Saturday, 8 December 2012

You're Not 19 Forever!

Well - My Birthday is over... But as ever with nights like this, the hangover remains! Let's just say I left the teens and my ability to survive alcohol did also...

Yes, I told you all of my birthday yesterday, what I got and how excited I was - well today I'm going to enlighten you all as to why Birthdays are a health hazard, to everyone - and in short the answer is drink!

I'll elaborate....
Me blowing my candle out!
In a devil onesie!

Yesterday I thought a close friend of mine, Caggy wasn't coming out. You know, tis the time of year and well I was a bit gutted. But I got ready - in my new peplum top! - Which, to digress, I paired with a bodycon skirt, tights and my new-ish wedges. I also let the top be the main piece by not going too heavy with the jewellery, but did use my fabulous MUA make-up pallet I've previously blogged about (HERE)and used the metallic glitter's in that to really set the outfit off! Back to the story I thought she wasn't going out and had thought we'd have pre drinks at one of the other SU's... Only to get a text late afternoon saying:

*Do you fancy having pre-drinkies at mine?*

I thought 'yeah sure it'll be nice to see her and her chappy, before hand, even if they aren't coming out' - So  I got dolled up and tipsy and headed over... 
After arriving I had a fabulous surprise - there she was with a few of my friends, all dressed up and ready for the night - I was so excited! I may not be huge on surprises, but that was fab!

Me in my new Peplum!
We had some drinking games, of course, one which included a Bukaroo - which I'll be honest, I've NEVER played - yes, ever! So I went into 10-year-old mode and went right for it -competitive and everything. Surprisingly I didn't lose. But that did stop me drinking along with everyone else. As in guzzling down my bottle of champagne cocktail! Us girls had a gossip then we all had a dance - especially my friend Rich who basically is an artist with drinks he can drink anything without a flinch - but not without spilling it on himself! The conversations ranged from ex's to men having a nip-on and Women's "ZONES" (Hmm perhaps a blgo is required on this!)... As you do (aaah my friends!) then we decided, after finishing all the drink and forcing down vile tasting peach schnapps and vodka scrumpy mix down my friend, Rich's gullet we thought we should hit the club - Birthday VIP style!

I was actually clever this year and brought jacket to wear so I didn't end up dying! My friend Rich on the other hand, was w*nkered before we left and had trouble walking in a straight line all the way to the SU... When we got there I felt really special or famous - as corny as that sounds, because we got in for free because it was my birthday, that and they called us the "Birthday Party People VIP" - I mean how awesome is that?!

Well we got dancing, drinking and met up with more people we knew and it has to be said, we had a fabulous time! It was brilliant and there was no girls trying to hone in on my man like last week - though I did have a randomer come up to me near the bathrooms, spluttering and completely puckered up said:

"Oh My God, I f*cking love you! Yerr, that's it, I'm like definitely going to Marry you!" 

Yeah, how do you respond to that besides "f*ck off"? Well I first tackled peeling him away as he'd discovered his own pincer grip hug to my arm, so I detached him. Then after he went on and on and on I managed to get a word in saying I wasn't interested as I'm seeing someone and he should stop hugging people -to which he said 

"Oh God, yeah I'm really sorry, I thought you were my Girlfriend - you look like 'er a bit! My bad!"

Birthday Look!
Oh the shame! I mean we've all mistook our significant other from a distance or from behind in a crowded place and -perhaps waved or gone closer - but never have I ever gone to the extent of trying to kiss someone else! I had to restrain from laughing right in his face - but I was just actually glad that it wasn't me! 
My guy troubles didn't end there - remember Ken? Well Ken was out?! Yes, as if! Well he saw me with Robert, but still tried to find ways to get me alone for a dance or a chat - I think at one point I actually hid behind a low pillar from him, that yes, I needed to crouch behind! Which obviously wasn't very good hiding as him and his friend walked over and asked what I was doing?! Oh the shame for me - I blagged I dropped a ring or something a then mad a quick dash for the loo and luckily ran into my friends.... 
Yes, it was like something from a terrible comedy sketch! Afterward I did basically everything short of having sex with Robert in front of him on the dance floor to put him off - but my grinding-dancing was on top form - or so I thought when wrecked - thank God there's no photo's of that!

Well my guy troubles aside we also had to spend the night keeping Rich from wandering to the bar to drink more or just collapsing -which he did on my knee at one point! We actually got worried when we left him outside and then two minutes later we saw the guards running out! But we then sent Robert to collect him and turned out he was talking to some girls and making them laugh - then again this guy, you could make a book with his random musings!

Sitting outside the take-away
at the night's end
That was hilarious. What wasn't hilarious was me trying to make my own cocktails by mixing vodka, gin, orange juice and something else (I have NO idea?!) and washing that down with swigs of larger and Guinness (How womanly! Not!) but that concoction was deadly! Also there was a few 'Knowing Your Shape' moments, but how good was I at restraining myself! I didn't flinch once - though there was a cringe or two...

By the end of the night we had to carry Rich home - I say "we" I mean me and Caggy walked and talked whilst Robert and her fiancĂ© Phil basically carried him back to theirs and straight to bed! - But of course with a stop off at the take-away!
Me on the other hand when I got home, sat and watched T.V for half an hour with won tons then headed to bed....

So that was my amazing night out - where I didn't get ill, I didn't get kicked out of a club, didn't have a broke limb and  I have quite happily turned 20! Though of course, I've learnt a couple of lessons - as I suppose we all need to when we age a year:
  • Do not make your own 'cocktail concoction' in a bar when your plastered - the hangover the next day may not be worth it! 
  • Bukaroo is AMAZING, where has it been all my life? It is a fabulous drinking game!
  • This year onward I need perhaps be harsher with Challengers - as grinding on the dance floor may not have been an attractive substitute!  
This is not something I've learnt but more of a fact: I have amazing friends and family! This year right till my 21st needs to be doubly amazing!

Your not 19 forever - Now, I'm 20!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like you had a great Birthday, and you look great to boot! Love your top :)


    1. Awww thank you - I actually really tried with the outfit hehe thank you the top was soo worth it - so versatile!
      I had a fab night sweetie!

  2. Happy Birthday Rachael for yesterday! :D
    I hope you had a lovely day! Sounds like you did on your post :D
    Natalie xx

    1. Thank you Natalie! I had an amazing day!
      It was fun! Thanks for the lovely comment!

  3. Im so glad you enjoyed your birthday, sounds like an amazingggg night!! Need one of them myself


  4. sounds like you had a fab night happy belated birthday
    cole xxx


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