Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Interview & Work Wear- Part One...

This post is all about work wear and what to wear to an interview... This is important to me - especially since in my new job there's no uniform so having a differing, versatile and suitable wardrobe is essential for my lovely smart-casual job!

They say we're not in a recession any more, but the country is still in a terrible economic state as far as jobs are concerned. There is so many people out of employment with so few jobs getting one is like stumbling on £50 note lying around... So if you do get an interview, you have to try your best to impress your possible new employer... Now, I'm not going to give you interview tips as I never know what to say myself until I'm in the interview room, but I am going to give you my take on my three favorite interview/work outfits...

This is but it isn't a 'Knowing Your Shape' post, as in this post I'm going to show you my take on this subject - then in my next post I shall transfer all my thoughts on this on to the body-shapes I focus on hopefully helping you ladies out there looking for work wear or interview chic for you shape!... (So no one be pinching my post  because I've already got it prepped hehehe)

A national survey by careers management company The Ladders, noted 37% of employers decided against hiring someone due to what they were wearing - now that's not huge, but like I said, in this economy are you going to take this chance? I say 'NO' - so I say let's get planning those outfits..

The first thing I say to do is look up your (future) works dress code - mine is smart-casual. So I wouldn't show up in a super suit, but my rehearsal leggings are also not suitable... So, I went shopping and I updated my work outfits and I'm going to show you three of my personal favorites...

Peplum with Stripes...

From Top Left: Black Studded Slipper Wedges (Newlook £22.99),
 Peplum Scuba Skirt (Topshop Petite £28),
Stripe Grandad Collar Blouse (Newlook £17.99),
Brown Leather Satchel (Primark £12) 
I LOVE this outfit. It's like office chic! It's suitable for an office, but damn sexy in that scuba skirt... The Peplum wasn't just a bonus, it's what drew me to the skirt. I LOVE the peplum style and this is a perfect shape for us hourglass ladies (as I mentioned in my skirt posts!) I picked the shirt because I shamefully went for vertical stripes as not just because it's lovely, but they're slimming and the lack of a proper collar doesn't make my shoulders look too broad - if you unbutton one or two buttons - and only have it sheer for a night out, for work wear a vest or other top underneath.

Wedges with jeans...
From Top Left: Sleeveless Peplum Top (Topshop £18)
Midwash Petite Jeans (Next £26)
Navy Blue Blazer (Primark £7)
Black Chunky Boots (Newlook £34)
Tan Studded Satchel (Newlook £19.99)
One of my favourite thing to wear with skinnies is wedges! Add a peplum top in the mix and a tailored blazer and I'm set for a smart-casual day at work! I love this outfit on. It's comfortable, but looks chic! I wouldn't recommend this for an interview. This is something for a day at the ol' grindstone, maybe when you need to look great, but aren't quite feeling it... Plus who couldn't feel great in a pretty peplum and with that bag!

Black Leather...
From Top Left: Leather-look skirt (Primark £8)
White Pussybow shirt (Newlook £16.99)Firetrap Black Skyler Skinny Jeans (Newlook £34.99)
New Look Fergie Suedette Panel Cross Body (ASOS £15.99)
Studded Heel Chelsea Boots (Primark £15)
This is my take on a standard black skirt/white shirt look.... I LOVE this - cue the hot hip shake in the leather that is shockingly flattering and makes you feel hot! I love this shirt as it's simple, but with a gorgeous bow detail, giving a little twist to your standard white work shirt. I top it off with my Chelsea Boots - as who isn't rocking these this season and yet again another satchel-type bag - yes I'm addicted to them - I can't help it, they're so versatile... My favourite thing when choosing clothes... I probably wouldn't choose the leather skirt for an interview - this is more of an actual work outfit. For an interview I would use the trousers as in them, I tend to feel that little bit more professional and I would maybe add the blazer from the first lot...

So these are just a few examples of what I'd wear for an interview and what I do wear for work... I picked all these because they're versatile, suitable and include one of my favorite styles ever - the peplum!

I haven't mentioned anything on jewellery as I think you should keep it to a minimum, as these can be seen a 'distraction'. So I usually just stick to my engagement ring (for obvious reasons), my Rolex, Pandora, and my "good-luck"  P.Kennedy @ Harrods tiny Clover necklace. Simple, sophisticated and not too much or too big! Big rings, necklaces and bracelets ect may be pretty, but may seem to showy, it's about confidence not blinding them with your new ring or making a difficult hand-shake with a chunky bracelet. So accessories to a minimum! Plus, a lot of work places don't like people wearing too much jewellery anyhow - so you don't want to take the risk...

