Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Body Shop® Advent Calendar - 24 Days of Joy - The Final Part!

It's Christmas Eve - Eeeeek! 
We all know what that means - the last day of our Advent calendars! 

So here's day's 15 to 24 of the The Body Shop® Advent Calendar - 24 Days of Joy. I've been quite pleased by the last remaining items - Though some are not usually what I'd go for, I think that's what makes it that bit more special.

So lets see what I got:
Day's 15th to the 19th
I really enjoyed the citrus fresh scent on my skin. It's easily absorbed and the scent lasted all day meaning I had someone go "Oh are you eating an orange?" so maybe I won't put as much on next time!
This reminded me a lot of the RT blending brush, but I might have to venture into say it was better! It gives an even application and has me looking at the rest of their brushes and tools to see what else I can get my hands on!
Call me naive but, I'd never heard of Moringa before and it was quite the little pleasant surprise. It was quite the delicate floral scent that didn't dry out my skin or irritate it. I'm not sure if it's a repurchase, but it was quite a lovely little product.
Oh I LOVE getting a new lily - or as I would normally call it a sponge or 'poof' - This was exceptionally lovely to use with my lovely lil products and was equally quite sensitive on my skin.
Like the shower gel - I'd not heard of it, but I enjoyed the feel and scent on my skin. It was light and easily absorbed. Again, not sure if it's a repurchase, but we'll see how it goes. 
Day's 20 to 24 aka CHRISTMAS EVE!
I've really enjoyed these lip balms. I think I like this one a lil more than the strawberry as I love the colour is more pigmented.
I didn't enjoy this as much as the others - but that's basically because I don't enjoy chocolate scent's on my body. I don't mind shea butter, but there's always something a bit sickening about chocolate - though, admittedly this wasn't that bad.
I was thankful for all the lip balm's in the calendar as my lips tend to suffer in Winter; that and I'm a bit of a lip balm addict! This was lovely on my lips; so hydrating and with a luxurious creamy texture that absorbed into my lips rather than leaving a sticky residue.
I used this yesterday and this morning and I really did enjoy it. It gave a subtle nutty scent and was lovely and hydrating on my skin - I think this might just be a repurchase!
OMG THIS IS AMAZING - especially if you use it after the Shower Cream! It gives a delicious nutty scent, that isn't too strong, but hovers over you all day. It's great for me - I have eczema and it was wonderful on my really dry skin - and that's only from my first use this morning!

So that's my 24 Days of Joy - which I can honestly say have been a joy to behold. I've loved opening up a new little pressie each day! They were all amazing little products, many of which I will be repurchasing in the new year! 

I've thoroughly enjoyed my first ever beauty Advent Calendar and I can guarantee I will be getting one next year!

Did you get The Body Shop® Advent Calendar - 24 Days of Joy? - it has been the highlight of each day to see what I get, definitely better than Chocolate! If you got it tell me what you think or simply your thoughts on Beauty advent calendars!

Merry Christmas to one and all and to all a Good Night!

Monday, 23 December 2013

The Body Shop® Advent Calendar - 24 Days of Joy - Day's 8 - 14!

Lot's of vitamin E products in days 8 - 14 but I'm quite the happy Bunny about this as I'm a HUGE fan of The Body Shop's vitamin E range! I've been particularity happy with these days as each item is fabulous!

So here's my thoughts on what was behind doors 8 to 14:

Smells amazing, feels amazing against the skin, matches the explanation perfectly, literally just a thicker version of shower gels, but I think it being a cream meant I felt more moisturised after washing.
 I have combination skin so I was concerned that it wouldn't be the best mask for my skin type but it actually works really well. I was a bit skeptical about the idea of a sink in mask - but that made me love it more! After using it my skin felt soft and supple. A DEFINITE repurchase!
I know it's for all over the face, but I loved using around my eyes and forehead - It's really helped revitalise my skin. It's light and smells gorgeous. It's a true keeper!
Of course the night cream followed, which has helped my skin heal overnight and feel great in the morning!
Now, I'm a fussy cow with what get's put on my hands, where scent is concerned, but this has made itself the exception as it's done wonders on my nail beds with conditioning. I had cancer as a kid and my hands when through a lot, anything that'll help is a repurchase to me!
OMG this is AMAZINGLY LOVELY! I'm one of those nutters who indulges far too much in Cranberries and in soap it's no exception. This was a joy to use - so fruity, fresh and exfoliating! What more could I want from a lovely lil soap!
 Between the scent and the feel this felt so high-end and luxurious! It has a mix between a fruity and floral scent and incredibly lightweight - yet lasts all day, giving it that high-end feel. If I'm to have a favourite out of these it would be this!

