Sunday, 9 December 2012

How Much is My Face Worth?

No, this isn't about the worth of surgery or daft things like this is all about one of my favourite things ever - Make-up!

After getting ready for my birthday I realised that my face goes through a lot to look fabulous! I don't cake it on - that would be bloody awful, but I use such a range of different products on my face too keep it going for a night out!

So I've decided to summarise what I use on my face and tally it up to see how much my face is worth on a night out - as if I did it during the day it would be like £10 eg mascara and a bit of spot cover hehe So I hope you all find it fascinating and fun to see how much my face is actually worth when I head for a night out!

Well I best start with a picture of me with my make-up on:
Not the best, but you get the idea...
This is from a couple of weeks ago when I was ready for a lovely meal and I'd used all my fab make-up that I use for a night out... So now would be a nice idea to show you which these are...

My make-up items:

Face & Lips....
From Top Left: (All from Boots and Superdrug) Simple Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser (RRP £4.99),
Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer (RRP £11.99),
Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation (RRP £10.99)
No7 Stay Perfect Concealer (RRP £7)
Collection Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-Up Fixer (RRP £5.99)
Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks (RRP £1.99)
Soap & Glory™ Marvelips™ - As good as nude (RRP £8)
Nivea Hydro Care Lip Protection With Pure Water & Aloe Vera (RRP £1.99)
MUA Lip Liner Softly Lined (RRP £1)
Total of Face and Lips = £53.94
Well that's the total of my face and lips on a night out and to be honest, I'm a bit shocked with what my face goes through! I'm now going to give you a little run down of each item, what it is and why I use it...

  • Simple Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser - This is a fab moisturiser. I discovered it back when I was 17/18 and I've tried different ones, but this is by far my favourite when it comes anti-blemish Moisturisers - It doesn't let anything get into my pores meaning I won't get spotty that and I use it as a base to my Primer...
  • Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer - I use a different Primer during the day - I use Nivea, but for nights out this is my baby. It really does make my face look like I've clicked 'noise reduction' on Photoshop. It's brill and makes my fairly uneven face, even and ready for foundation, which is why this is worth the pennies because no-one want's their foundation to go on blotchy or stick in their pores...
  • Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation - I got this because, as I said I don't have even skin - who does? But I have red pigments, dark patches ect (When you look close) so I gave this a try and it gives your face a lovely even look using the different pigments in the foundation and you really do see a difference... The purple pigments are for anti-dull complexion and truthfully I do look less washed out...
  • No7 Stay Perfect Concealer - I heard about this from a fellow blogger as I was dying to find a concealer that quote, unquote "Actually works" - This works really well in combination with the other products and it has an anti-blemish quality to it meaning I don't have to worry about my spots getting worse if I'm covering them up...
  • Collection Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-Up Fixer - I actually heard about this stuff on ITV: This Morning. As strange as that sounds. I was watching the professional use it to keep the model's make-up in place and though 'That's what I need!' because after an hour or three partying my make-up sometimes goes to pot! So I tried it an voila, it does actually help - like hairspray for your make-up - well worth it!
  • Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks - I'm naturally very pale and my natural pink cheeks either get red in winter when I'm ill or disappear from the cold - So this cost effective little blush is well worth it. It stays on for ages and gives a nice glow to my face - though I do fancy getting a new creme blusher as I've had them before and they do last a bit longer than the powder blush...
  • Nivea Hydro Care Lip Protection With Pure Water & Aloe Vera - I know you can get lip primers, but I feel this does the same thing for me - plus this is my favourite lip balm ever! I adore it and it fills out the creases of my lips to give an even look when I apply the colour....
  • MUA Lip Liner Softly Lined - I use this to line my lips - as I'll be honest  I don't have the most lushous of lips - despite what my guy says - they're a bit undefined  So I use this to give my lips definition and shape before applying the colour...
  • Soap & Glory™ Marvelips™ - As good as nude - This may seem a natural shade on most ladies, but on this pale girl it's a fantastic stand-out colour, as close as I get to bright red to be honest (Hmmm a 'knowing you Lip shape is needed!) as red can make me look washed out... So this is a gorgeous matte colour - but the other end is a close over coat that also plumps your lips - how fab. So you really can't go wrong with Soap & Glory!
So that's the total of my Face & Lips - £53.94 

Wow - not in the hundred, thank god. But it is a shock what simply I go through to take a fab photo - and I haven't even moved to eyes yet!
As for my eyes, I decided to do them separately - as when it comes to my make-up routine (yes, another routine!) I do them separately - and put a bit of my 'fix-it' spray afterwards! So take a look at my fabulous eye wear...

