

Now, it seems I've rambled on - but it was a subject that means to so much to me because it's close to me... And many of you out there too! 

Next time I do have a beauty haul or Glossybox review planned - so don't think I'm going to go all serious on you all forever - just this spoke the me this past week. Hollyoaks you've pulled on my heart strings and pushed me more in to this fight against bullying...

The one thing you've got to remember to those that have been bullied or even if there's some bullies out there reading: Esther's story is awful and heartbreaking. But, Esther isn't real - she's a character, after she finished "taking" those "pills" she's taken off set... We do it, no one brings us off set, we have to live with the consequences - you'd have to live with consequences...

Just think! Bullying is real! Bullying Happens and it could have to ANYONE!


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Oh LOOK there's post on Sunday!

Well it's the end of another week - but this week was a bit different - it SNOWED! 

Now, forgive me for what may seem like excitement for the subject, but, unfortunately my feelings towards snowday's are quite reserved - Snow: Fun for the first five minutes - until the post the is cancelled and my shoes didn't arrive on time... Then it makes you bloody ill a day before you have to dress up like a Pam Anderson look-a-like... That's right - I'm GOING to freeze - but so's the other Cheerleaders so at least we're all together doing it...

Besides the snow which is seemingly an occurring theme in EVERY social network - I have actually been busy this week - it was my first week back at uni, work and cheerleading - eek it's been busy... Hectic to say the least.... But I was happy to find out I have four day weekend for the next few weeks - which is very #yaay# as it's given me the opportunity to blog more -and catch up on uni/work of course!

This week has been trying - snow, bitchy bloggers, snow, video blogs, snow, odd names, snow and yes of course more snow!
Well I complain about the snow but it has made a fabulous background for photo's...

That's just a few pictures I did get of me suffering the snow - and the I made the worlds best snow-woman ever - literally - well I wasn't freezing my we digits was I?
Speaking of freezing - Underneath the coat in the middle pic, was a fabulous vest + sheer shirt skirt combo for my doctors appointment then work - whilst in the doctors they gave me the wrong name 'Rachael Greaves' instead of 'Rachael Grealish' which was bad enough - then made worse by the fact my chest felt very oddly cold -then Rob pointed out I needed to pull my top up as I'd had the vest on the wrong way and it was lower on the back and had slipped down my boobies exposing me and my gorgeous lacy bra to the world - eeek! 
Cuddling up with my pup - BEST OOTD EVER - The Onsie! - Lush Bubbly bath...
When I'd escaped the snow it's seems there is inspiration everywhere I look for new 'Knowing Your Shape' post's as I've seen Fashionista after Fashionista giving me more ideas in the ways to hopefully she some light on outfits for different shapes - First it was a need to revise my thoughts on LBD's for the season - seasons changes needs must - and now well it seems tight high-waist skinnies on an apple with a chunky blazer/jacket making the wearer look like a black and white triangle is all the rage - so jeans are on my radar next for us ladies to look fab in them - remember if you can't get two fingers down the back or the zip is bugling they're too small - always be comfortable - that's when you're sexiest!

So I've been snuggled up mainly away from the snow and I participated in my first #bbloggerschat eeek - this was exciting helping others with advice on beauty and fashion and receiving many of my own tips to help me along... But some bloggers aren't really friendly - as something I don't like about Twitter if you block someone they simply can't follow you - but they can see all your tweets and photoy's if they so wish - which is rather unnerving some oddballs can have a good ol' all eye-ball at me, then talk about it! - Oh so, odd... Something needs a fix there Mr.Twitter!
My TOPSHOP Haul - in my VIDEO Blog!
This week hasn't been all bad - Oh, no I did video blog No.3 - eeeeeek! Yes, I'm three in and officially a video blogger now! I've got subscribers, viewers (I hope eek) and even a lovely comment off a fellow blogger! (If you want to view my channel click HERE) Also doesn't Youtube leave you with a horrible screenshot for the video still? So I apologise for the duck faces it usually stills me as...

So that's my week in a nutshell - Video blogging, Knowing Your Shape, BBlogger Chat, Snow.... Yes, I only want to repeat three of those four things next week... So snow, it's been fun but if you'd kindly piss off it would be great...

Have you done anything fun this week in the snow?

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

90's Inspired Topshop - WISHLIST #2

I was making my man watch Clueless (As is he hadn't!) and I thought 'You know what I had a dress like that...' and it went on like that. Then I started thinking 'That's actually a nice outfit' - I think headed online for some window shopping and it became clear... I've simply fallen in LOVE with the 90's trend!

