Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Interview & Work Wear- Part One...

This post is all about work wear and what to wear to an interview... This is important to me - especially since in my new job there's no uniform so having a differing, versatile and suitable wardrobe is essential for my lovely smart-casual job!

They say we're not in a recession any more, but the country is still in a terrible economic state as far as jobs are concerned. There is so many people out of employment with so few jobs getting one is like stumbling on £50 note lying around... So if you do get an interview, you have to try your best to impress your possible new employer... Now, I'm not going to give you interview tips as I never know what to say myself until I'm in the interview room, but I am going to give you my take on my three favorite interview/work outfits...

This is but it isn't a 'Knowing Your Shape' post, as in this post I'm going to show you my take on this subject - then in my next post I shall transfer all my thoughts on this on to the body-shapes I focus on hopefully helping you ladies out there looking for work wear or interview chic for you shape!... (So no one be pinching my post  because I've already got it prepped hehehe)

A national survey by careers management company The Ladders, noted 37% of employers decided against hiring someone due to what they were wearing - now that's not huge, but like I said, in this economy are you going to take this chance? I say 'NO' - so I say let's get planning those outfits..

The first thing I say to do is look up your (future) works dress code - mine is smart-casual. So I wouldn't show up in a super suit, but my rehearsal leggings are also not suitable... So, I went shopping and I updated my work outfits and I'm going to show you three of my personal favorites...

Peplum with Stripes...

From Top Left: Black Studded Slipper Wedges (Newlook £22.99),
 Peplum Scuba Skirt (Topshop Petite £28),
Stripe Grandad Collar Blouse (Newlook £17.99),
Brown Leather Satchel (Primark £12) 
I LOVE this outfit. It's like office chic! It's suitable for an office, but damn sexy in that scuba skirt... The Peplum wasn't just a bonus, it's what drew me to the skirt. I LOVE the peplum style and this is a perfect shape for us hourglass ladies (as I mentioned in my skirt posts!) I picked the shirt because I shamefully went for vertical stripes as not just because it's lovely, but they're slimming and the lack of a proper collar doesn't make my shoulders look too broad - if you unbutton one or two buttons - and only have it sheer for a night out, for work wear a vest or other top underneath.

Wedges with jeans...
From Top Left: Sleeveless Peplum Top (Topshop £18)
Midwash Petite Jeans (Next £26)
Navy Blue Blazer (Primark £7)
Black Chunky Boots (Newlook £34)
Tan Studded Satchel (Newlook £19.99)
One of my favourite thing to wear with skinnies is wedges! Add a peplum top in the mix and a tailored blazer and I'm set for a smart-casual day at work! I love this outfit on. It's comfortable, but looks chic! I wouldn't recommend this for an interview. This is something for a day at the ol' grindstone, maybe when you need to look great, but aren't quite feeling it... Plus who couldn't feel great in a pretty peplum and with that bag!

Black Leather...
From Top Left: Leather-look skirt (Primark £8)
White Pussybow shirt (Newlook £16.99)Firetrap Black Skyler Skinny Jeans (Newlook £34.99)
New Look Fergie Suedette Panel Cross Body (ASOS £15.99)
Studded Heel Chelsea Boots (Primark £15)
This is my take on a standard black skirt/white shirt look.... I LOVE this - cue the hot hip shake in the leather that is shockingly flattering and makes you feel hot! I love this shirt as it's simple, but with a gorgeous bow detail, giving a little twist to your standard white work shirt. I top it off with my Chelsea Boots - as who isn't rocking these this season and yet again another satchel-type bag - yes I'm addicted to them - I can't help it, they're so versatile... My favourite thing when choosing clothes... I probably wouldn't choose the leather skirt for an interview - this is more of an actual work outfit. For an interview I would use the trousers as in them, I tend to feel that little bit more professional and I would maybe add the blazer from the first lot...

So these are just a few examples of what I'd wear for an interview and what I do wear for work... I picked all these because they're versatile, suitable and include one of my favorite styles ever - the peplum!

I haven't mentioned anything on jewellery as I think you should keep it to a minimum, as these can be seen a 'distraction'. So I usually just stick to my engagement ring (for obvious reasons), my Rolex, Pandora, and my "good-luck"  P.Kennedy @ Harrods tiny Clover necklace. Simple, sophisticated and not too much or too big! Big rings, necklaces and bracelets ect may be pretty, but may seem to showy, it's about confidence not blinding them with your new ring or making a difficult hand-shake with a chunky bracelet. So accessories to a minimum! Plus, a lot of work places don't like people wearing too much jewellery anyhow - so you don't want to take the risk...

But as you can tell I'm not your typical white shirt, black trousers kind of girl - as that is so boring, and if you don't look your best, you won't feel your best - hit why I've done a different take on this typical look! These outfits work as you can wear them for an interview, and if you were just go shopping ect. Making them ten times more versatile than your standard interview look - plus if you style it right and not OTT you'll definitely be the one they remember for standing out, for all the right reasons!

These outfits are suited to my shape and after doing this I really am excited to share with you all my thoughts on what to wear for other ladies shapes...

What do you think of my interview and work wear?


  1. It is so important to dress properly for an interview. Especially now with it being so hard to get a good job. Thanks for this post!

    1. It's no problem - I've got a 'knowing your shape' prepared on work-wear for us different shapes too... No reason people can't feel and look fab!

  2. I love all of the bags for each look! All of your outfit picks are fab! xx

    1. I'm ADDICTED to bags shoes everything really - but I fell in love with the satchel style bag back when I was 12 pahaha - The one thing I wont out grow haha xxx

  3. Nice choices!! You must look very smart.

    1. Thank you - I try and I have a student budget too ahha xx

  4. Hey! Thanks for the blog comment :) Have just followed you back! Lovely blog xx

    1. Aww thank you soo much! I loved your blog it was soo fab! xx

  5. Hi, Rachael! This is such a helpful post! Thank you so much!

    And what a great blog too! I'm a new follower. Hope we'll stay in touch :)

    xx Tatiana

  6. Nice outfits for work, classy and simple! :) I absolutely adooooore the bag in the first one. I've been looking for a cheap one for a long time, since most of them are really expensive. Let's see if I can get a hang of that one in Primark.

    Nice blog by the way! :) I'm now following you.
    Check out my new blog, and hope you can follow me if you like it! ^^

  7. I love the second outfit!! Great picks:) Xx

  8. Loving all the outfit ideas girl they're all perfect.

    PS. Following you now hope you come and visit soon.

    <3 Marina

  9. I love a cute stripy shirt, Primark has a lovely blue one in at the moment that I spotted a few days ago :)

    Lea x

    It's Such A Wonderful Life -

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    1. Oh I neeed to check this out - people should not give me tips heh I'll buy ahaha xxx

  10. Love the second outfit <3 Great blog! Check out mine?

  11. Great advice Rachael, and I'm a sucker for skinnies with wedges too! :-)

    Vanessa x


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