Saturday, 13 October 2012

WISHLIST... New look...

Well, it's coming up to the season where we start buying - or at least me and my mam stock up for Christmas early...
So I've been trawling the shops and browsing online and frankly, was just going to pick one item from a multitude of shops - but couldn't, I mean, who can? There was simply too many things that caught my eyes and made me go 'YES' so I've decided to break-down want I want by each shop and I'm starting with New look...

1) Red Or Dead Brown Tweed Satchel £54.99, 2) Wide Fit Brown High Leg Buckle Chelsea Boots£24.99 3) Brown Aztec Twist Open Front Cardigan  £24.99 4) Black Houndstooth Snood PU Belted Coat £49.99 5) Cream Sequin Boucle Peplum Top £19.99 6) Black Keyhole Detail Jersey Jumpsuit 7) Black Chunky Heeled Platform Shoe Boots£27.99 8) Red and Black High Waisted Zip Shorts£16.99 9) Black and White Polka Dot Peplum Top £14.99

These are just a few things I came across that instantly caught my eye... So here's just a couple of details as to why...

1) If you know me, you'll know that I LOVE satchel's! They work with everything for me and they're definitely a staple of my style and I think everyone should have one. I loved the small details of this one such as the latch - it's things like that, that really make me fall in love with them. I currently have an Italian leather Satchel Robert bought me from Stylist Pick that I use for uni and work and such, plus for what it is, it was a steal at £20! I truly am in LOVE with satchels!

2) Now, I love high boots, but always have the fear that because they're high they'd make me look shorter than needed (I mean at 5"1 I really am short enough!) But, I have a pair from Topshop my mam bought me years ago, like when I was 14 and they're still in good nick now, and don't make me look short and make my calves look slimmer as I do have muscular calves - being active and athletic you see... So I picked these because they are wide fit, not because of my calves as regular ones fit, but because of my feet... I have diddy ankles but rather wide feet - it's what they call dancers feet - my mam and Rob are just the same, so I'm not alone, plus with boots I personally like the extra room and being in between sizes normally I can just simply go  for a size 4 in wide fit...

3) I am a sucker for a snuggly cardi - whether it's mine, my mams or my chaps I LOVE cardis that are snuggly - plus I love quirky patterns like this one. I have soooo many cardi's and I pretty much live in them, they keep me warm in winter and and in autumn they're a nice substitute for a coat and in summer and spring nights they're nice to snuggle up in while your sat in the garden... I think I genuinely loved granny/Christmas cardies and jumpers since before them made a bang on the scene as I loved them when I saw Shakin' Stevens in his Christmas video (My favourite Christmas song ever!) 

4) I've just talked about winter coats and I'm usually a blocked colour kind of girl when it comes to coats - that or fur - but I fell in love with this.. There was no escaping it - I loved everything about it. It just flatters my figure eg. Not too long, fitted, belted and has a built it snood - come on guys a snood! I LOVE my snood, so a coat with one genuinely does make me eeek... 

5) & 9) I've loved the peplum style for a while now - for months in fact. But they weren't as available as I would've liked then as they hadn't made the bang then as they have now. I invested in a designer Rachel Stevens dress online that was a strapless peplum dress a couple of years back and ever since I fell for them. But, I could never find any so since they're back on the high-street I've jumped on the bang-wagon and boom my wardrobe is happy for it - as am I. I already have a scuba petite peplum skirt from Topshop, but now my sights have turned to tops and these to a gorgeous - casual, but you could wear them for work or a night out - versatile clothes are simply my favourite!

6) Now, jumpsuits - I always have the worry with them that they'll make me look short - that or my long body will give a more camel-esque look - if you get my drift. So, I'm always careful with them. But this one is simple but gorgeous, plus with it being jersey it's just sheers comfort in my eyes, also, how nice a shape is it?!

7) I've fallen in love with chunky shoes ever since my first pair of wedges at 14... Yes, I adore skyscraper heels, in fact I'd live in them if it wasn't for the fact they'd be inappropriate whilst in rehearsals, but theres something about wedges that are sooo versatile - plus these are like a mix between boots, heels and wedges - could a girl be happier? 

8) I love high-waist shorts that have a tiny flick out on the legs - that also can be casual, work or night out- not asking for much, I know, but somehow this low detail description are hard to find! Terrible, I know! So, when I saw these babies I was well on them, plus I love the sassiness of the red with an almost black belt look the black pannel gives... The zips add gorge detail and I must say make them easier to remove after a night out than buttons - that's personal, but yerr...

Since I covered 9) with 5) as they're basically the same I didn't see the point in repeating... But, these are just a few of the many of things that have made me 'yay' with satisfaction just from a look! 
There is many more, but the list I truly made was waaay too long to blog about - I did recently get some gorgeous new wedges from newlook whilst trying to look for joggers - well getting side-tracked in shops is a girls perogative, I suppose... 
I think I shall invest in the jumpsuit first as it truly is a gorgeous thing, plus, being jersey means easier to take up to the length of my teeny tiny 26" legs!

Have you seen anything from New look that has caught your eye? Or have you bought anything lately that is simply wonderful from there you could share with me?



  1. I bought a lovely sweater from New Look YEARS ago that I still wear. I adore it. It's like a loose knit cotton thing - off white - it goes with everything. I've even had compliments about it! People have been shocked when I said it was from New Look. It was a bargain too!
    My Christmas list won't have clothes in it. I can't trust anyone to get me the right thing - even with a picture and directions to the shop!

    1. Awww well my mam never get's it wrong hehe I LOVE Newlook - you get some bloody good bargains hehe Buuut, I cannot fit into their idea of "petite" jeans they're too long :-( x

  2. LOVE those chunky heels! I love wedges/chunky heels too- so much easier to walk in.

    Lovely blog :)


    1. Thank You! I love them too - I've just bought a really similar pair of wedges I'm currently blogging about hehe I'm lovign chunky heels atm hehe

      Thank you again

  3. really like those shorts! and the chunky boots, they actually look like they might be pretty comfortable!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog lovely :) now following you xxx

    1. I love these shorts - Santa shall be hearing from me hehe - and OMG yes, these chunky shoes ARE comfortable - I've got a pair of chunky wedges I now cant live without!
      Thanks soo much!

  4. great wish list. love the cream peplum! x

  5. My fave shop is NewLook actually xx I love it! :D


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