Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Fall..

I haven't blogged in a little while as well my beauty & fashion obsession and my generally witty observations of life have had to take a back seat this week as it's the dreaded time of the year for us students, assignment week.. Bum, bum buuumm...
Freezing away waiting...
in my furrr...

Yerr, it's a big deal where we have presentations to complete, portfolio's essay's and general stuff to get done so we can high-tail it home for Christmas - or in my case have an extra couple of day here until my op then get my mammy to pick me up...

So like I said unless it's to do with uni or the uni library my social life and therefore my blogging life has had to take a back seat and this all means I've packed in my cosmo's and cocktails in for a recurring coffee addiction to keep me going- well almost...

I did have one aspect of fun to do this week my Cheerleading Christmas Meal! - Anything to do with Cheerleading is mega fun so I couldn't say no to a fabulous meal with my girlies...

Well this week, as I said was HECTIC - actually hectic is an understatement I think I'm spent a tenner in printing credit, just for SOME of my portfolio - but I digress - so the day itself was a runaround - I had a group meeting to talk about some work, I then had an interview to do (Not go to but to record...) then had to go back to work then to Cheerleading. After all this I had to find a half hour in between to sort my outfit, get ready and get there... Not a lot eh? Well, I actually managed it surprisingly and due to the ice and cold I put on the furrr! I love my fur! It was my mam's and I like to wear it because it reminds me of her... Anyway, I got dolled up in my a fabulous LBD from Very (which required a fairly comfortable none-bra to keep my boobies up and in!) and my Louboutin's and made my way to the venue - which is fab and know for their fab food, vodka and one of my favourite things ever - Cocktails!
Yes there is a bite taken out before the photo-
I couldn't wait!

There was some drinks and banter, but I'll get to the main point of the meal - the food was fab, and all my parents (mainly my mam's) good manner's at the table kicked in and I was chomping away like a right little lady - thank god because we all know how we'd do it at home! Well yes it was amazing -so amazing I couldn't quite manage it all and I was clever - I didn't pick the vodka cream I chose ice-cream with the desert which made it extra yum!

Strawberry Woo Woo &
Purple Rain...
During the meal I had to get their world-renowned cocktails - plus we all know how much of a cocktail lover I am - So I thought I'd take advantage of the Student Society deals - eg. 2 cocktails for £6 - the only catch is you're meant to get two of the same kind - but I didn't want that - of course, I'm fussy! The bar man was pretty adamant about giving me my own way. But, I pulled out the ol' Rachael charm (and no not my boobs! though in the dress he was having a peek - typical guy!) and flirted my way in to getting two different cocktails rather than two the same - Well I say flirt, it was more of sweet talking or 'flanter' - anyway we got cracking over my love for cocktails and how I'm enthusiast with making them, and unashamedly drinking (lots of ) them! He asked how I would usually make them and I said "with extra shots in each" and with a bat of my eyes, got a free extra shot in each...

My poor wee knee...
This may have been a good idea at the time, but at the end of the night, when I was p*ssed, it certainly was NOT! Me and my friend were saying our goodbyes and decided to hop in a taxi as a late night not studying or working is frankly NOT a good idea this week, so we popped off. On the way to the taxi rank the frost and ice on the ground looked pretty and glisteney. But not so much when I was in the full splits on the ground from slipping on a frozen thing on the ground, landing in the splits, with ripped tights and messed up knee to end the term with! - On the up side I landed a damn good splits that didn't hurt! Also, like many other times I didn't fall on my arse, I fell in a stylish and as-dignified-as-you-can-get-when-falling way as I possibly can! - Definitely a story to tell, which a battle wound!

So after this week I think the desire to finish my work, head back to Cumbria and relax and party there has ignited with a burning passion - I love this city, but there's way too much temptation to go out, shop, party and that, so I'm happy to go home soon...

This is a bit of topic and more of a wee catch-up, but I haven't had time to organise my beauty/fashion life this week, but I promise you when it's over I can pack away my growing addiction to coffee, and crack out the Cosmo's again over Christmas...

On a light note I do have a super fashion blog planned for this weekend once I'm done with the jaws of uni... Hope you're all looking forward to it - it's on one of my most favourite things in trend at the moment - but it shall remain a surprise until I post it!

Wish me luck with the rest of my uni work and Au Revoir until I can manage to pry myself away from plays and books on Documentary Theatre...



  1. Ouchie! Your knee looks painful! I know how that last week feeling is - I've missed blogging the last few days :( but just submitted my final assignment of the term so excited to chill and get straight back in there :D x

    1. I can't wait to hand in my last two - I have a personal deadline of monday rather than the actual ones... urgh - the stress - I NEED Christmas! xx

  2. Oh gosh, this is never a good week for any one in school! I remember all of the assignments and the stress....I hope that you are able to find some time to relax even though the holidays can be super hectic.

    1. I relax in the comfort of the uni library chairs hehe I'm just trying to make my way through this semester! xx

  3. Your knee looks painful! the roast dinner and pudding looks yummy.

    1. The thoughts of that still make me hungry to look at hehe My knee is still hurting - oh well I have Christmas to lick my wounds over hehe xxx

  4. That looks so sore!! I always do stupid things, when drunk I don't even know why I'm allowed out of the house sometimes hahaha I'm glad you had some fun though (minus your knee) having a hectic week is good, means the week goes in quicker, until Christmas!


  5. Hei! I just found your blog and it is amazing!

    I am following your blog and I hope you will follow mine too!

    Ana V

  6. Really lovely blog - recent follower!

  7. Oooh that knee looks nasty! I always come back from nights out with bumps and bruises, half of which I don't remember getting.

    And I totally know how it feels to be snowed under with uni...I'm home for Christmas, and still have 9,000 words worth of essays to do :( Going to crack on with that in the New Year!

    Love your blog, I look forward to seeing what you post in 2013 :D


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