I've just adored 90's style pieces that have shown up in the new S|S13 trend's in Topshop. I don't know if it's actually nice or flashback's of my childhood have made me have a 90's relapse with the likes of Viva Forever (Can't WAIT to see that musical )- but there's some pieces that are truly fabulous that seem a true MUST to me...

Well I've picked a few varying pieces from the new trends at Topshop - I thought it would be a nice carry on to my WISHLIST'S of the year, by flashing back to the past! Yes, I know, there is other shops releasing their SS13 trends. But I am admiring Topshop's 'go' at the 90's theme they've adapted throughout - Though, I MUST say: There is some pieces that were best left in the 90's... Though the ones I've spotted I've simply fallen in love with - and yes there is a few stereotypes of 90's chic. But they are fab!

Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want.... (Yes I simply had to!)

So that's just a few of 90's style picks - and some are from the new S|S13 sneak peaks! All these pieces from Topshop, give a nice spin or take to the original 90's look - making it more modern and stylish for 2013 - as opposed to some of the more Madonna-esk cringe fashion moments of the 1990's!

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Hats off to you!

I thought I simply had to do an OOTD post due to the fact I was actually brave with my fashion today!

I say brave - ok, maybe not brave. But I did show off a bit of tummy (which is brave for me!) in the British winter (which is brave for anyone!) - Today I wore my Denim Bralet... Eeek!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Northern Girl Hits The City - SHOPS...

As the title implies, I'm back in the big city- Ok, not HUGE, but my City of Stoke! I'm back at uni - Eeek - Now some of you may not 'Eeek' at the idea of going back to uni. But I am!

As much as I've loved being home these past few weeks - seeing my amazing Mammy and my lovely friends ect. I've felt a bit, hmmm, deprived, (Yes, that's an exaggeration, but why doesn't that surprise you?) when it comes to fashion, beauty, and well internet connection - as silly as that sounds... Basically at home our internet speed is like 2.2 -for all techies out there that understand this - for us that, like me, don't: SLOW and well to upload my first Youtube video it took 3 1/2 days.... 3 effing days?! But I do live in the fabulous Lakes so give and take eh?

Anyway, after my "deprivation" I've had to be dragged back to uni... But since I was dragged, I felt I should be treated for the extensive journey... I did the obvious - went shopping!
That's right, I was back in stoke for an hour and  I'd been to uni and managed to hit the shops... It wasn't an extensive haul, which I intend to have soon, but I managed to snag up a few bits and pieces...

My LUSH goodies!
From Top Left:
  • Creamy Candy Bubble Bar -This smells deliciously edible and feels fabulous and for £3 is a bargain, if it lasted long enough! It's worn down loads after just one use... I'm going for Happy next time...
  • Angles Delight Soap - The name reminding me of my childhood drew me in and the smell kept me! This is so fruity and fabulous on your skin.
  • Sugar Scrub Shower Scrub - this is lovely like a gentle on your skin, yet effective retaliatory - definitely a must bye!
  • Toner Tabs -I got the tee tree toner tab and the chamomile one - they were £1 and I thought I'd try both see if they work - I broke them in to quarters and my face felt refreshed.
  • Squeakly Green Shampoo Bar - I simply had to try a solid shampoo to see if my hair would benefit - let's just say I WILL be going back for more and the conditioner too! 
  • Fresh Farmacy Solid Face Wash - I'd heard good reviews on this - they have the black one too, which is for more oily skin, but this has actually been effective aleady!
(Get them all HERE or in your local LUSH store) 

I've LOVED all of these and I would recommend them all to you LUSH lovers out there! I'm loving the shampoo the most as my hair has come out feeling fab!
I've also gifted myself with a few more high-street items, but I thought I'd just blog Lush today... So that's my  lil lush haul which I feel I deserve after my long journey back to Stoke!

Another thing that's great about coming back to uni is that at home, everyone knows everyone! I live in a a fair sized city so if I run into someone once you have a large chance of never having to see them again. Whereas, back home it's a terribly small town and you always have a HUGE chance of running in to people you DON'T want to see... Now, that's not usually bad, but you all know about my Stalker and her friends. Well they live in Cumbria, meaning going home I have a huge chance running in to them - in fact my stalker literally ran in to me over Christmas and she sent me some vile comments on my blog trying to put me of blogging - so coming back to stoke is nice to avoid those kind of people! (To be honest I think they're just getting testy due to is coming up to one if their 'dumping' anniversary soon so they'll be feeling a bit stung!) - Though the derogatory comments haven't ceased - silly people! But a definitely an excuse to treat myself to more beauty and fashion products to feel better!

