Saturday, 3 November 2012

When WE go shopping we SHOP!

Well I apologise I haven't posted in a little while - and I didn't even post for Halloween! Buuut, I have a valid and AMAZING reason I had my Mam and my little Brother Liam, visiting from Wednesday!

That's right I got to see them after two months of NOT seeing them since I was back in Cumbria so they took priority these past few daaaays! Of course...

Me and Liam - can you tell we're related or what?!
They showed up while I was at work - but after that we got down to the important business - SHOPPING... It is truly one of my favourite past-time's - plus it' burns calories, so bonus! We OBVIOUSLY hit Primark and raided the shelves there - as apart from pants/jeans ect, it's a perfect shop! It has everything.... Including a fabulous nail glitter that I've been trying to get my hands on for a while!
My mam is the perfect person to go shopping with as she knows what suits people's shapes, bodies sizes ect (well I didn't think of my tips all on my own) plus we can gossip for hours on end -so it was a good chance for us to catch-up with what's going on in our lives eg. Uni, work, Cybersmile (Which frankly she would prefer to bypass and go straight to the police - but I want to give the new charity a chance hehe) and of course we had a bit of extra R&R by getting our eye brows done and stocking up on some new varnish and make-up...

So I've put together a mini-haul of the clothes I've got including some NOTD and FOTD...

Well like I said we went shopping and I picked up some new clothes, shoes, slippers ect and here they are:
This is just the main feature in each outfit!
All From Primark... Except the Dinosaur T-shirt!

From Left: 1) Leather Skirt (Size 10 £8), Tights (in all small £2:50), 2) Woolly Jumper (size 8 £5), 3) Maxi/mini dress (size 10 £15)  4) Dinosaur T-shirt a pressire from my mam! (Size S/M), 5) Snowman Onesie (size 8/10 £10)
I picked the main items from each as the other things I already owned and have either blogged about or a bit irrelevant... These aren't all the items I bought - but I don't think you all want to hear of my new Minni Mouse Sock (although they are adorable!)

  1. What you ALL must be most shocked by - as I really am - is the leather skirt! Me. In Leather?! I'm confused to by my confidence, but it worked and looks good (well I think so anyhow hehe) I love it's shape - it's usually one I avoid as it always makes me raise the awkward question 'does my bum look big in this?' to which my chap answers no... But, with leather I was always sure to steer clear seeing as it's shiny and I never want to risk reliving the scene from Grease 2 where Colette bends over in shiny pants... Awkward... I know I went for a morbid combo, but sometimes an all over black can work and I would want to partner it it with some of colourful accessories, such as my red Pandora, springs to mind.... 
  2. Everyone needs a woolly jumper and when you can manage to get one as cute as this in an 8, it's definitely a keeper for the season - they also had it in pink, and thought it was nice I still couldn't manage to barbie it up as much the shop wanted...
  3. I had talked about party dresses, so when I saw this for £15! It was a must! It's such a flattering dress on so many shapes - but the sizing was odd - I needed a 10 for my bod, but wearing a standard bra with it was NOT happening - as my boobies were too big - so an investment in stick-on bra's if any of you go for one is a MUST!
  4. I saw this T-shirt ages ago and my mammy decided it was DEFINITELY me and it was mine - plus, honestly my little brother is seriously the new Gok as he genuinely chose the entire outfit for me with the t-shirt as it was our favourite - cool kid isn't he?! Plus, be honest, you may have grown up, but who doesn't love Dinosaurs?????
  5. Onesie's - Who doesn't have one for the colder months?! In fact, I have four! I mean really, they're a snuggly god-send- yes it's difficult to pee, but come on guys - I can pretend I'm a snowman, without being as cold as one! 
Of course, I didn't stop with outfits - you obviously need shoes to match!

AGAIN - all from Primark - From Left: Studded Heel Chelsea Boots (Size 4 £15), Dalmatian Print Ugg-style slippers (size 4/5 £6)
Yes, I again gave into the fashions - which I had opposed for so long and got some studded boots... I have many pairs of ankle boots, but these have a casual heel which means they're versatile (my FAVOURITE!) - 
  • Studded Heel Chelsea Boots: Yes, I may have fought against them, but they're so comfortable and look fabulous on... Even my boss complimented them! they go with so many outfits - ticking my most important box of versatility and they're sooo much cheaper than their doppelgangers in other high-street stores... Bonus! Plus, I actually liked them so much I put them on the moment I left the store....
  • Well, I got a puppy this year and he turned one on the 1st.... But just before his growing up day he decided to relive his younger years and chew my slippers! I live in my slippers at home, I love soft snugly fury slippers - plus an animal print is a bonus... These are fabulous and I pretty much haven't took them off since I got them - as you do! Move over Cruela DeVil - Dalmatian print is mine!
Primark also shocked me with it's own cheaper version Nail wear and cosmetics... Plus, I managed to finally get some Nail Glitters I've been trawling the shops for weeks for! So here's a little NOTD...