But as you can tell I'm not your typical white shirt, black trousers kind of girl - as that is so boring, and if you don't look your best, you won't feel your best - hit why I've done a different take on this typical look! These outfits work as you can wear them for an interview, and if you were just go shopping ect. Making them ten times more versatile than your standard interview look - plus if you style it right and not OTT you'll definitely be the one they remember for standing out, for all the right reasons!

These outfits are suited to my shape and after doing this I really am excited to share with you all my thoughts on what to wear for other ladies shapes...

What do you think of my interview and work wear?

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Mini Beauty Haul...

Well straying away from me and my views like some of my previous post's have been, I thought I'd show you what I've been up to in the beauty/fashion world and show you my new mini (or not so mini) makeup/beauty haul...

Well I've got an addiction to nail varnish ect as naked nails are NOT my forte - so, sadly yes, I am dreaded having to let my nails be au natural for my production next week (yes I shall be blogging on it so keep posted, I'm soo excited!) - So this post is primarily nails, with a few things mixed in... As that's always exciting!

Jumping straight into it here's what I've got... (To cut to the chase all from Superdrug...)

From Top Left: Barry M: 318 Peach Melba (£2.99 £RRP), Barry M: 150 Red Glitter  (£3.99 RRP), Nivea Soft Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream (£4.25 RRP),  Accessorize 4D Nails: Lilac Sorbet (£5 RRP), Accessorize 4D Nails: Paparazzi (£5 RRP),  MUA Makeup Academy: 12 Shade Undressed Palette, (£4 RRP),  Sally Hansen, Double Duty: Base & Top Coat (£3.95 RRP) Sally Hansen, Maximum Growth, Cuticle & Nail Treatment (£4.15 RRP), Max Factor, Max Effect Mini Nail Polish: Chilled Lilac (£3.99 RRP)
As you can probably tell from my picture I wasn't lying about the nails...

I had literally thousands of points saved on my Superdrug Beauty Card and when there's 'But-one-get-one-free' deals on, how could I resist stocking up for the glitter and glamour season home in Cumbria, where even though we have the likes of Superdrug and Boots - We are rather lacking choice.... Hint why my Mam loves Shopping down here...
Anyway, I digress, due to my collective points I got a few things for myself. eg. whats in the photo, and a few for pressie - which I can't show you all for the obvious reason they'd see.... Soo, let's get down to business...

I'll start with the nail varnishes....
From Left: Barry M: 318 Peach Melba (£2.99 £RRP), Barry M: 150 Red Glitter  (£3.99 RRP), Max Factor, Max Effect Mini Nail Polish: Chilled Lilac (£3.99 RRP),  Sally Hansen, Double Duty: Base & Top Coat (£3.95 RRP)
In the singular nail lacquer's I got:

  • Barry M: 318 Peach Melba - This Neutral Peach pastel colour is just so naturally me... It's versatile for day time and a night out making it a perfect all-year-round colour... Though I can't wait to make it mine in Spring/Summer...
  • Barry M: 150 Red Glitter This one is kind of obvious, but red glitter + Christmas time = Santa Baby... I though it would be fantastic for a fun Christmas night's out - or just to have a sexy red and black look this time of year...
  • Max Factor, Max Effect Mini Nail Polish: Chilled Lilac - This delicate colour, like the pale blue Rimmel I mentioned in my last haul, is perfect as a light colour by itself but also go fabulously with glitters and nail caviar on top - which frankly I'm addicted to at the moment... Not just that it's another versatile colour -which is my first thought when shopping...
  • Sally Hansen, Double Duty: Base & Top Coat - If you're a nail polish addict like me a base and a top coat is something you can't do without... Plus, I fell in love with Sally Hansen products years ago when my Mam first introduced them to me... This one is fabulous that helps strengthen your nails if you're like me and end up getting weak nails from my constant lack of naked nails...
  • Sally Hansen, Maximum Growth, Cuticle & Nail Treatment - This isn't on the above picture (because I forgot) but it is on the top one.... I'm not a girl that goes for professional manicures to help my cuticle's, but my Mam being trained, has taught me all about it. But I've let slip and have had dry hands and nails this season, so I've acquired this to see if it'll help...
That's obviously not all the nail products done - as I've told you I'm addicted to nail glitter balls or nail caviar as I've read/heard them called... Well, I went to see if I could get any more MUA Nail Constellations, but they were sold out... What I then saw made my eyes light up - Accessorize did their own version -which frankly has more choice and includes a nail farnish for a cheaper price! (Plus I got them BOGOF - so happy me!)

