Sunday, 16 December 2012

All Things PEPLUM...

Well assignments done and handed in so I am free of uni until January - so I thought it was about time I gave you all a little fashion post, and what better than a post on one of my favourite fashion trends of the moment -

You all know how much I'm loving the Peplum style at the minute - Actually I've always adored it - It's fab! I've invested in so many gorgeous pieced of this trend as they're fantastic and just honestly make me feel pretty!

Me rocking a peplum top...
I've seen so many people jumping on the peplum bandwagon, but I feel like I've been banging on about this trend for years... So I decided to follow up from my last post on peplum - and basically every time I've mentioned it - and actually give it it's own post that it deserves - This is kind of a 'Knowing Your Shape' but not, as like I've said in the past - I disagree about what I read a fellow blogger said that they're a quote/unquote "A perfect all rounder" as in my opinion they suit maybe 3 or 4 out of the five shapes that I talk of - as I think Pear shapes can't wear them and Apple's and/or Boy Shape's MUST be careful with them - but they do suit MOST people... For example- My Fashionista was caught by me wearing a black peplum number, and there was nothing wrong with the dress, I loved it, but it was a bit tight and the shine of the dress showed it off and showed her apple/boy shape off. So watch your outfits ladies...

SJP IN SATC 1 and the Lovely Kate!
I've put together some info on 'The Peplum' when it was started and how long it's been 'on the scene' as it would be - because like I said, I've loved it for years and other women have way before even my Mam's time - it was certainly not just invented for the A/W 2012 trend at all! Nowadays you see them everywhere - even when you don't want to (like on night's out!) from the catwalk to celebs like Emma Watson, Lady Gaga, Diana Argon (LOVE HER!) and Rachel Bilson right to our very own Mum-to-be Kate Middleton have all rocked thee peplum. Rightto the pages on Cosmo, Glamour and ELLE - it seems that everyone has gone peplum mad - unashamedly even me! But some of us that have heard of it think it was invented in the 80's (as worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in The first SATC film!) But oh no! It was actually started way back in the twenties!

I've done my research ladies and have discovered from the likes of the roaring 20's they've fascinated us ladies who are involved with fashion! They traveled through the decades and made the magazines but eventually faded away in the 50's when the years of the fabulous Marilyn dresses and pencil skirts came in , but popped back up in the kickin' 80's where they're were puffier or just simply bigger - then they dispersed again through the grunge 90's right until the noughties and the 2010's they've come back on the scene much to my pleasure!

Here's a little picture to demonstrate this research - featuring the fabulous people's princess (R.I.P) and the fabulous Diana Argon:
From the 1920's to now this trend was NOT Invented today it was simply revived!
So that's a brief history on the peplum - I'm not sure who invented it - who though that an extra piece of fabric around your middle would look brill - but they're an amazing person! The earliest I could track it back to is the Peplum is in old copies of Godey’s Lady’s Book, a popular magazine in the 19th century that featured poems and especially discussion about fashion. But it never made it to the big fashion scene until the 20's...

As for today's peplum - I'm loving it, obviously, and I've not just done my research on the past, but also on the current style's of what peplum's I own, what I want - out of all the simply fabulous clothes!

Here's a little collection of different peplum's of what I actually have and a couple that I wish Santa would bring me please...

All of these are from some of my favourite high-street stores and even the likes of eBay  I haven't included designer because, come on get real, £200 for something I can pay £20 for? Plus, I like to keep a deal to my readers that the stuff I show you all is pretty affordable!

So this is just a little collection of peplum Items that I either have or really want and intend to get either soon or in the January sales - because everyone LOVES the January sales - clothes on the cheap whats not to like?!

Top Row:

  • Ladies Sleeveless v-neck Bodycon Peplum Dress - eBay - £14.99 -This is just me in dress form. Simple, classy, LBD and all for 15 quid. You can go wrong. 
  • Black Crepe Peplum Biker Jacket - Newlook - £34.99 - I love this biker jacket. It's so versatile. You could wear it for work, night out, uni, shopping! It's pretty, slimming and just fabulous.
  • Cameo Rose Black Studded Neck Peplum - Newlook - £19.99 -I got this for my birthday and I LOVE it! It's so flattering and you feel slim and sexy in. It's definitely a piece I'll be rocking past this winter.
  • Rich Purple Peplum Shell Top - Newlook - £8.99 - This cost effective little number comes in a range of colour. But I was instantly attracted to the purple. It stands out and is fabulous. Just a simple little number to add some colour over a pair of black skinnies or a bodycon.
  • Dark Purple Peplum Skirt - River Island - £25 - I loved this, it's so unique and flattering. Again a purple colour, but absolutely fabulous. Also, the price was definitely not as much as I thought it was going to be from River Island.
Bottom Row:
  • Petite Peplum Scuba Skirt - Topshop - £28 -I got this for work, but I've found it was so much more versatile than that. I've worn it on night's out and just for shopping days. 
  • Basic Peplum Top - Topshop - £16 - This was my first peplum piece of the season. I've loved it ever since and simply got more of an addiction.
  • One Shoulder Stud Trim Peplum Top - Topshop - £38 - This is a fabulous choice for a night out. The stud trim gives the impression of a belt, and goes really well with fitting in with this studded trend.
  • Black Peplum Shorts - River Island - £12 - These are so cute and such good value for money. Plus they put a gorge spin on regular black shorts, which we all know are a staple to every girls wardrobe.
  • White Peplum Work Shirt - Newlook - £16.99 - I've mentioned this item before when I did my post of work/interview wear. This is a nice example of making work wear chic and a cute spin on your standard white shirt.
So that's just a few of the peplum items I've fallen in love with from my local high-street - and honestly it is just a few as I would have soooo many more...

I love the peplum style and it can be worn in so many way's - so don't think you can't wear it with a scarf or a cardi just because it's a more structured item. You don't have to look like Kate Middleton at a dinner party , because the peplum is versatile, yes it is a very structured and a tailored look, but be brave and maybe break that structure up a bit with a pair of skinnies or a fitting cardi. There's nothing wrong with playing things down!

So I hope you all like my weekend come-back to blogs after being distant due to uni and I hope my little insight into the origins of peplum have more interested you than bored you... As it for a history freak like me, it's been fabulous to get right in to it...

One more thing, I got my December GLOSSYBOX... eeeek watch out for my next {Rachael Review}...


  1. I love peplum and all these picks are amazing.

    <3 Marina

    1. I think I may have too much peplum
      Now. But when is enough really enough? Hehe xxx

  2. You have no idea how much I adore peplum, I love your picks and you look amazing


    1. Thank you. Every time I see something peplum I'm like. Should I get more hhehe xx


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