Days 8 - 14 are all certainly going to be repurchases when they run out - I've simply fallen in love with them all - especially day 14! These seven days have been amazing and has made me even more excited to open each day!

Eek only a day to go and one more post on these bad boys to finish off this mini series!
What do you think these products? Have you tried and fallen in love with them like me?

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 22 December 2013

The Body Shop® Advent Calendar - 24 Days of Joy!

I know I've been a bit AWOL from the Blogosphere - especially with the Christmas season upon us - I can't apologise more - so to make it up to you I'm back with a 7-Day-Combo-Review on my Body Shop® Advent Calendar!
The Body Shop® Advent Calendar - 24 Days of Joy!
Why it's a combo review is the calendar got sent to my dad's house and it took a while to get to me - then I totally didn't have the time write about it with the hectics of uni - so I'm reviewing 7 days at a time; one day after another! I was so excited to be sent this bad boy it was completely unexpected:

The Body Shop 24 Days of Joy is filled with The Body Shop best sellers and retails for £55. You'll receive 24 surprise products which have the retail value of £80! It ranges from mask and body creams to cheek stains and shower gel. I'd never had a beauty advent calendar before and after this lovely little surprise - I definitely will be!
It's just so pretty and perfect to look at I never wanted to actually open it!

So I opened it seven days at a time as I was quite in to December when I got my hands on it - here's days 1 to 7:

From all the hype I've heard this is a fabulous shower gel - but I've just never enjoyed the Strawberry scent! Though; knowing The Body Shop, and the fact I gave it to a friend: it's gentle on skin and the scent lasted all day!
This Strawberry scented item I do love! It moisturises and hydrates lips leaving a shine finish, without a sticky texture. It gives a red tint that means if I don't fancy a lipstick on I can apply this bad boy and I'm set for hours!
Om Nom Nom - I'm never usually into spiced soaps, But this has been a joy to use, it really got me into the Christmas spirit; that and crave a Gingerbread Latte!
This is another scent I underestimated - I'm never usually into white musk - my Mam loved it, me, not so much - but I can get enough of it! My skin feels amazing after using and the scent isn't a strong once absorbed into the skin - it's light and fresh.
I'm quite skeptical about cheek/lip stains - I always have the constant fear of looking like a clown. But this was quite easy to apply and quite pretty for the Christmas season as I'm sure I can see a bit of sparkle in it.
This I LOVE! I've had it before and I'll buy it again! I love the feeling of the whipped texture and the fact my skin feels soft, smooth and soo awake!
I'd been dying to get my hands on this bad boy since getting the scrub! J'Adore this range! It's by far my favourite range in store. I can't get enough of this. It's lightly scented and does wonders on my lips!

So that's days 1 to 7 and I've loved 90% - I've been certainly pleasantly surprised by the products and there will be many a repurchase in the new year - I can guarantee that!

Did you get the The Body Shop® Advent Calendar - 24 Days of Joy? If so, what did you think?
Have you tried any of the products? What're your thoughts on them?

Watch out for the next lot!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, 22 November 2013

Meadham Kirchhoff Topshop Collection

Have a peek of the new Meadham Kirchhoff Collection HERE
 Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff; together: Meadham Kirchhoff having recently unveiled a new range for Topshop this season inspired by the Magic Roundabout (you can tell with the shoes) and of course it's new fictional girl band: The Cherry's!