From Left: Accessorize 4D Nails: Lilac Sorbet (£5 RRP), Accessorize 4D Nails: Paparazzi (£5 RRP)
  • Accessorize 4D Nails: Paparazzi - This Purple coloured look is FAB! My favourite colour is purple - so I was instantly attracted! I HAD to have them and I haven't tried this one yet, but I adore the other so I should be in love! This is defintiely more of a night-out-look one and I can't wait to whack it on, on my next night out...
  • Accessorize 4D Nails: Lilac Sorbet - Yes, it's another pinky/purple colour - mainly purple as I am a self-claimed addict hehe... Well this one I have tried out (well not the nail polish included) and I BLOODY love it! No doubt I recommend this to anyone want a subtle glitter ball look for the season... Well that was all the nail polish items and there's only two more -so don't worry, I won't write for England today... But I need to show off the other two items I got... Plus they stick really well, though I do recommend using a clear top coat to gloss over to allow more time with it on...
MUA Makeup Academy:
12 Shade Undressed Palette, (£4 RRP)
Nivea Soft
Refreshingly Soft Moisturising Cream (£4.25 RRP)
  • MUA Makeup Academy: 12 Shade Undressed Palette - Yes, I'm a sucker for MUA and natural makeup so add them together this was a must have... I'd seen/had their Heaven and Earth Palette but even for the likes of me - there was only cream/nude colours - and even I like a little extra colour as I didn't want to risk it being too boring... It gives a fab natural look with highly pigmented colours as it has a mix of nude shimmers and mattes it does well even for this glitter season... If you are wanting a nude palette but actually want some colour don't got for the Heaven and Earth Palette got for the Undressed Pallette just for that tiny bit extra for the season - Also I have loved being able to use it for the likes of work and uni then switch it to night-out-mode... (Yes, I said night-out-mode... Forgive me...)
  • Nivea Soft - I got a mini of this when my Mam treated me to a mini Nivea pack - knowing I love Nivea lip balm Hydro and Moisturisers. So when I tried it I made it my hand-bag hand cream instantly and carried it everywhere.... I got a taste for it (figuratively, of course)  and simply wanted a bigger tub to keep me going as a girl with eczema in this weather, this £3 tub is a good investment! Plus it smells amazing and has a gorgeous pattern on it if you chose the right tub...
So there you have it - my Mini (or as usualy not-so-mini) beauty haul... I hope you've all enjoyed having a nosy at my buys - as I always enjoy having a nosy in shops and buying!

I bought a few other make-up items... But I'm thinking of responding to a "How much is my face worth" tag and leaving it until then, then I can be mortified when I realise how much I actually spend on make-up... Though I digress...

For now I definitely recommend all of these products to you, as they're versatile, usable, pretty, easy to use (in the case of the nail glitter) and simply fab with the cold winter season ahead of us - though most are pretty timeless...
Oh, before I forget, here's a photo of what a mixture between the Max Factor Chilled Lilac looks under the Accessorize 4D Lilac Sorbet.... It's gorgeous and I've wore this all week and LOVED it... I definitely recommend you all go for it!

Have you had any interesting beauty hauls recently?
If so, what did you get?... 
I'd love to know - only so I can go out and get it... Yes, I am beauty addict!

P.S. I MUST say Thank you to all my followers as now I have over 200 - woop woop - So Happy- I seriously can't thank you all enough for liking my blog enough to follow me... Thanks lovelies!
For this, I have left a little picture of me in my Blush ears from Children in Need night...

Hope you like!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Photo Catch-Up... ❤

Well, I've been doing fashion and beauty or a few more opinionated post's but I've failed to mention the things truly going on in my life...

So, I thought instead of boring you with essay's of words telling you what I've been up to - I'd show you what I've been up to in pictures - but obviously I'll give you a bit of an explanation of what's been going on, so you don't sit there and think 'what???'...

Photo Collection 1...
From Top Left:

  1. Starting with positivity, I managed to get a relaxing bubbly bath with my new favourite Book 'Gabriel's Inferno' (It's basically about Dante, how can I not love it?!) 
  2. I went to a Chinese Restaurant and had yummy chocolate marshmallows!
  3. I've been truly and utterly poorly and Robert took a Photo!
  4. My puppy think he's a Chihuahua and sits on me! 
  5. Robert hugging my boobies - when drunk he can be rather affectionate.....
  6. After so much rigmarole over having my account hacked by stupid obsessive trolls and stalkers,  I finally got access to my last account - thank you Cybersmile!
  7. We make faces... Yes, yes we do!
  8. Finally posted about my red/wine/rust/oxblood/Burgundy/whatever jeans! - I love them..
  9. Went to my Cheerleading Rookie night - I was a robber...
  10. I remembered... Did you?

Photo Collection 2...

