Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Glossybox - November - {Rachael Review}

So this is my first Glossybox - and in short - I LOVED it!

This is my first proper {Rachael Review} since having blogged hacked, so I'm really excited to share my thoughts with you all and see what you (my lovely readers) think about it, what your opinions, thoughts and views are ect... So I hope this is exciting for you all as much as it is for me!

I won a November Glossybox in a competition - which I'm quite chuffed about, as I always say I never win anything... So I awaited and low and behold I got it in the post -which to review that, didn't take as long as I thought it would - so well done Royal Mail...
My beautifully wrapped and fabulously presented November Glossybox!
When I got it I thought it was so beautifully wrapped, like a present, which always makes me happy! - I mean who doesn't get giddy when they see a wrapped up present for them? Especially with the up-coming season! What else was nice about it, is that, yes, you could look up the items online - but there's tonnes of different ones meaning you never know which five items are going to be yours...

After admiring the pretty packing - how girly of me! - I unwrapped it - without any rips (shockingly enough!) and was pleasantly surprised by my five gorgeous and usually expensive items - my favourite! It's a fabulous box filled with five items from the different ones available each month - plus, once your done the box is so useful to fill with other little items - I'm currently using it for random little beauty products of my own, which I thought was rather fitting considering what is was made for!

In my November Box I got the following:

From Left: Alison Clare: Mango Body Butter (RRP £15)
MONU: Firming Moisturiser (RRP £18.50) Kensington  Caviar Top coat (RRP £11)
Crabtree & Evelyn: Himalayan Blue Hand Therapy (RRP £14)
Dermalogica: Daily Microfilant (RRP £38.50)

I've tried them all and I loved 90% - I would've loved them all - if I've used one right... I'll elaborate...
  • Alison Clare: Mango Body Butter - The smell was simply delectable with this! I love body butter's and this stuff goes a long way - meaning you only need a little of it per half limb (that sound silly, but that's how I distribute the moisturiser when moisturising). It makes your skin feel fabulously soft - and I got complimented all day on how nice it smelled.
  • MONU: Firming Moisturiser - Well this is what made my result 90%... When going to use it after my shower, I hadn't read it properly and naturally assumed it was firming for you body never even thinking about it for your face. So I got a little out and rubbed it over my tummy. Then read the back and noticed it was for your face and eyes... Ooops, though I did have a fabulously soft tummy that day!
  • Kensington  Caviar Top coat - I was actually really excited I got this, as I was in dyer need for a top coat! This one I'd actually read about but was not willing to part with £11 for a top coat! I've used it a few times since I got it and it really is fabulous and strengthen your nails making the style or colour last so much longer...
  • Crabtree & Evelyn: Himalayan Blue Hand Therapy - I ADORE this! You don't need much of it per use and it goes a long way! From the first time I used it my hands felt amazing. It made it quickly to my handbag and I now take it everywhere and after a couple of weeks I've still got tonnes left! So chuffed with it as I'm really OCD about smells on my hands. So to have one randomly work for me is awesome!
  • Dermalogica: Daily Microfilant® - I was really unsure about this when I first got it. As frankly, I didn't know what to do with it. It's like a fine powder (like the stuff you get to boost your roots!) and you apply it to wet hands then scrub your face with it. But, being the skeptic I am, thought it wouldn't be brill, due to the fact I'd never use a powder face wash. Turns out - I LOVE it! I don't use it every day (because I don't want it to run out!) but when I do my face feels so smooth, soft, and simply fabulous...
So that's just a quick {Rachael Review} of my new five fabulous products and I've definitely fallen in love with the Glossybox's! 
I would definitely recommend them to someone who likes more expensive brands but doesn't want to pay the more expensive prices as it's usually £10 a box or you can get various deals on the site... But I wouldn't recommend it for someone that doesn't like surprises - as there's tonnes of products, but you never know which of them you will get in your Glossybox -which to me is half the fun! 

I love it - and have adored the products they gave me! It's been like a mini birthday present, beautifully wrapped and full of stuff I love!

I certainly hope Santa reads my wishlist and perhaps wraps another up for me... 

Have you had a Glossybox - if so, what did you get and what did you think?
Tell me your thoughts...
{Rachael Review}


  1. I had to unsubscribe from GlossyBox because, after months and months and so much money, I never got anything useful :( literally never. I wish i'd gotten this one, it looks class! x

    1. Aww well I'm looking forward tomy December one my chap got me for my Birthday! xxx

  2. This looks amazing, would love to try the Nails Inc! I'm still undecided on glossybox, I'd be scared to waste the money, but its amazing you won a competition :)


    1. I suppose you could get one to try and see - if yo're unhappy, don't buy - plus you can check the different things you may get! xxx


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