The new fictional Band: The Cherry's;
Cherry Blossom, Cherry Cherie, Cherry Pikka and Cherry Satanika
I was so excited when I got the email and I just had to log on and see because the idea and looked so awesome. Plus Meadham Kirchhoff just scream quirky, cool and simply outrageous.

I was really impressed with the new range - it ticked all the boxes: extravagant, quirky, adventurous and very Meadham Kirchhoff, but less of the romantic darkness you usually get from Meadham Kirchhoff. But not necessarily 'me' - well all of it anyhow.

The new range is separated in to four categories: Cherry Blossom, Cherry Cherie, Cherry Pikka and Cherry Satanika, all names of members of the 'Band' varying in styles and adding up to a total of 80+ pieces for the new collection.

Not all of it screamed 'me' so I thought I'd show you a few of my favourites to each category of the brand!
See More Cherry Blossom HERE

See more of Cherry Cherie HERE

See More of Cherry Pikka HERE

See More Cherry Santanika HERE
Each Cherry has a rebellious attitude and is shown through each category of the collection. The Collection wasn't just inspired by the new Glam Rock style Girl Band, but the overall aesthetic was influenced by Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids and Kembra Pfahler. 

In encompasses an array of contrasting textures; leather, lace, suede, chiffon, crochet, glitter, Mongolian shearling, pvc and angora wool. These are all brought together to work a contrasting and clashing palette to suit each Cherry. 

Cherry Blossom and Cherry Cherrie scream the more sweet and innocent, with Cherry Blossom's more ethereal look their almost 'girlier' overall appearance. Whereas, Cherry Satanika and Cherry Pikka have a more wicked and rebellious look with darker streak throughout; definitely reminding me more of a true Glam Rock signature. 

I was originally a bit skeptical about the collection, mainly because of the price, but when I noticed the pieces I liked were made out of angora wool, real suede and animal fur I was quite happy to justify the idea of buying a piece or two - or maybe some lovely relatives and friends will read this and get the hint hint for my Christmas presents!

I'm not a fan of all 80+ pieces, but there is a couple I've been adding to my Christmas list, for their true Meadham Kirchhoff kitsch look, high quality and beautiful appearance. I'm definitely quite excited for this collection, but, I'm afraid the shoes are just not for me! 

My favourite, I think, was Cherry Pikka, 90% was just perfect for me. Maybe I've got a Cherry Pikka rebellious side to me, but it definitely had the only pair of shoes I favoured in the Collection and that lurex cardi and crochet jumper were fabulous, and two pieces that WILL be mine!

Tell me your thoughts of the new Meadham Kirchhoff Collection for Topshop? Have you got any on your Christmas list?


Sunday, 3 November 2013

From 'Beatlemania' to 'Honeymania'!

Honey really seems to be making a comeback this year; from Marc Jacobs' new Honey fragrance to Nuxe's Rêve de Miel enjoying the reception of their own and now The Body Shop has made me a buzzy bee (to be cliché) with their new collection! But I've definitely delayed my reaction and love for this for far too long; I have to finally express how much J'adore this fabulous product! 

The new Honeymania collection features honey-infused products such as: shower gel, soap, body butter, bubble bath melt's and even a perfume along with this perfect item: The Body Shop, Honeymania Exfoliating Body Scrub.

A bit about the products in the collection:
The Body Shop Honeymania collection is made with Fair Trade wild harvested honey from Ethiopia. It promises amazing benefits for the skin and the environment; wild beekeeping techniques used by the Beza Mar beekeepers works in harmony with the bees' natural cycles and so supports sustainability of the Sheka rainforest where the honey comes from and I pretty much love anything that'll benefit the environment and me all in one!

The Body Scrub has a texture that’s coarse enough to make me feel scrubbed and clean, yet fine enough to not make my skin feel raw or look red after shower. Though I feel scrubbed up and clean, my skin still feels hydrated, soft and smooth.
I expected the smell to be sickly, sweet and overpowering; upon using it I was pleasantly surprised that once I was lathering up with it, the smell was light, enjoyably sweet and almost that of like a honey blossom rather than a pot of honey.
It claims to to 'Lift away dead skin cells' and 'help stimulate skin surface microcirculation' - Upon using for over a month I have to agree! My elbows, knees and predominantly rough areas are a world of better! Softer than they have been in a long time. As for microcirculation; my skin feels revived since using this regularly. I can definitely vouch for the claims here!