So that's my trip back to uni and my lovely Lush haul full of amazing products... I can't wait to see what else the city has to offer me in this New Year and what products I'm yet to discover - though, I must quickly add I am now the new owner of ALL the different MUA Fur Effects (Blog Post to come on this!) just thought I'd end this on a perk!

Have any of you had any new hauls or new Lush products?
Tell me what you think...

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Galactica/Galaxy/Outer-Space Trend...

I may not have really mentioned this guilty pleasure of mine but - I'm in LOVE with the Galactica/Galaxy/Outer-Space/Space-Bound
whatever you wish to call it trend!  

It's sooo pretty, but until recently I hadn't really worked up the courage to purchase any pices - until now! I'd always admired it from a distance in places like Topshop, Newlook, ASOS or BlackMilk... I've fallen in love with so many pieces, blogging about this trend seemed inevitable to me...

These are just a few pieces of Galactica trend that I either really want or have acquired/on the way...
They're from a variey of places... Here's what we have... It's time to join the Space Age!

From Top Left: 
  • Caprice Galaxy Print Knot Front Dress - Boohoo - £12.99 - This cut out dress seems fab and a sheer must for the price...
  • Purple Cosmic Print Tube Skirt Topshop - £28 - This I have been brave enough to get this in petite and it works really well with a black sheer shirt tucked in... I also paired with a lil bowler ha for a bit of extra mee-ness - if that makes sense!
  • Galactic Print Nightwear Set - Topshop - £25 - I love this trend so much I want it in my bed! Nuff Said!
  • Hearts & Bows Galactic Print Dip Back Vest - ASOS - £10.50 - The colours are exquisite in this making it a fab item for a night out or during the day.
  • Veeanne Peeptoe All Over Sequin Ankle Strap Wedges - Boohoo - £35 - The texture and style of these give a nice variation to the trend as they don't consist of the obvious space pattern.
  • Jeffrey Campbell X BlackMilk - 99 Tie - BlackMilk - £116 - BlackMilk + Shoes = Perfect for the galaxy trend - Though, admittedly, a bit pricey...
  • Vibrant Starlight Ballerina's  - Topshop - £18 - These are a nice change to usual heels and could make any plain outfit shine!
  • Navy Speckle Skater Skirt - Topshop - £16 - I know this isn't officially space print, but it does look a bit like the starry night sky due to the speckle style of it.
  • Love Label Galaxy Print Peplum Dress - Very - £14.50 - This simply had to be mine - space scene + peplum = has to be mine! I love this and for that price and not too much means you can't go wrong!
  • Galaxy Blue Leggings - BlackMilk - £48.91 - Another BlackMilk piece fro me - these fabulous leggings, like other BlackMilk pieces, are truly out there - but exactly what this trend calls for!
So, those are the 11 pieces of clothing I either have or truly want! - I shall put a photo of me up, eventually, when I manage to get round to taking one, though, I am admittedly in the market for a new camera - any ideas for a new one are welcome!

Though you can't leave a outfit unaccessorised! Or, at least I can't... So along with these, I've picked a few pieces of galaxy trend jewellery or just some that match - along with some choice make-up items that scream  'Galaxy!' so here's what I chose:
From Top Left:
  • Nails in Beleza - Topshop - £6 - This is gorgeous over a black of really dark blue as it really does look like a glittery night sky...
  • Pearl Section Earrings - Topshop - Was £12.50 Now £3.50 These aren't necessarily 'Galaxtica' but I thought they went really nicely with the trend and some of he other pieces. Plus such  a bargain!
  • Ottoman Hands Large Stone Ring - ASOS - £60 - A bit pricey, but I couldn't say 'no' to this fabulous ring to go with dress no.1 in the first picture!
  • Hayley's Comet - Models Own - Yes, another nail colour - I am obsessed - but even without glitter this gives a lovely night sky look! Think 'aurora borealis' but on your nails!
  • Spike Bomb Ring - Topshop - Topshop seems to have really hit it big with this trend and this is like having a little star on your finger with you at all times!
  • Gold & Diamond Constellation Cosmic Coin Charm Necklace - Linda Lee Johnson - £2,165 - If you haven't come across Ms.Johnson yet, you simply must! Her Jewellery designs are fab and his constellation is PERFECT for this trend - and there is't just this one but many more! Buuut a bit pricey for a lil student like me...
  • Galactic Print Scarf - Topshop - £18 - This is mine for the subtlety of the trend and the mix of colours - it's brilliant because of this as it goes with so much -certainly a must even if you're not a fab of the trend!
  • Galactic Glitter Eye Dust - Art Fire - £2.48 - This is a fabulous glitter dust -it's holographic making it a must for this trend, plus I couldn't resist the price when purchasing a few items! 
  • Galactic Charm Necklace - Topshop - £6.25 - This was an obvious choice for the trend. But once on is actually a gorgeous statement piece adding that bit extra to any outfit!