Fist Photo: Rimmel London: Sweet as Sugar Base and Primark Nail Glitter
Second Photo: From Left: Collection 2000: Twilight 60 Seconds Hot (£1.99 - Superdrug), MUA: Constellations: Libra (£3 - Superdrug) Primark Pink-mix Nail Glitter (£1.50 - Primark!) Models Own, Northern Lights and Snowflakes (Both £5 each - Boots.)
Third Photo: Beauty Uk: Jade Green Base and MUA Constallations: Libra.
Yes, Primark is doing it's own version of MUA nail glitter! I was like YES! As I fell in love with nail glitters foe the season and I liked a picture I saw of a fellow blogger's style of doing it just on one finger as I thought all of them done would over power my hands - though I may just have to give it a try!
  • I may hate the Films - but the Twilight nail colour is such a gorgeous deep nail colour and would be a nice feature on a night out or during the day... But 60 seconds to dry definitely fits in my hectic life!
  • I don't know who isn't in love with the MUA nail glitters! Well when I stumbled across the main one I wanted: Libra. In Superdrug, it was mine for two reason: 1) Because I wanted it - obviously and 2) because it was the last one in the shop and there was another woman eyeing it up... So voila I LOVE it!!!!
  • Primark don't jsut do nail glitter - they do AMAZING, fabulous value and excellent quality, nail glitters... It's a glitter that goes with both light and dark - though I have partnered it with more a witery look here! For £1.50 and the fact it comes in a fab range from pure black to all pink it was well worth it!
  • Model's Own winter collection is finally all mine! (Well besides Blizzard but it was just silver and I have silver already so bleurgh!) I adore the big chunks of glitter in the Snowflake (I've put it with the Rimmerl London: Sweet as Sugar on my toes and it's like glimmering snow - seriously!) and the subtle sparkly change of the Northern Lights -which I plan to wear on my next night out soon in Costa del Cumbria!
Oh as for nails since the Libra is black with hints of green and silver - I partnered it with Jade green and I'm having a belated Halloween/Wicked look with it!

My cosmetics didn't end with nails of course - I got some new eyeliner and Primer and of course, some new hair care products for the season!!!!
First Picture: Batiste Fresh (£1.99 - Superdrug) VO5: Give Me Texture (£3.99 - Superdrug),
Second and Third picture: HOTD & FOTD - featuring my new primer and hair products!
Fourth Picture: Nivea: Express Hydration Primer (£3.99 - Superdrug)
Well, yes as always, I go a wee bit over board in the likes of Superdrug - simply because they have fabulous items and take student NUS cards - which means a 10% discount on everything - so you really do get bargains:
  • I'd heard of the texture sea-salt surf spray by Bumble and Bumble - but was NOT willing to part with £20 for one tin that basically has the contents of my local beach in it - so when I came across it by VO5 for £16 less, it. was. mine! I curled my hair this morning brushed it through then used this to give it texture and it worked like I really hoped - so it has become my saviour for more texture hair...
  • I recently bought an AMAZING primer - but my skin goes incredibly dry in winter due to eczema - so when I got a tester in this months Cosmo or Glamour (Ooops, I can't remember which one! -Sorry guys!) I was really impressed by it and was adamant a jar of it had to be mine! So me and my Mam both invested in this hydrating primer for the season... Like Mother, like daughter!
Well that's it for my actually, not-so-mini-haul, as it turns out... Plus, this is without the extra accessories I got, as I'm planning a post simply devoted to simplistic and versatile outstanding pieces - eg. my kind of thing basically - I mean besides my engagement ring I hardly ever wear any other rings!!!

We also got our eyebrows done, enjoyed our R&R and CANNOT wait for her next visit as everyone loves going shopping in the potteries - if only it had H&M - sigh... Never mind,  on the brighter note I should be seeing her rather soon in a couple of weeks as she's coming to see me perform in a play - always fun for everyone....
So I hope you've liked my ramblings and enjoyed my pictures - as I enjoyed taking them - because it was like playing dress-up, which is always fun, no matter what your age!

So now I'm sat missing my Mammy again, but enjoying thinking about the fact, when we go shopping we really do go SHOPPING!

Have any of you had any lovely clothes or beauty hauls for the season recently?


  1. I'm glad that you had fun! I absolutely love shopping at Primark whenever I visit the UK - I wish we had it where I live! It looks like you got a ton of really great things! You look beautiful in all of those outfits :)

    1. Thank you sooo much - it's just not deciding which outfit to wear first and when ehhee... Thank you again!

  2. Love the dress and skirt :)

    1. Thank you soo much! I'm enjoying them. And loving my confidence in my leather skirt xx

  3. What an awesome haul! I love the dress and the spiked boots the best. You got some really great items :)

    - Erin xo - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

    1. Aww thanks. I have an addiction to shoes I seriously have like 64 pairs haha -at least! Xxx

  4. What would we do without Primark! Rachael - any idea where I can buy lip tattoos - the stick on sort obviously!! I want to give them as Christmas Pressies and I'd rather get them in a shop than online.

    1. Funny enough primark actually does their own version. But I know you can get them
      In boots and some superdrug stores. Plus Debenhams. But look in primark first as they're a bit cheaper there haha
      Hope that helped and thanks for the lovely comment

    2. Thanks!! Darn it, I was near two of those today but not primark!

    3. No problem - ooh looks in Clairs too - they can be a BIT tacky but I know they sell lip tattoo's hehe

  5. I've tagged you in a post, hope you like it :)

    1. Wooo thank you - I doo hehe thanks again

  6. Your little brother is so cute!! Need to get me a snowman onesie :)

  7. I LOVE that leather skirt from Primark, it's so flattering.
    Thank you for following me, I returned the favor, you have the cutest blog!

    Natalie xx

  8. I LOVE that skirt from Primark, it's so flattering.
    Thank you for following me! I followed you back, you have the cutest blog.

    Natalie xxx

  9. Yay for the snowman onsie!! And I'm loving the dalmation slippers, so cute :-)

    Vanessa x

  10. Liked your style! Follow each other on GFC?

  11. The leather skirt is gorgeous! Omg I need that snowman onzie haha. Also your hair is gorgeous x

  12. Oh I looove your nails! They are so darn cute. Great job, girl! :)


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