I've really loved this, and I'm not someone that would've walked into a shop and instantly go for a sweeter scented scrub -I probably would usually go for a fresher scent - but this has been fabulous! It has such a luxurious high-end texture and smoothness that once combined leaves skin feeling amazing to help me start a day, get me feeling sensual for a night-out or truly relaxed for bed!
So, would I repurchase? Oh I intend to! That and a few other products from the range! I definitely want to try their body butter and maybe even a whiff of the perfume please!

Two years ago there was a completely bizarre honey scandal; where China was 'Honey Laundering' then there was the case of the bees disappearing. So honey seemed to slip out of the limelight, but it's great honey has now made it's 'comeback' into the consciousness of the public and even better that we're recognising the benefits of honey again and getting it from places that's benefiting the environment!

So have you tried any products from Honeymania? What's your favourites?


Saturday, 19 October 2013


Cardi: Primark
Top: Primark
Trousers: Topshop
Shoes: Newlook
Clutch: Primark
Necklace: Topshop
I thought I'd catch-up with you all and show you what I've been rocking on a night out recently!

I'm usually more of a Dress or skirt lady when it comes to dressing up for a night out, but I decided to go for a smart-casual look for my besties 21st. I basically had no idea what to wear, so after hours of trawling round the shops, in true 'Rachael style' I ended up going for clothes I already had at home - typical!

This is just a wee #OOTN I put together. The trousers were a brill Topshop buy. I turned up the bottoms - partially because I'm short, and I quite like the turned up trousers look. The top was quite the impulse buy when I was in Glasgow for another friends 21st and realised I'd forgotten my 'going out' outfit (I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached) and I thought it looked chic, expensive, but truthfully cost me the whole of £5!

I thought the outfit needed a statement piece necklace so I picked up this tin-whistle looking necklace from Topshop for £15 (with 20% off)  and added another Primark piece in the form of the stylish yet affordable clutch. I know, I have so many bag's, but it was £4 so I couldn't say no, and it fit's sooooooo much in!

I finished off with a pair of peep-toe wedges and a la'al cardi that was my Mam's. Along with the butterfly top, the bracelet's she gave me and her cardi - it was certainly a 'Florence inspired' outfit! (Florence being my Mam!)

So, what do you all think of my smart-casual look for a night out? I also used this look, minus cardi and plus blazer for for a job interview and got the job - so it's a versatile look - which is always my favey!

What's your take on 'Smart Casual'?

Friday, 11 October 2013

Body Shop: Smoky Eye Effect

Autum/Winter 2013 is all about wine lips, eye grazing fringes and of course autumn smoky eyes! BodyShop is bang on trend with this and they asked me to create a how-to video and written blog where I create a smoky eye effect using the colours and shades that are on trend for this A/W13. Brown's, chocolates, cream's and metallics are perfect for creating an autumn smoky eye.

And that's what Body Shop supplied me with: 8 Eye shadows in matte's, shiny's and metallics. 2 eye liners, 1 liquid and the other pencil with a smudger at the other end, an illuminating touch concealer and to top it off a brilliant Mascara.

But most importantly here's how I created this look with a 10 step system!