There you have it - my Galactic accessories! I've chosen all the pieces either because I have them, want them or think they're perfect for the Galactica/Galaxy/Outer-Space/whatever you want to call it trend! Besides the Linda Johnson piece, (Well unless you have two grand spare!) I recommend you try some of the pieces I've picked if you want to hop on the space band-wagon like I have!

When I finishing fannying around with photo taking, I'll pop some photo's of me up in my Galactic wear - hopefully you'll all like the ways I've styled them - if not, I'm always open to a few tips and tricks of the trade!

So I hope you've enjoyed my 'exposing' of my guilty pleasure of the Galactic trend - and I especially hope you like some of the pieces I've chosen! Buuut, I have one lil' item left to add to give the full space effect!
The Shimmy Shimmy Massage Glitter Bar from Lush should certainly do the trick with adding shine and sparkle to make you the glittery space babe you want to be - plus it really is lovely on! (My Mammy bought me one eeek!)

So that's my take and ideas on the Galactica/Galaxy/Outer-Space/whatever you want to call it trend - Tell me your thoughts!

Monday, 7 January 2013

MUA Beauty Haul!

I simply couldn't resist blogging about this as I've just recently seemed to have bought MUA out of Beauty Cosmetics!
(Plus if you shift to the bottom there is a video blog on these products...)

Recently I found myself having two mini MUA hauls - but I've combined them into one to share with you all!
The first haul was funnily enough was I got second - if that makes sense. Well the day I discovered that MUA had brought out a new product I instant fell in love and my guy bought me a few things online and they arrived later than the second haul which was whenI went to Superdrug a couple of days ago and got my fill of MUA products that lil' fabulous Cumbrian towns have to offer!
Take a look at my collective haul...

It's just a mini-ish haul, but each item is fabulous...
Here's what I got... (You can find all these products on the MUA site)
  • Nail Constellation - Pisces - £3
  • Professional Eyes, Primer - £2.50
  • Immaculate Collection - 24 shades Matte and Glitter Shades- £8
  • Artiste Collection - 6 Eye Shadows, 2 Blushers, 1 Bronzer and 1 Highlighter - £6
  • Fluff & Cuddles - Fur Effect Nails - £3 - The darker pink/purple
  • Fluff Puff - Fur Effect Nails - £3 - The Light Pink
I got really excited about the Fur Effects ever since I saw them on the MUA site and begged my Man to buy me them - I went for these to colours, because the Fluff Puff is a subtle pastel colour - more day time or for calmer (non-night out) occasions and the Fluff & Cuddles was darker and seemed like a night-out/party kinds of colour and I did actually wear it on a night out.

This is the Fluff & Cuddles with a base of Max factor Max Effect, Chilled Lilac - which I used for both!

This is from my video blog and I wore the Fluff Puff, again with Chilled Lilac as a base - as it is a fab colour to put under the pink colours - though if you go on the MUA site there is Nail Varnish's that match the Fur Effects exactly. They're £1, so quite a bargain to go along with furry nails...

So this has been my blog on my Mini-MUA haul... I would definitely recommend MUA to anyone who's wanting good quality beauty products, but without the top quality prices - Which is especially goo for those of us who may be penny-saving students, or simply may have spent slightly too much over the holiday seasons...

If you like these products, and want to hear a lil' bit more, check out my new video blog on the MUA products and I've even done a mini 'how-to' video with the Fur Effect's - hoping that may help some of you...

Here's my new video - hope you guys like it... Find it HERE... (and yes it's less lengthy than my first one!)

So that's my MUA haul and my newest video blog - hope you all like it!

What's your favourite MUA product?
Have you have any good Make-up or MUA hauls? 


Sunday, 6 January 2013


Last night was my last night out in Cumbria of the winter seasons as the next time I shall be up't north is during the Easter festivities - which actually, will probably (definitely), because it's Cumbria, still like winter... 

Well I've enjoyed my time home -apart from the lack of variation and choice where fashion and beauty is concerned, though I have snagged myself a bargain or two, I can't wait to get to a true shopping center and see what the city has to offer!