From Top Left:
  1. Hungover much? - But I am in my fave leopard print robe... Sexy....
  2. The Roses for mine and Robert's wedding are called the 'Rachael Rose'... eeeeeek...
  3. My work loves me sooo much that they cared enough to give me a stress pig - I love work!
  4. I'm an awesome baker - yes, I did make that...
  5. Cheering at the Football game... Pom-poms and all!
  6. A cute pose for Autumn...
  7. My mam got me a cheerleading hoodie with my initials on... Loving it!
  8. THE cake I want for my Birthday - and it's not even cake Robert's skills + Vincent Gadan recipe = Rachael completely in love!
Photo Collection 3...

From Top Left:
  1. No, the picture wasn't taken on an angle. This car pisses me off something rotton - as if in all that car park you'd actually chose to park in the worst place on a bloody 45 degree angle - what is wrong with this bloody Driver!?!?!
  2. We got the Starbucks Christmas cups - mine was the bird, I've kept it forever - Or at least until I get a new one...
  3. In Pizza Hut with a big knife thing - yes, there is a vicious side behind this cute exterior - well a bit!
  4. Chrildren in Need - Nuff said!
  5. My new Wax Tarts from Busy Bee!
  6. Me and my two besties wondering if we ever will live through this year?
  7. Me with my boys on a night out...
  8. My man!
Photo Collection 4...

From Top Left:
  1. This is what we do on stage... sometimes... God I love my friends...
  2. But not as much as that lil' guy there... Liam is just an ace kid and with top notch fashion sense! My mam visited and I can't wait to see her and lil' Liam again for my show...
  3. Not a nail varnish addict AT ALL! - Plus who isn't in love with the new nail glitter balls, or nail caviar as I read in Glamour...
  4. My Beautiful new necklace my Mammy bought me - my Mam is a babe!
  5. Snowman onesie + me with a camera = epic poses in my favourite mirror...
  6. I LOVE these studded heel Chelsea boots - but who doesn't love Chelsea boots - I'm well addicted to shoes I have 68ish pairs now hehe
  7. A well worded and memorable sign I'm sure to invest in! It's so true...
  8. A true student desk from one of my MANY Stressful lectures - yes, the coffee is so needed!
So that was a brief picture catch-up of the past couple of weeks and the times that have killed me and kept me going... There will be more - I just didn't really want to bombard you all with too much info-photo's at the moment... Look out for more as, trust me, my life is far more hectic than these photo's would like to expose...

Have you done anything interesting recently?

Saturday, 10 November 2012

VERY Red OR Dead - OOTD + New Coat????

Well you've all seen the recent trend of the red/wine/burgundy/oxblood/rust/whatever coloured jeans that have really hit the celeb scene -so obviously made them go to the likes of Cosmo (where I saw them) then finally to the high-street stores where they are available to the likes of you and me...

Well, I saw them ages ago, liked them and well, got a pair!

They've been spotted on the likes of Jessica Biel, Mandy Moore, Naomi Watts, and Millie Mackintosh (Though I can't say I'm a fan enough (or at ALL!) of Made In Chelsea to genuinely notice her in them!) back in early October - and like I said, I liked them and became inspired. So back then I bought some and have just not had the chance or time to pose in them for you all haha...

So here we go...

Top to Bottom:
Black Cardi and Top:
Both Primark (£3-£4 each)
Red Jeans:
Very (Size 10 £12  - Now £25)
Studded Chelsea Boots:
Primark (£15 size 4)
Here's me... Obviously, in my wine/red/rust ect jeans - I've gone for a simply black - as at the time, it was easier than searching my wardrobe for my other matching items .. I did however partner the outfit my my new Chelsea boots and some lovely jewelry (if I must say so myself)... I got my jeans from, Very... But this is after WEEKS of trawling through shops and online to find a pair that suited me and my height - Yes, unlike most of you lucky buggers out there who can walk in any store and pick your size, me with 26" legs, finding jeans is a pain - especially since LOADS of shops have decided to either take away their Petite section or make it only available online - meaning, making my life difficult when it comes to looking for clothes! - Yes, this is one of those awkward 'first world pains moments' but it really is difficult, well that and I really can be a winge!

Well after having a rigmarole with Topshop - Bacially I ordered my size, they sent me the wrong size, then they sent me the wrong length (I may wish I had 32" in legs, but don't patronise me people!!!!) then when I went to finally get my size online, they sold out - no biggy, though, I may feel bitter over them for a while, but their fittings are odd anyhow!

I then moved to other stores - they were in short, too long (ba dum tsh!) and I started looking online - I then remembered Very had a petite section - so I looked at their size guide and in theory I would fit perfectly into their petite size 10's! - I was skeptical  but I ordered a pair (At half price of £12 may I add! as this was before they really hit the scene big!) and my cynical self was proven wrong as the Size 10 petite fitted like a glove... (To view them in regular length click HERE)

My Cream/Oyster face Rolex
 (Loving my mam for getting me it!) 
I like it some much I got an LBD for the season (which was also £10! - I effing love this place!) So I have found a new shop online I truly do adore - plus when the gorgeous and curvaceous Holly Willoughby is a supporter, model ect for where can I really go wrong - especially with those prices - though I do warn you all, those of you who go for these jeans now with have to pay £25 as they've gone up as their popularity has risen!