Step 1: 
I used the illuminator as an eye primer and covered the whole lid, up to the brow bone. This was to create and even surface to work with.
Step 2: 
Using 'Sand By Me' I covered over where I used illuminator, to create an all over even base colour, because I have freckles and pigmented skin. I used a blending brush to give a simple quick all over. 
Step 3:
Using 'Chocolate Linger' I covered the lower lid, up to the crease using a shading brush. Then using a blending brush I brushed the colour diagonally towards the end of my eye brows to start with the smoky look. This also helps open more hooded eyes.
Step 4: 
Apply 'Coconuts about you' with a shading brush along the crease but not on the diagonal. Then use the angle brush to apply the same colour 3/4 away across the bottom lid - usually to the other side of your iris.
Step 5: 
When starting with the metallic's you don't want to go too heavy so I first applied 'Melt my heart' along with 'Coconuts about me' along the crease, but instead of stopping, carry on up the diagonal. For this I used my shading brush.
Step 6: 
Using my Lip brush (yes a lip brush) along the eye line I applied 'Bronze Bliss' the creamiest and gorgeous metallic bronze. Then using the smudger on the end of the enliner smudges it up the diagonal.
Step 7: 
To create a high-lightened brow bone, I applied 'Golden Girl' with a blending brush, then swept in once over the whole lid - Lightly, very light I hasten to add. You don't want to ruin your handy work!
Step 8: 
With an angled brush, using 'Oh, Honey' I illuminated the water line and the corner of my eye to open the eye. This is important to do if you have hooded eyes.
Step 9: 
With the liquid liner, give a thin line across the top lid, but don't go into the diagonal - yet! Then using the eye pencil lined 3/4 of the bottom lid. Then use the smudger once more to create a smoky look and pull some the black liners into the diagonal for extra smokiness!
Step 10:
Simply finish off by adding a spritz of fabulous mascara and you're set for the night with this smoky look!

The Colour Crush eye shadows were perfect to create a smoky eye effect. They're creamy, highly pigmented and have an amazing staying power of a high end product, for an affordable price. But mos importantly they're completely ethical! They don't test on animals - yes I simply had to add that bit in!

Easy, simply and perfect for autumn/winter13 and all from Bodyshop!

Monday, 7 October 2013


I know, I've been a bad #blogger i.e completely AWOL from the blogosphere, but I've had a bit to deal with: being a reporter, going back to uni, a trip to Istanbul and of course setting up my lifestyle blog Pits to Pots! But I'm back with the cutest Lush haul ever! 

Argh, I can't believe I'm saying it's coming up to that time of year again, but it is and Lush have released their A/W collection, meaning I get all my goodies from last year, plus some I haven't seen before!

  1. The Christmas Penguin: Modelled on the smallest penguins in the world, from Philip Island, Australia, this isn't just cute, but smells amazing. It's infused with Sicilian Lemon Oil, which smells divine and not pungent. It's a fruity smell that I can't wait to bubble up, but I'll be sad to let Pop go!
  2. Candy Mountain: 'Let's go to Candy Mountain Charlie' this not only reminds me of my childhood and 'shuuunning the non-believers' but it looks like it was shat by a pretty mythical unicorn - but fortunately smells gorge and is positively sparkly that'll hopefully give me a wonderful christmassy feel!
  3. Magic Wand: Arrrgh my Magic Wand is BACK! This is positively my favourite bubble bar - partly because it's the most wonderful smell and mainly because it's a bloody wand! What (sensible) adult can buy a wand for themselves without looking like a nutter?? Well I can once again! This will certainly be bought a few (or ten) more times before the season is out!
  4. The Melting Snowman: This is truly the only snowman in winter. This is another lil' treat I've been waiting to come back around, it makes your bath smell edible due to the almond oil, chocolate drop's and cinnamon leaf oil! NomNomNom!
  5.  Pumkin: Just to give myself an excitement for Halloween and to help me sleep as it's beautifully infused with Ylang Ylang oil - meaning I'll be of to bore-bores after this!
  6. Snow Globe: Another yearly purchase, I LOVE this soap, it's refreshing with it's fruity grapefruit scent and really gives you the get up and go for a dark winter morning. Why I loved it was because even with my sensitive skin it didn't dry my skin, it made me feel refreshed and hydrated.
Well, I have officially started my own Christmas countdown by indulging in Lush goodies a month or  two early- but this has also made me excited to start looking for other Christmas goodies! I do apologise for my lack of posting for a while, but I've got a few idea's, hauls, and reviews ready to go!