From The Top: (From Boots, Superdrug and FeelUnique)
L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim - Intense Black (RRP £6.99)
NYC Eye Pencil - White (RRP £1.49)
Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara for Blue eyes (RRP £7.99)
Bourjois Beautiful Mascara Black (RRP £7.99)
MUA Pro Pallette Undressed (RRP £4)
Max Factor Eyebrow Pencil Hazel 002 (RRP £4.99)
Total = £33.45
So that's the quick run-down of what goes on my little blinkers - and I thought it would be more to be honest  but frankly, I'm glad it's not! A lot seems to go into making my eyes stand out further - so now I shall explain what all this is and why I use these specifically!
  • L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim - Intense Black - I previously used Max Factor - but it ran out (boo!) and thought I'd shop about for something new... Now, I love the easiness of eye pencils - but I hate they smudge and move. Where as I love the definition of liquid eyeliner, but my hands are way too shakey for it - so when I came across this stuff and did the sneaky pre-open-in-shop try on my hand I was rather impressed and for good reason! You can do all sorts with this even those fancy slicks ect. which I'm still yet to completely master!
  • NYC Eye Pencil - White - It seems strange to have a white eyeliner. But I got this because ages ago when I was learning my first steps of the use of make-up, I got skeptical when my mum told me to put white eyeliner on my bottom lid - she said it would open my eyes. Like I said, I was skeptical  until I looked in a mirror! It's fab, defines your eyes and opens them. So if you have little eyes I say £1.49 is a good investment!
  • Bourjois Beautiful Mascara Black - I have naturally long black eyelashes - so I'm quite lucky, but that doesn't mean I don't want them longer, thicker or blacker! And this ticks all the boxes I use one or two coats of this on the top lashes to extend and basically give a false-lash look, with the hell of false lashes!
  • Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara for Blue eyes - I was skeptical about this, I thought "Blue mascara? That made me think of me circa 2004 when it was cool to have colour mascara!" but this isn't coloured, it has 'saphire' pigments, for those of us with blue eyes - and of course different pigments for different colour eyes - but it really does work, well in my opinion!
  • MUA Pro Pallette Undressed - I'm a sucker for MUA and natural makeup so add them together this was a must have... I'd seen/had their Heaven and Earth Palette but even for the likes of me - there was only cream/nude colours - and even I like a little extra colour as I didn't want to risk it being too boring... It gives a fab natural look with highly pigmented colours as it has a mix of nude shimmers and mattes it does well even for this glitter season... If you are wanting a nude palette but actually want some colour don't got for the Heaven and Earth Palette got for the Undressed Pallette just for that tiny bit extra for the season - Also I have loved being able to use it for the likes of work and uni then switch it to night-out-mode... 
  • Max Factor Eyebrow Pencil Hazel 002 - I stress about eyebrow shape! I don't like the big bushes, I like defined eyebrows so this is a handy little tool to help shape and shade my little brows! I LOVED the little brush that really does help keep it all in place when it comes to adding a bit of colour...
So that's my eyes done and the total is - £33.45! 

Not as much as I'd thought there would be, but I like my eyes and don't like to use too much on them... Other's might disagree, but I think they're kinda pretty... I love all these products and would say get them and try them for yourself - you'll be surprised!

When it comes to products for my face - Of course I find things that will suit me and make me look pretty, but also what makes me feel pretty! I've also got to take into account, my type of skin, the fact I'm pale and - sometimes even the shape of my face - Yes, knowing your shape applies to alot of things not just bodies ladies!

So the over all total of How much my face is worth on a night out is - £87.39! - Wow that's actually alot! If you think back to your small face plus the products then the cost that's fairly steep for me. Though in my defense, I've missed out a couple of things that could easily make £100 if I added them - but I use them so rarely I didn't - perhaps I shall do a follow up!

So that's most of the products I use, why I use them and in total how much they cost all adding up to how much my face is worth! It could be worse, so I'm happy, though a bit shocked what my face goes through to look fabulous - oh the price we pay for beauty!

Have you tallied up how much your face is worth? You should! I did and now I'm in a world of realisation! 
How much is your face worth? 

And just because I don't think I look quite my quirky and fun self in the first photo here's a photo of me in a onesie having fuuun.... As you do!


  1. i might do this post yours has turned out well most ive read have been over £200 xxx

    1. Oh thank god - still at a student budget I'm a bit shocked - thank god I didn't do everything. You so should - it's so fun to go through it all!

    2. I'm just too lazy to make all that effort but it's mostly cos I suspect even £200 wouldn't make all that much difference. Your eyes look lovely, Rachael!!

    3. Aww thank you soo much! You look fab yourself hhee xx

  2. I did mine and it worked out at ridiculously much, like over £150! But most of my products are trial size that I've got as samples/in sales so I didn't actually spend that much (thank god!!!) x

    1. Oh goood hehe I LOVE expensive sample things lovely! I'd love to read yours sweetie! Thank you for the comments xxx

  3. It is pretty amazing how much everything costs once you start adding it up! I would be afraid to add up what my face cost. You are a brave one!

    1. Brave? Perhaps delusional that after looking I actually want to update my make-up - god I'm a beauty/fashion addict! xxx

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post, it was so interesting! I've never thought of adding it up before, mine would probably come to a lot haha. I have Soap and Glorys mauve lips too but I've only used it once. I think I'm going to try it out again now =) great post!

    1. It's sooo fab when you've got it on and it last's hours in my opinion! I think everyone should have a crack at how much is your face worth hehe it was fun! xxxx

  5. great post! lovely blog check out mine if you have the time:) xx

    1. Why thank you so much - your blog is fab too sweetie! I'm a new follower xxx

  6. You look gorgeous, I love simple products as well as soap&glory! I want to try that primer as well and the revlon! great post


    1. I love my soap & glory products I also have their 2 in 1 primer/foundation and their Kick Ass Concealer - which I'll do in another post hehe xx

  7. This is a really good idea, I dread to think how much money I spend on make up etc!

    Please check out my blog xx

    1. I dreaded also, but it just felt about time after so many nights out at the moment! hehe xxx

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  9. I don't even want to contemplate how much the makeup I use everyday is worth! Ps, love the name of your blog :)

  10. i love the revlon primer, it's so good. and mua's eyeshadow palettes are amazing considering the price tag! love your blog :) xx


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