Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Photo Catch-Up... ❤

Well, I've been doing fashion and beauty or a few more opinionated post's but I've failed to mention the things truly going on in my life...

So, I thought instead of boring you with essay's of words telling you what I've been up to - I'd show you what I've been up to in pictures - but obviously I'll give you a bit of an explanation of what's been going on, so you don't sit there and think 'what???'...

Photo Collection 1...
From Top Left:

  1. Starting with positivity, I managed to get a relaxing bubbly bath with my new favourite Book 'Gabriel's Inferno' (It's basically about Dante, how can I not love it?!) 
  2. I went to a Chinese Restaurant and had yummy chocolate marshmallows!
  3. I've been truly and utterly poorly and Robert took a Photo!
  4. My puppy think he's a Chihuahua and sits on me! 
  5. Robert hugging my boobies - when drunk he can be rather affectionate.....
  6. After so much rigmarole over having my account hacked by stupid obsessive trolls and stalkers,  I finally got access to my last account - thank you Cybersmile!
  7. We make faces... Yes, yes we do!
  8. Finally posted about my red/wine/rust/oxblood/Burgundy/whatever jeans! - I love them..
  9. Went to my Cheerleading Rookie night - I was a robber...
  10. I remembered... Did you?

Photo Collection 2...

From Top Left:
  1. Hungover much? - But I am in my fave leopard print robe... Sexy....
  2. The Roses for mine and Robert's wedding are called the 'Rachael Rose'... eeeeeek...
  3. My work loves me sooo much that they cared enough to give me a stress pig - I love work!
  4. I'm an awesome baker - yes, I did make that...
  5. Cheering at the Football game... Pom-poms and all!
  6. A cute pose for Autumn...
  7. My mam got me a cheerleading hoodie with my initials on... Loving it!
  8. THE cake I want for my Birthday - and it's not even cake Robert's skills + Vincent Gadan recipe = Rachael completely in love!
Photo Collection 3...

From Top Left:
  1. No, the picture wasn't taken on an angle. This car pisses me off something rotton - as if in all that car park you'd actually chose to park in the worst place on a bloody 45 degree angle - what is wrong with this bloody Driver!?!?!
  2. We got the Starbucks Christmas cups - mine was the bird, I've kept it forever - Or at least until I get a new one...
  3. In Pizza Hut with a big knife thing - yes, there is a vicious side behind this cute exterior - well a bit!
  4. Chrildren in Need - Nuff said!
  5. My new Wax Tarts from Busy Bee!
  6. Me and my two besties wondering if we ever will live through this year?
  7. Me with my boys on a night out...
  8. My man!
Photo Collection 4...

From Top Left:
  1. This is what we do on stage... sometimes... God I love my friends...
  2. But not as much as that lil' guy there... Liam is just an ace kid and with top notch fashion sense! My mam visited and I can't wait to see her and lil' Liam again for my show...
  3. Not a nail varnish addict AT ALL! - Plus who isn't in love with the new nail glitter balls, or nail caviar as I read in Glamour...
  4. My Beautiful new necklace my Mammy bought me - my Mam is a babe!
  5. Snowman onesie + me with a camera = epic poses in my favourite mirror...
  6. I LOVE these studded heel Chelsea boots - but who doesn't love Chelsea boots - I'm well addicted to shoes I have 68ish pairs now hehe
  7. A well worded and memorable sign I'm sure to invest in! It's so true...
  8. A true student desk from one of my MANY Stressful lectures - yes, the coffee is so needed!
So that was a brief picture catch-up of the past couple of weeks and the times that have killed me and kept me going... There will be more - I just didn't really want to bombard you all with too much info-photo's at the moment... Look out for more as, trust me, my life is far more hectic than these photo's would like to expose...

Have you done anything interesting recently?


  1. These pictures are all so cute! Your life looks so wonderful and exciting! :)

    1. Aww thank you it can certainly be exciting in all sense o the word hehe xx

  2. Great photos looks like you have had a busy few weeks. pocockins.blogspot.com Sophie xx

    1. Busy is NOT the word and it only gets more hectic towards Christmas haha thank you for such a lovely comment and for complimenting my photos though as far as my artistic skills go with a camera I think the joke about the girl taking a black and white photo and calling it art is about as good as I am haha xxx

  3. I love these photos, you're so pretty! I adore your hair, it's lovely. :) I tagged you in the Liebster Blog Award, lovely! You can find it here, http://www.miaalice.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/liebster-award-4.html, and it is basically a lovely way to tag your favourite bloggers!
    Mia x

    1. Thank you thank you thank you and well thank you haha the compliments are wonderful. I think thank you is over done. But it explains how I feel haha and I really appreciate the tagging for the award it's soooo nice to be appreciated and shown you are bumy such lovely and wonderful fellow bloggers. That yes I like to day are my friends ahha xxxz

  4. I love those studded chelsea boots! Perfect for winter :)

    1. Oh I've fallen in love. I trying to restrain myself from buying more like them ahha xx

  5. I have that be nice or leave sign! had it up in every bedroom i've had in the past like 3 years, i love it :)

    1. Oh I really want it. It's certainly on my Christmas list for Santa hah xxx

  6. Great post sweetie! so many perfect moments! would you like to follow each other? i'd like so much, just let me know in my blog and i return soon!



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