Like I said, I went for a rather simple red and black look - but I did combined this with my Studded Chelsea Boots from Primark and my favourite Jewellery - My I Love You Pandora, My P.Kennedy at Harrods Heart necklace and my Cream Face Rolex - which really is like a baby to me - My Mammy and Chappy love me - So I picked a love/red theme and went with it!

To draw back to the jeans - I think they're nice and if you're bothered about them making your legs look big or want a pair to suit an apple shape ect them have 'slim' or 'straight' (Click HERE to view them) leg rather than skinny to avoid looking like a inverted triangle (No, I can't help but think about 'Knowing Your Shape' now - it's like second nature to me!)  But these jeans are a lovely colour for the Autumn/Winter seasons (as red + winter = hello santa!) and they're a nice change to regular denim or black... The colour really is seen everywhere at the minute so they're not a bad investment! You can also get them in leather or coated denim - but I stress, if you're going for this, please consider your shape first as we want no repeats of Collette in Grease 2 where she bends over in the shiny pants guys! Also, they really are versatile you can pair them with a pair of boots and hit the shops or uni OR you could pair them with some pointed heels or wedges (as I plan to) and hit the town for a night out! They're just SO versatile...

Dear Santa,
 I would like this,

Now please :-D
As for the "New Coat????" part of my title - I was browsing round Festival Park in Stoke today and went in to Newlook to have a look at the coat I'd really liked on my WISHLIST back in October - but when I tried it on it wasn't the coat for me... But Robert picked out another and I really liked it (He's a babe to shop with!) and I fell in love with it - it's one of those coats with the double print - sort of as it has all black arms and printed body! It's a contrast sleeve coat and prior to trying it on I'd had a scepticism to style as I found it 'not me' - or at least those leather arms on army coats - definitely aren't - or worse - when they have leather on a blazer, it just doesn't seem right (call me old fashioned hehe) - anyway, I digress easy, so I shall carry on...

The coat itself is £54.99 and can be found in store or here online - I loved the fitting also, as though I'm a size 10 - my boobies usually don't allow this when it comes to full-zipped coats and I usually have to compensate for them. But with this the fit was perfect and the shape of the coat slimmed you down, nipped in at the waist with a belt and suited my body shape!

So, now I'm stuck whether to get it or not - if I don't it shall certainly be on my Christmas list to Santa this year - as yes I do write one every year and do sign it with my name and age - which lucky for me I never have to work out the 'something and a half' bit as my Birthday is right at the start of December - so it's whole numbers for me... Sorry, again I do digress easy- I blame ADHD - Even in my writing hehe...

So there you have it, my OOTD, my thoughts on the red/wine/burgundy/oxblood/whatever coloured jeans and have seen my new love-focus of the coat/jacket world... What do you think?

So add a bit of colour to your wardrobe this season - just because the skies are getting black quicker doesn't mean you should always reach for the black on your bottom - be brave - be red! (Or wine/burgundy/oxblood/rust - or whatever you want to call them! -They have too many names!)

What do you think of these coloured jeans for Autumn/Winter?
Have you got any coloured jeans for the season? 
And what do you lovely readers think of this possible-new gorgeous coat?

Friday, 9 November 2012

Next it WILL be an Oscar - Hopefully! ❤

Well I've been TAGGED - wooo I am hoping for an Oscar next (One Day) but right now I'm definitely feeling the love from fellow bloggers!

Like with the awards, I'm really excited about this as it's always just such a fun way to get to know and interact with other bloggers! It's also a way for people to get their own and other's blogs' recognised and shared which is always fun!

I was tagged by ZoeJohn - So thank you to her! You guys should check out her blog and give her a follow! As chances are if you check it out you'll love it because she's fab! I personally love reading peoples answers to tagging's and such - sooo I'm chuffed as now I get to answer my own - YAY!