Have you picked up and Lush Halloween or Christmas goodies yet? Which one's. I'd love to know what you'd recommend?


P.S. Don't forget to check out my new blog Pits to Pots all about the comical, tragic and hopefully interesting scattered thoughts of a Twentysomething... 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Perfect Smooth Curls? Hello Mr.Frieda!

When you've got natural curls like me, that tend to tangle and your mane needs some taming; you're always on the look out for something to keep the beast at bay. I've always been impressed with John Frieda as a brand. So when I was approached to test some products to use I couldn't say no!

I received full size products: John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start Shampoo and Conditioner - both retailing at £5.99 each at Boots. I also received the John Frieda Dream Curls Enhancing Oil - which at Boots retails at £9.99. I've always thought highly of John Frieda products and I was sure that with these I wasn't going to be disappointed...

Initial thoughts?

Upon first using the shampoo and conditioner I was rather impressed. You didn't need to use much shampoo to create a lather and upon using it, it didn't leave a heavy residue after. The conditioner was also something we didn't need much of to cover my hair from mid-length to ends. It left my hair feeling soft and feeling more hydrated. The smell of my shampoo/conditioner is something that's important to me, so I was pleasantly surprised with this. It smells rather luxurious... It's hard to describe, but it was fruity or young and has a nice sleek shine to it...

The dream curls was a shocker. I'm ALWAYS sceptical about products that claim to tame curls. But It had quite an instant change. My curls were slightly more defined than usual and any frizz was definitely tamed. The oil felt really luxurious to apply to my hair. It was thicker than a usual hair oil. Think the thickness of macadamia or argan oil', but along with being thick it drag down my hair or add any heaviness; it in't a sticky oil and felt lightweight on my hair.

After a couple of weeks?

After using it for a few weeks there was definite improvement in my hair. It felt smoother and I found the needs to adjust the curls the straighteners after drying less necessary! To sound cliche my hair does feel healthier. Plus theres lots of less flyaways when styling my hair. I've also noticed that my dip-dye hair is less coarse than usual - even without a serum applied after washing. It's seriously hydrated my hair since using - also I've found that I my hair doesn't get greasy as easily in between washes... Highly impressed....

I would definitely recommend these products for someone that has wavy, curly or frizzy hair and needs it tamed. I also tried the dream curls it on a friend who has naturally straight hair and was wanting curly hair on a night out; she was impressed how she felt it helped keep the curls for longer, rather than dropping. The lightweight feeling of the products was one of the best things. it meant that curls have more of chance of maintaining without dropping under the weight.

Will I repurchase?

Definitely! It's been a treat, I've still got LOADS left, so it's good value for money. It seems like a really high-quality product, that could be on any high-end shelf along with the likes of Bumble and Bumble or Ojan, but with a fraction of the price - so great for bargain hunting students like myself!

So if you're looking for either natural or created perfect smooth curls, with high-end quality, but for drugstore prices, John Frieda is definitely something I'd recommend for you to try!

Have you tried any of these John Frieda Products? 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Instagram Life Catch-Up: Y(ou)O(nly)L(ive)O(nce)

Well, I have to finally admit summer is over and Autumn is here! I can't say I'm too disappointed - mainly because I'm in love with all the A/W13 trends, so I'm eager to rock them! Also I get to go see my uni babes again! So I thought I'd show you all a few photies for the transition into autumn... But this is also kicking off a monthly life catch-up post featuring some Insta photies!

