Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Liebster & Versatile Blogger Award...

I am so excited by this!

I have been nominated for the Liebster Blogger Award and The Versatile Blogger Award... I was nominated by my fellow AWESOME bloggers Kristine four other Bloggers ( Becca, Megan, Jane, and  Naiomii) nominated me for a Liebster award also - So I'm feeling the love and rather honored! (Check their blogs out - they're fab!)

I'm excited because - though I have been nominated for the Liebster Blogger Award three in the past, but I have never, until now, been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award - which truthfully I am the most proud of as I do pride myself on being versatile, with everything from beauty to fashion to life stories, I tell it all. Plus, I do pride myself in being a versatile person - so I do hope the decision to pick me reflects on it..

So again I'm like 'eeeek' at the fact I have these to celebrate! Plus, it's first time since I had all my blogs deleted I've had them - so it's like all new to me again...

I've decided since I was nominated for both I shall combined the two in order to stop any repetition and those I nominate for it will also be nominated for both! Buuuut, I shall make this a bit long and will try and answer most the questions people have given! Eeeek - help!

The Liebster Award:
Here's How it Works:
- Each person much post 11 things about themselves
- Answer the questions the nominator made for you and also create 11 more questions for the blogs you nominate
- Choose 11 people and link them to your post
- Go to their page and tell them.
- No tag backs! - Easy - enjoy!

Versatile Blogger Award:
So here are the rules:
- If you are nominated, you've been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
- Thank the person who gave you this award.
- Include a link to their blog.
- Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you've recently discovered or follow regularly.
- Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award with a link to their blog.
- Finally, tell  7 things about yourself.

Here are my questions from Naiomii:

1) Who is your idol?
- If I pick one alive it has to be Micheal Sheen as he is my favourite actor EVER! Dead Marilyn Monroe...
2) Which qualifications do you have?
- I have tonnes of GCSE'S (obvs), BTEC in Pefroming Arts (Dance Drama and Singing/Music) plus Alevels in English, History ect and lastly I past my first year of uni with first honors!
3) What's your favourite perfume?
- Hmmm Soooo many! Taylor Swift, Jimmy Choo, Viktor & Rolf, Lacoste: Love of Pink and Miss Dior - a true woman can't pick just one!
4) Have you ever received any negative feedback on your blog? (Trolls, etc.)
- I had lots of abuse by those who hacked my account, I also (even now!) get left abusive comments on my blog off a stalker, I call Bella, and her friends who even go to extent of blogging nasty things about me that aren't true - it's upsetting, but they'll NEVER beat me!
5) What do you hope to gain out of blogging?
- I actually gained a journalism job out of blogging and I've been offered a deal with a clothes/jewellery companythat if they give me items, I blog about them, but keep said items (yay!) But blogging is and always will be for me! (and my readers!)
6) What's your favourite thing about yourself? (Physically or personality-wise)
- I like my eyes, they're a pale blue, and often get complimented - or my wide smile, I think I look like Wallace off Wallace & Gromit, but my chap says it's gorge. Plus, I have a love/hate relationship with my 32FF boobies
7) Do you follow a skincare routine?
- I do, it take 15 mins morning and night and I change the products per season!
8) Do you have any body modifications?
- Nope - au natural- even my boobies!
9) Is there anything you would want to change about your life right now?
- I like my life actually - expect maybe, make me learn lines to plays easier please?!
10) Who is your favourite blogger?
- This may sound cheeky to those who nominated me, but, Natalie from YourAlmostAlice - I love her!
11) Christmas or Birthdays?
- My birthday fits nicely days before Christmas - so I never really have to choose!