So, as always with taggings and awards there are simplistic rules:
  • every tagged person has to tell 11 things about themselves
  • the person who tagged you asked 11 questions, answer them
  • ask 11 questions for the 11 blogs you're going to tag - (the people you tag should have less than 200 subscribers.)
  • mention the blog that tagged you but don't tag back
So guys I shall start with the 11 things about meee!
  1. I'm from a tiny town in Cumbria called Egremont - So, of course I'm a true northern girl with lack of elongated vowels and the lot!
  2. I ended up meeting Ben Barnes, the famous actor, after spending an hour in Disneyland Infirmary after suffering an allergic reaction - basically I was in the right place at the right time and he was premiering The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian and I was pretty much high on what they'd given me - awkward - but he was so lovely!
  3. When I was 16/17 I lived in halls for college and they were in Carlisle which is a ten minute drive from Scotland - or a fun midnight walk when drunk!
  4. I have two dogs with my Fiance - One called Jude - named after The Beatles song 'Hey Jude' and the other named Charlie - named after my Great-grandma's first husband who died in a war (Complicated but sweet story)
  5. I have DOZENS of pairs of shoes from flats to skyscrapers they're a MUST when I see them and then are usually a 'have' - if I can get my way!
  6. I have, literally, HUNDREDS of nail varnish's - I HATE having naked nails!
  7. I'm a true geek at heart I could spend a whole weekend watching the entire Star Wars saga and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (All extended editions -of course!)
  8. I'm a Cheerleader for the Staffordshire Scarlettes! - Go Team!
  9. If I have nothing to do in a day - except vegetate on a sofa - I actually get changed in to some, what I call 'day-time-pajama's' - with this name means I can wear them all day without being weird and sat around in PJ's - or so I say to myself to make it better...
  10. I took both French and German in School - and STILL love each...
  11. I own a Sleeping Beauty Aurora Doll because, I have M.E - which makes me MEGA sleepy - so my Fiance got me it and said I'm like her because I'm his Sleeping Beauty - How sweet I know!!!
So that actually took me TEN times longer to think of and write than it took you guys to read - so I hope you all enjoyed some facts about meee!

Zoe Gave me these following questions:

1. What are your guilty pleasures?
- I genuinely have 90's cheesy music on my iPod I still actually listen to... I will ALWAYS have it - I may be able to let some style go, but not the music!
2.  If you had to shop in just one store for the rest of your life, what would it be?
- Oh God this one is a killer hmmm Next - Because their Jeans fit me or Topshop - Because of EVERYTHING!
3. Top 3 favourite films?
- The Graduate, The Lion King 1&2 and The Shining (Even though Scary Films are NOT my forte but I effing LOVE this film - from an actors point of view - and who can't LOVE Jack Nicholso?)
4. Do you have any bad habits?
- I say 'You know what I mean?' after saying even something simple, but A LOT! - not because I'm a patronising bitch, or because I'm stupid (as I have quite a high IQ I'll have you all know hehe) but due to things like dyslexia I find it hard to get thoughts out and people don't get what I'm trying to say at times, so I got in the habit of saying it... Oooops...
5. If you could be somebody else for one whole day, who would you be and why?
- A Bloke (Probably my guy!) - I want to know what it would be like to be a guy for a day- Being a girl, I wonder these things!
6. Worst fear?
- Probably snakes - I don't trust them, that or mega heights!
7. 3 words that describe you?
- Erratic, Tenacious, Positive!
8. Heels of flats?
- HEELS, HEELS, HEEEEELS! I effing love them - live in them and I'm adoring the new trend of heeled Chelsea boots! (Mine are studded!)
9. Favourite TV programme?
- Oh No! I literally CAN'T chose - soooo many!!! My favourite as a kid was The Animals of Farthing Wood! Just thought you all might like to know!
10. Have you been traveling? If so where and if not where would you most like to visit?
- My mam made me well traveled when I was younger. I've been to: France, Spain, Tunisia, Sahara, Greece, Corfu, Wales, Scotland, Lanzarote, Majorca ect... Just to name a few I do want to go to Tasmania because I'm obsessed with the idea of Tasmanian Tigers...
11. Whats your favorite dish to cook?
- Spaghetti Bolognese - I LOVE the stuff and, if I must say so myself I make is AMAZINGLY!

Well, I hope you all liked my answers and I didn't bore you all too much! I had so much fun writing this, so I hope you all have fun reading it! Plus, I hope you all understand my thought process of ramblings!

Eeeek I've had sooo much fun with this! It made me excited and things like this really get me thinking about myself and I LOVE reading other's answers!

So I've prepared some questions for all those I've tagged:
  1. Favourite beauty product EVER?
  2.  Favourite piece of clothing/footwear at the minute?
  3. What do you look for in a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  4. What was your favourite stuffed animal/toy as a kid?
  5. Favourite Song/Band?
  6. Maxi, Midi or Mini - you have to chose ONE?!
  7. Friday night in or out?
  8. Cosmo or Glamour?
  9. How long have you been blogging for?
  10. Most embarrassing moment?
  11. Four words that best describe you?
Those that I have tagged are....
Oooh, do let me know if you participate guys as I would REALLY love to read your answers - it's another northern trait, I'm really nosy! I hope the questions are OK for you all - do tell me otherwise and please link back to my blog so I can see all your fascinating answers!