So here's a couple of photo's from the past two weeks...
1, defo going to miss sunbathing under my sunflowers.
Possibly THE best book I've ever read.
3, Months pass by and I still miss my best-friend, my mam.
4, I'm a domestic goddess, these sunday lunches were all from scratch and perfect.
, The first thing my mam taught me to bake was Mars Bar Cake - so I taught Liam!
 6, My (now) famous 'Death by Chocolate' cake. One sliver was MORE than enough for even my chocoholic sister.
1, I snag 5 mins now an then for a face mask eeek
2, Defo my favey bag for life, a life saver when you do a family shop every week!
3, Two Brothers in the last of the summer sun with Stella - never on the job!
4, Jumping on the Bandwagon and ADORING all of them!
5, Me with my lil man on his birthday, took him for an awesome shop, his dinner and WATER WORLD!
6. Blackite (or blackberry for the rest of you!) picking during a run with my sister!
1, Had to put this in, because I love this flexible horse!
2, A minute to myself with diabetic home-made cookies and a MASSIVE cuppa - which is needed for any Au Pair!
3, So proud of my wonderful Robert for not just launching his own business and releasing his own supplies.
4, Body Shop, yes, Body Shop asked me, yes ME! To create a how to with their products. I created a smoky eye - Bang on for AW13.
 5, Me with one of my MANY massive cuppa's!
6, Metallic bronze nails - another bang on trend for AW13!
 This summer however has been interesting to say the least: My Mam passed (suddenly on May 11th at age 47), with my dad working, I packed up, moved home (temporarily) and became the Au Pair for my 6 year old brother... I've also decided I want to take my motorcycle licence (yes, I must say 'YOLO' my mum made me realise you really only live once), have been planning my wedding (eeeek) and I having spent the longest amount of time in my hometown in three years, I've come to realise, I love this place, but sometimes it's too small. Everyone know's everyone's business - which is not always as fun as it sounds!

This is also my first proper lifestyle post in a year about me being home, as honestly I've been too scared since getting my blog hacked I strayed far away from them! But once again 'yolo' (urgh I know, but it pretty much sums up how I'm feeling!) I'm definitely going to do more, I stopped because someone hacked my blog and I ended up building it back up better than ever, so why let it beat me? But recently I got an awful comment on my blog about my Mam - Yes, my deceased mother. Then some person who text me months ago calling 'himself' 'Michael' popped up on my Snapchat with a rather suspicious girls name - so I've decided even if people want to sink down to awful levels, it's not going to get me down!

So tell me what you think of my new blog feature of 'Instagram Life Catch-Up' and sorry for imposing 'YOLO' on you all heheh!! Have you all had a good transition into Autumn?


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Saturday, 31 August 2013


 Well I got a bit snap-happy with this post, but that's because it feels like I haven't posted in ages! Back in stoke I did a wee Boots haul, but by complete coincidence all the products were maybelline! I stocked up on some few essentials to see me through the fast approaching A/W13!

Babylips: Yes a few weeks ago I jumped on the Babylips bandwagon and ended up buying all the colour-pigmented shades: Cherry Me, Pink Punch and Peach Kiss. Thoughts? Well, they're over-all fabulous! I love the fact these are pigmented lip balms. They kept my lips hydrated for hours, smelled gorgeous and 2 out of 3 gave a lovely colour on the lips, meaning for those autumn days where my lips dry I can style a colour without worrying about crust lips (eww!). Peach Kiss doesn't give much of colour, but I've been using it as a 'home colour' to just use as a lip balm any time.
 Colour Show: Every one knows I'm a self acclaimed nail addict! So when I got a glimpse at a model rocking these colours in a two-tone effect I had to get my hands on them! The colours are equally highly pigmented and dry fairly quickly giving a high-shine. There staying power is more than average, especially when a top coat is added. The colours are nice to go along with autumn shades that add a pop of colour, but not too overpowering.
Master Drama Chromatics: This is a gorgeous metallic eyeliner, was a perfect addition to anyone's A/W13 collections, smoky looks are bang on this coming season and adding a bit of metallic is a personal favourite of mine. It glides on easily and doesn't run or smudge, giving it great staying power for a night out.

So these have been some lovely little additions to my growing a/w collection. I'm loving Babylips, I just wish they had some more colours. I think I'll definitely be investing in some more Colour Show Nail varnish's as they are fabulous! Metallic's are bang on trend this season, I may worry I've been investing in too many! (Is that possible? haha) 

Tell me what you think of this haul - have you tried any of these? Can you recommend any more items like these to me!


