Friday, 28 December 2012

Everybody Pose - Vogue!

This title springs from the going-on's to my venture out on Boxing night and my continuous want and need to take HUNDREDS of photo's of all my friends - and shamefully myself - all the time and boxing day was no exception...

Well I've blogged about how dull the 23rd was, the Saturday before Christmas -well Boxing night was anything but dull!

Not a great photo -
but my Peplum combo!
I went out with some guy-friends and Robert- I decided since my Saturday had been a bit of a fail of and I felt my pretty Peplum top - LBD combo went to waste, so I resurrected it for Boxing Day - I just hope that isn't a 'crime to fashion' as I've heard be referenced to in Cosmo!

We started in Spoons, as per, well me and Rob showed up early and well that means I had time to catch up with some pre-drinking! Meaning by half nine I'd had a full pitcher of Cosmo's to myself and a southern comfort and lemonade - so being the lightweight I am, I was tipsy enough to not watch where I was going when coming back from the bar I managed to spill a drink down a bloke who's sister is NOT my biggest fan - grimaces all around there! Though it was a bit funny to see him seem all apologetic then turn the tone as soon as he recognised me - Terrible!

After this we moved on to the next pub - and of course it was packed!

We had a brill time there taking over the jukebox and me showing everyone my cheerleading poses... As you do on nights out, of course. We had a fab time there - but I was taken back as when we were there I was shoved aside - rudely - by a fashionista!

It's always a shame to see 'Knowing Your Shape' moments on night's out, especially when you can see the look they've gone for and just no quite got it... she was wearing a shoulder detail LBD. The dress itself was fab, but had no shape to it and flared mini-sleeves meaning it simply made her apple/pear shape look like a flared black bag! Never a good look - then again that would match the 'looks-that-could' kill that she was giving me - aah people for you...

Anyway that done we moved on to a club I hadn't been to since I was 17 or 18 as it had been closed. But when I got there I was dying for a wee! I know you don't care about me needing a wee, but when I went in the loo and there was no loo roll in any of the available toilets - I was truly desperate - well you have to be to go in this clubs toilets - as it's those kind where you need a million pieces of loo roll to put on the seat just  to hover over it incase you catch something! So, in desperation,  I waited for the last one to become free. I waited and waited and eventually the girl came out - boyfriend in tow and he was zipping up! I was about to grab the loo roll in their that there was left when she grabbed the last few bits to wipe his 'happy times' off her face!!! - Classy I know! Truly mortified I ran out to find my man and took him back to pub number two to have a wee - without Worrying I'd catch any form of STI!

Me at my favourite pub!
We then moved on to what has always been my favourite club/pub in Whitehaven - John Paul Jones - I may have said in the past - but I love the history it has round the walls! I went there and again there was a person behind the bar that isn't friendly with me and she quite knowingly ignored me when I was waiting to get a drink - I mean there was people I couldn't stand when I worked places, but I've never rudely ignored them when they were needing something! Anyway besides the attitude problems I had a fab time and everything - well until the fashionista from pub two shoved passed me, again, then had the cheek to talk about me loudly to her friends - that's just rude in my opinion - her friend even tried to get us kicked out! Now, that's not a Christmas Spirit to me...

All rudeness ignored we danced, had plenty of drinks and had a fabulous night there! Right until closing time when we decided we'd get something to eat - WORST. IDEA. EVER!

Everywhere was packed and we ended up waiting half an hour for a pizza! But during the wait the rain had certainly heaved down and that meant waiting a further ten minutes for my babe of a mam to pick me up - which was amazing because I got to do a bitchy wave to those I didn't like waitng in the rain in the humongous queue for the  taxi's... Karma does exist yet again!

Besides some people's questionable or bad behaviors and attitudes we have a truly fabulous night and I certainly can't wait for New Years Eve out with my nearest and dearest! - Though I think between now and then I may have to resurrect the Knowing Your Shape on LBD's as some people are truly worrying!

Hope you all had a fabulous Boxing Day - I know I did - even with those bad looks - I suppose looks don't hurt me, the only thing they can do is give those scowling crows feet early - yet again, bring on the Karma!

Pleasent times!


  1. Sounds like a good night =) you look lovely.

    1. Thank you. It's one of those outfits you even feel nice in xxx


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