Next time I shall pick something more about beauty or fashion, though as I think another big injection of me may be too much info haha well, I had fun so I hope you all do too! 
There you have it my Tag! Enjoy, participate and happy blogging! 

Saturday, 3 November 2012

When WE go shopping we SHOP!

Well I apologise I haven't posted in a little while - and I didn't even post for Halloween! Buuut, I have a valid and AMAZING reason I had my Mam and my little Brother Liam, visiting from Wednesday!

That's right I got to see them after two months of NOT seeing them since I was back in Cumbria so they took priority these past few daaaays! Of course...

Me and Liam - can you tell we're related or what?!
They showed up while I was at work - but after that we got down to the important business - SHOPPING... It is truly one of my favourite past-time's - plus it' burns calories, so bonus! We OBVIOUSLY hit Primark and raided the shelves there - as apart from pants/jeans ect, it's a perfect shop! It has everything.... Including a fabulous nail glitter that I've been trying to get my hands on for a while!
My mam is the perfect person to go shopping with as she knows what suits people's shapes, bodies sizes ect (well I didn't think of my tips all on my own) plus we can gossip for hours on end -so it was a good chance for us to catch-up with what's going on in our lives eg. Uni, work, Cybersmile (Which frankly she would prefer to bypass and go straight to the police - but I want to give the new charity a chance hehe) and of course we had a bit of extra R&R by getting our eye brows done and stocking up on some new varnish and make-up...

So I've put together a mini-haul of the clothes I've got including some NOTD and FOTD...

Well like I said we went shopping and I picked up some new clothes, shoes, slippers ect and here they are:
This is just the main feature in each outfit!
All From Primark... Except the Dinosaur T-shirt!

From Left: 1) Leather Skirt (Size 10 £8), Tights (in all small £2:50), 2) Woolly Jumper (size 8 £5), 3) Maxi/mini dress (size 10 £15)  4) Dinosaur T-shirt a pressire from my mam! (Size S/M), 5) Snowman Onesie (size 8/10 £10)
I picked the main items from each as the other things I already owned and have either blogged about or a bit irrelevant... These aren't all the items I bought - but I don't think you all want to hear of my new Minni Mouse Sock (although they are adorable!)

  1. What you ALL must be most shocked by - as I really am - is the leather skirt! Me. In Leather?! I'm confused to by my confidence, but it worked and looks good (well I think so anyhow hehe) I love it's shape - it's usually one I avoid as it always makes me raise the awkward question 'does my bum look big in this?' to which my chap answers no... But, with leather I was always sure to steer clear seeing as it's shiny and I never want to risk reliving the scene from Grease 2 where Colette bends over in shiny pants... Awkward... I know I went for a morbid combo, but sometimes an all over black can work and I would want to partner it it with some of colourful accessories, such as my red Pandora, springs to mind.... 
  2. Everyone needs a woolly jumper and when you can manage to get one as cute as this in an 8, it's definitely a keeper for the season - they also had it in pink, and thought it was nice I still couldn't manage to barbie it up as much the shop wanted...
  3. I had talked about party dresses, so when I saw this for £15! It was a must! It's such a flattering dress on so many shapes - but the sizing was odd - I needed a 10 for my bod, but wearing a standard bra with it was NOT happening - as my boobies were too big - so an investment in stick-on bra's if any of you go for one is a MUST!
  4. I saw this T-shirt ages ago and my mammy decided it was DEFINITELY me and it was mine - plus, honestly my little brother is seriously the new Gok as he genuinely chose the entire outfit for me with the t-shirt as it was our favourite - cool kid isn't he?! Plus, be honest, you may have grown up, but who doesn't love Dinosaurs?????
  5. Onesie's - Who doesn't have one for the colder months?! In fact, I have four! I mean really, they're a snuggly god-send- yes it's difficult to pee, but come on guys - I can pretend I'm a snowman, without being as cold as one! 
Of course, I didn't stop with outfits - you obviously need shoes to match!

AGAIN - all from Primark - From Left: Studded Heel Chelsea Boots (Size 4 £15), Dalmatian Print Ugg-style slippers (size 4/5 £6)
Yes, I again gave into the fashions - which I had opposed for so long and got some studded boots... I have many pairs of ankle boots, but these have a casual heel which means they're versatile (my FAVOURITE!) - 
  • Studded Heel Chelsea Boots: Yes, I may have fought against them, but they're so comfortable and look fabulous on... Even my boss complimented them! they go with so many outfits - ticking my most important box of versatility and they're sooo much cheaper than their doppelgangers in other high-street stores... Bonus! Plus, I actually liked them so much I put them on the moment I left the store....
  • Well, I got a puppy this year and he turned one on the 1st.... But just before his growing up day he decided to relive his younger years and chew my slippers! I live in my slippers at home, I love soft snugly fury slippers - plus an animal print is a bonus... These are fabulous and I pretty much haven't took them off since I got them - as you do! Move over Cruela DeVil - Dalmatian print is mine!
Primark also shocked me with it's own cheaper version Nail wear and cosmetics... Plus, I managed to finally get some Nail Glitters I've been trawling the shops for weeks for! So here's a little NOTD...