Monday, 19 August 2013


I was really surprised and excited when I got an email from the Sports Direct team asking if I would be happy to receive a product or two and then write a review? Happy to? I was thrilled; any excuse to induldge in some new swimwear... Especially with my holibob's just around the corner.

So here's what I got:
Left: Ocean Pacific Swim Shorts (RRP: £3.50)
Right: Ocean Pacific Swim Dress (RRP: £9.99)

I received the Ocean Pacific Swim Dress and the Ocean Pacific Swim Shorts, (which are high-waisted) which are both from their Ladies Swimwear Collection.

Firstly, I was really impressed with the postage. It was really quick and efficient. Next, of course was the products themselves. When I fist looked at the Swim dress online, it didn't mention a built-in bikini bottom's, so I was more than chuffed when I realised it had one! This is a perfect one piece for any last minute holidays this year. The dress hides a multitude of sins, and slims out any shapes. The shape and style is also very vintage-esk! It's perfect for a beach holiday, starlight from the beach to the bar in two shakes! I'll be styling it with some simple pieces and of course a pair of peep-toe wedges to turn this into a slimming gorgeous piece for any holiday.

Then you've got the high-waisted bikini shorts! I LOVED high-waisted shorts for this summer. These have a thick band, slimming out any tum's, but can be folded down to create a regular bikini look, or unfolded to give a high-waisted edge. I paired with a Bikini crop-top and a pair of high waisted jean shorts and a kimono - perfect if you're going to do some culture hunting - like I will be in Istanbul - or going for a girly cocktail on the beach bar!

I've been really impressed with Sports Direct. They're Ladies Swimwear is cost effective and high-quality, as the swim dress was perfect for a family fun day at Waterworld as well as my usual aqua-fit - where I got loads of compliments! The High-waisted lasted me a few miles in the pool, effectively staying on and not sliding down my bum and survived a windy day at the beach - so I say overall a great investment... I can't wait to be lounging by a Turkish pool with these babies on!

Tell me what you think of these lil beauties... Have you purchased from Sports Direct? If not take a peek at their 'Ladies Swimwear'.... 

Monday, 12 August 2013


I know, ANOTHER Maybelline lipstick post... But in the words of Depeche Mode "I just can't get enough!" - If you know me, you'll know I've been dying to get my hands on an orange lippy ever since I saw MAC's collection for summer. But with them never in stock when I go, and my disliking for ordering online - unless I've tried it on - I'd given up, until finally going in Boots the other day and snagging this last little beauty...

I've always loved an orange lippy, especially when I saw them in MAC, but I was never sure if I could pull one off, or if I would be daring enough to! But after 'umming' and 'aaahhhing' and obviously loads of snapchatting pics of me in it to my nearest and dearest (even my dad got an opinion!) I decided I liked it and it was a must...

I love this orange.. It brings out the tan I've manages to just grasp over those hotter days and is versatile in a way you can make it a very vivid and bright for a night out or dab it down for a subtle and peachy colour during the day. The pigmentation is spot on: one swipe over my lips and it's full coverage. It is also very smooth and creamy, so if I forget to apply lip balm prior to application - which you know me, I'd forget my head if it wasn't attached -  it doesn't dry my lips, basically just like the coral shade I reviewed. It has a nice sweet scent, a bit like a lip balm, but not too overwhelming. Of course, I was impressed by the lasting power:  it gives a nice stain to the lips making the colour still visible after many hours of wear - even after a meal or a drink - so there is not need to constantly reapply it.

I was going to do a pro's and con's bit, but I've not really found any con's with this as of yet! I'm pretty happy with it all round: Gorge packaging, that looks more high end than it is. Lasting power. Vivid like a MAC, for half he price. Gorgeous pigmentation. Versatile.... Overall pretty much a perfect lippy for me... Well perhaps matching it outfits.. I went for monochrome, but I'm thinking a grey playsuit to style it with? (Any ideas?)

I really recommend this lippy if you are looking for a fun bright and different lip colour for the summer- or what's left of it! It's unlike any other lip colour I've ever seen... I've finally got my tango lips!

I'd love to know if you've tried this or any like it you could recommend to me...