Last night was not your usual night out - Oh, no, I had a DATE NIGHT!

Yes, me and Rob are the kind of couple that actually goes on night's out with each other as dates, as we reserve in the thoughts that date exploits should venture further than a suave meal or a romantic film ect. We like to party - and I love my friends, but we truly do have the best time together - I mean we're like BFF's anyhow. So why not have a night out with your bestie that you can also do more than party with?! *wink wink*...

So, I was going to give you guys a run-down on the night, but instead, as I don't think the idea of telling you when he made me swoon over a drink is appropriate, I'm going to try and make this evening more beauty/fashion related!

Now, I know we've been together for what feels like forever - in a positive way! - but I still like trying to look my best for my man and get dolled up - so Here's my OOTE (Outfit of the evening)... 

Black Cowl Neck 3/4 Sleeve Top
Black Chunky Peep Toe Platform Heels
LucyQ Hula Pendant
H&MP Black Bodycon Skirt
Topshop: Studded Biker Jacket
I went for some reliable items I've had for a while eg. The leather jacket and the skirt, and partnered them with some of the newer items I got in the Boxing Day Sales. But also added a lil' extra piece of fabulousness to this ensemble - the LucyQ I got for Christmas! Eeek!

I'm all for statement pieces, but everything I'd chosen made me look like I was feeling morbid - hint why I chose to wear the two toned heels and the leather jacket. I LOVE this jacket (Click HERE), it certainly is a statement piece when it's on, but it's versatile. But I do agree with other bloggers in saying a jacket can be the statement piece, not the dress, I've said this for years - simply for the fact, I value my health in the winter seasons - a jacket does NOT ruin the outfit... I think it helped really brighten this LBD look!

Along with my outfit I decided to use some of the new make-up products I've recently acquired... Such as my fabulous MUA Fur Effect Nails...

My nails with a base of Max Factor, Max Effect, Chilled Lilac Base. Topped with MUA Fur Effect Nails in Fluff & Cuddles...
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this new look! From the moment I discovered them on the MUA site and their own Blog, to the moment I went to my man, "I NEED them!" to when Mr.Postman faithfully showed up at the door on the Saturday morning - truthfully I would've hugged him, if it hadn't of been the guy that used to ask me out all the time! It's he curse of a small town! - These are fabulous! - A bit tricky to do the first time, but really gorgeous on and I had velvety/furry nails for my date yaaay! - There is a blog to come of it's own simply about these!

I'll spare you the gossip of the evening as it consisted of the usual fabulous times with my man - though I had to give my "Back off Bitch" look to a person working behind the bar in a club after she talked about me, the flipped me off - disgusting I know! - and I give a bloke that was slagging off my new video blog a dig in the ribs with my elbow... But the night was perfect, filled with drunken goodness and even journey's to the quaint harbor in which the town is based...

Like I said, I'll spare my readers the gossip for once, and simply leave you with a few choice pic's from the evening... Enjoy!

My personal favourite is the odd animals from the opticians we passed on the way to the bank!

Hope you all had a fab evening as I did! 
Have any of you tried fur nails or got any ideas for more statement pieces to brighten up an LBD look?


Friday, 4 January 2013

One step closer to the next big Blockbuster!

Well I did one of the things I'd feared - one of my personal resolutions - I bit the bullet and I recorded my first video blog - eeek! 

This has actually been a fear of mine - though I do a drama degree, I used to detest seeing myself on screen so being a famous screen actor, though I would've loved to be, was never something I was really up to actually doing! So this is what has kept me busy these past few days from blogging - that and my very pressing essay I've had to focus on. So sorry for the neglect, but I'm back bigger as here is my first attempt at dabbling with Video Blogging... Catch it HERE...

This is my first ever video blog - so I'm afraid it goes on a lil' bit as I may have rambled - don't worry if I carry on I shall get better at it! I do have to admit that I did film this days ago now and it has taken me three days to get it uploaded due to the Cumbrian internet connection - it may be home, but the internet is simply outrageous! I also had the trouble of not being an internet wizz and realised I hadn't upped my video limit and had to spend another load of hours re-uploading it! - So the dramatic tale over with, this could be the start of something new for me and I hope you all like it... 

I do plan to hopefully do some more that are {Rachael Review's}, 'Knowing Your Shape', Beauty/fashion hauls and 'How-to Guides' - That's if anyone actually watches - I could end up talking to myself - but I do hope not...

Please go easy on me - I promise I'll get better - Practice makes perfect after all...
Tell me what you think!