Friday, 7 December 2012

Keep Calm - It's My BIRTHDAY!

One the best 'Happy Birthday's ever! - Off Google!
Yes, it's my birthday today - the big 2-0 - my twentieth birthday, my twenteenth, Mon anniversaire, mein Geburtstag.... You guys get the picture - it's my 20th Birthday today!

It's so exciting to me...

I love Birthday - especially mine... Of course! 

Every Birthday is so special to me because even though we have our "Big Birthday's" eg. 18th, 21st ect. I believe every Birthday should be special, because you don't get to repeat it you only get ONE of every age. I only get to me 20 for as long as I got to be 18 or 19. So I think every birthday should be a big deal!

This is a new decade for me. The end of the teenage era! A full blown adult - though, would you believe it at times? hehe It's odd for me, but not as most people have said I'm 20 for ages now because I said I was nearly 20...
Cards From Left From My Nan, Liam, Robert, Mam and Dad...
Including a sneaky peek of my Pink Champagne!
Anyway it's my birthday and I've loved all my card's and presents... So far... 
I've got clothes, make-up, shoes and money off my Mam. Money off my Dad - though that's brill, because I don't think he'd quite know what to get for his 20-year-old youngest daughter (It likely scares him I'm not a kid anymore!) My Nan gave me a cute card and a bit of money - Noooo don't over think the money - My families just ace hehe... MY love Fiancé, Rob, he got me some lovely pressies that truly shows he listened - that or he read my Christmas list blog post - He gave me LOTR: Lego game, Zumbo's Cookbook and he got me a lil' subscription to Glossybox and Cosmo! I am a Happy and lucky Girl! He's also surprised me with a bottle of Pink Champagne - My FAVOURITE and he's making me a Birthday cake! - Like a pro I love my guy!

I'm so excited and will definitely share more with you guys as my day progresses and as the weekend goes on hehe I went to uni and found I get me and four other friends in our LRV (SU) tonight - so you know what we're doing!

To be honest this Birthday-day (long story) is going ten times better than my last two as both those times I was really ill on my actual Birthday and had to postpone my celebrations! This year (Touch wood!) It's going so well and I'm not flat on my back... (In a bad way!)
From Left: Lego: Lord of the Rings, Glossybox, Cameo Rose Black Studded Neck Peplum Top, Tea- tree Facial wash and Zumbo Cookbook!
We then popped to town and I got a gorgeous new studded peplum top from Newlook (Click HERE) that I've been fawning over for what feels like forever!- courtesy of my Mam (She's the best!) and some fantastic undies from Primark - as you do... This lil' shopping trip was all topped off by a quick nip into Bodyshop, to only find out, since I have a Bodyshop card I get a free gift for my Birthday - Bonus! So I got some fabulous tea-tree face-wash (Click HERE!)that I'd had before and it's amazing....

This is just my day so far, going amazingly - So I'm a very happy bunny this Birthday... And I'll be even more happy when I get to re-celebrate it when I get back to Cumbria (Northern style!) not too long from now.... Yay.... But with my Birthday being in December and near Christmas I'm just so happy that people remember it!

I'm afraid that's all I have for you at the moment and I shall update you all on my going's-on's tomorrow - if I remember them after my night out!

But, for now it's time for this Northern Girl to get dolled up, his the champers and cosmo's and have an amazing Birthday!

Thank you to everyone eg. My Mam, Dad, My little Brother Liam, Fiancé and Friends, who have and will make this day even more special to me and for me - thanks guys - Love you's!

Rachael Marie Grealish


  1. Oh, snap! It's my birthday too! I'm the big two-one :)) x

    1. OH yaya a Birthday Blogger Twin! Happy Birthday! xxx

  2. Happy birthday my lovely!

    Glad to read your having a lovely day xo

  3. Great presents hope you had a lovely birthday!


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