Fist Photo: Rimmel London: Sweet as Sugar Base and Primark Nail Glitter
Second Photo: From Left: Collection 2000: Twilight 60 Seconds Hot (£1.99 - Superdrug), MUA: Constellations: Libra (£3 - Superdrug) Primark Pink-mix Nail Glitter (£1.50 - Primark!) Models Own, Northern Lights and Snowflakes (Both £5 each - Boots.)
Third Photo: Beauty Uk: Jade Green Base and MUA Constallations: Libra.
Yes, Primark is doing it's own version of MUA nail glitter! I was like YES! As I fell in love with nail glitters foe the season and I liked a picture I saw of a fellow blogger's style of doing it just on one finger as I thought all of them done would over power my hands - though I may just have to give it a try!
  • I may hate the Films - but the Twilight nail colour is such a gorgeous deep nail colour and would be a nice feature on a night out or during the day... But 60 seconds to dry definitely fits in my hectic life!
  • I don't know who isn't in love with the MUA nail glitters! Well when I stumbled across the main one I wanted: Libra. In Superdrug, it was mine for two reason: 1) Because I wanted it - obviously and 2) because it was the last one in the shop and there was another woman eyeing it up... So voila I LOVE it!!!!
  • Primark don't jsut do nail glitter - they do AMAZING, fabulous value and excellent quality, nail glitters... It's a glitter that goes with both light and dark - though I have partnered it with more a witery look here! For £1.50 and the fact it comes in a fab range from pure black to all pink it was well worth it!
  • Model's Own winter collection is finally all mine! (Well besides Blizzard but it was just silver and I have silver already so bleurgh!) I adore the big chunks of glitter in the Snowflake (I've put it with the Rimmerl London: Sweet as Sugar on my toes and it's like glimmering snow - seriously!) and the subtle sparkly change of the Northern Lights -which I plan to wear on my next night out soon in Costa del Cumbria!
Oh as for nails since the Libra is black with hints of green and silver - I partnered it with Jade green and I'm having a belated Halloween/Wicked look with it!

My cosmetics didn't end with nails of course - I got some new eyeliner and Primer and of course, some new hair care products for the season!!!!
First Picture: Batiste Fresh (£1.99 - Superdrug) VO5: Give Me Texture (£3.99 - Superdrug),
Second and Third picture: HOTD & FOTD - featuring my new primer and hair products!
Fourth Picture: Nivea: Express Hydration Primer (£3.99 - Superdrug)
Well, yes as always, I go a wee bit over board in the likes of Superdrug - simply because they have fabulous items and take student NUS cards - which means a 10% discount on everything - so you really do get bargains:
  • I'd heard of the texture sea-salt surf spray by Bumble and Bumble - but was NOT willing to part with £20 for one tin that basically has the contents of my local beach in it - so when I came across it by VO5 for £16 less, it. was. mine! I curled my hair this morning brushed it through then used this to give it texture and it worked like I really hoped - so it has become my saviour for more texture hair...
  • I recently bought an AMAZING primer - but my skin goes incredibly dry in winter due to eczema - so when I got a tester in this months Cosmo or Glamour (Ooops, I can't remember which one! -Sorry guys!) I was really impressed by it and was adamant a jar of it had to be mine! So me and my Mam both invested in this hydrating primer for the season... Like Mother, like daughter!
Well that's it for my actually, not-so-mini-haul, as it turns out... Plus, this is without the extra accessories I got, as I'm planning a post simply devoted to simplistic and versatile outstanding pieces - eg. my kind of thing basically - I mean besides my engagement ring I hardly ever wear any other rings!!!

We also got our eyebrows done, enjoyed our R&R and CANNOT wait for her next visit as everyone loves going shopping in the potteries - if only it had H&M - sigh... Never mind,  on the brighter note I should be seeing her rather soon in a couple of weeks as she's coming to see me perform in a play - always fun for everyone....
So I hope you've liked my ramblings and enjoyed my pictures - as I enjoyed taking them - because it was like playing dress-up, which is always fun, no matter what your age!

So now I'm sat missing my Mammy again, but enjoying thinking about the fact, when we go shopping we really do go SHOPPING!

Have any of you had any lovely clothes or beauty hauls for the season recently?