These are Becca's Questions:

1. What's your favourite thing about blogging?
- Getting my voice out there and having my own little place on the internet that is purely MINE! (Not possessive at.all!)
2. What is your least favourite thing about blogging?
- When I'm half way through blog and get writers block OR getting bitchy comments off stalker trolls!
3. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would you want to live?
- Tasmania! Simply because I'll always be in love with the idea of the Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) I know they're meant to be extinct but I'd love to go on a safari there to look for one in the deep forests!
4. If you were told you were going to die (I know that sounds morbid lol), what would be your last supper?
- Spaghetti Bolognese - simple, but my favourite dish when my mam or Rob makes it..
5. If you could only have one make up item, what would it be?
- My Kick Ass Concealer by Soap & Glory!
6. What do you think are the most important qualities in a partner?
- Trustworthy, Kindness, Loving nature, protective (not in a Christian Grey way!), someone who's also my best friend (like my man - basically he is my answer!)
7. What is the thing you like best about yourself?
- I answered this above, so I'll pick a personality thing, the fact I bounce - in a way I can truly be a morning person is awesome and really useful at times!
8. What is your biggest fear?
- Death - the idea I'll die, even though I've accepted it still sends chills.... That and F*CKING snakes!
9. Top 3 blogs you like reading?
Can I only have three????
10. What would put you off from subscribing to a blog?
- If they were bitchy intentionally... for nothing, if there's a reason, fine! Or if they were really nice on their blog and really a Gremlin of a person!
11. What is your favourite Christmas film?
- The Muppets A Christmas Carol - nuff said!

I chose these questions randomly at first, then deiced five was too many, and though they were all lovely, these were the questions that made me think more about myself...

Though I have thought of eleven of my own questions:
  1. Why do you blog?
  2. Hair care or make-up if you had to pick one?
  3. If you could pick any city for a night out which and why?
  4. Heels or Flats and why? (I know which I am! *cough* heels *cough*)
  5. Your BIGGEST annoyance about blogging? 
  6. Craziest drunk act?
  7. Can you speak any other languages, if so, what? If not, do you want to?
  8. Would you ever sky dive? (I have a strange curiosity about this hehe)
  9. Favourite phrase/quote and why?
  10. What's your dream job?
  11. Have you read an erotic novel - if yes, which and why? (Don't you ladies lie to me!)
So that's my questions, for those I've chosen to nominate! I hope they're exciting and challenging enough for you all! - Also, I would really love if you chose to participate you could leave a link so I could see all your fabulous answers? Thanks!

Right, so those 11 I've chosen are:
I've really enjoyed this, and after some of the comments I've been left off hideous troll's it's nice to know there is people out there that like and read my blog enough to want to award me for it! So thank you to those who awarded me, and thank you to my fabulous dedicated readers that have stuck by me...

Friday, 26 October 2012

Autumn Park Times...

Friday was finally a good day... But bloody cold!

Recently it certainly felt more winter than autumn - I was wrapped up to the gills in my big fury coat, scarf - but I took it all off for a wee pose to show off my outfit for my wonderful readers!

From Left: Me and Robert, Freeeeezing cold, OOTD, NOTD...
Well, Friday (obviously) was my last day at uni of the week and I woke up not-late - for once. So I had time to drag the straighteners through my hair to add more defining curls - but this took more time than anticipated and unfortunately due to the rush I hadn't had time to check the weather and simply went for a simple skirt based outfit. So when I'd originally stepped outside I was near enough blown away by the bitter cold that simple made my legs turn purple under my tights - but luckily I had time to grab my coat and scarf and made it in the nick of time - well the nick of time, after  I'd got my usual cup of tea first!

After an awesome lecture - I didn't fall asleep in - Robert walked to meet me and we decided to stroll through the park to walk into town before my dreaded flu jab - eeek - yes, it was flu jab day, urgh!

But whilst in the park I stopped to take a few photo's of outfit and my winter inspired nails!

Outfit: I took some of my own advice and went for a jersey pencil skirt I purchased from H&M, matched with my very girly Primark unicorn cropped tie-top. But as usual paired it with my favourite Topshop blazer and a pair of fluffy socks and my fluffy ankle boots, to keep away the cold. Now, I'm all for Ugg boots as I do very much love them, but when you can buy some fluffy boots, just as good for a fraction of the price for £12.50 at Tesco's - I say 'go for it!'  - These were my lifesavers of the day as cold feet = unhappy bunny...

From Left: Rimmel London: Lasting Finish, 704 Sweet as Sugar.
Models Own: Freak Out! 138, Jack Frost 146 &
Southern Lights 148
Nails: My nails took a winter turn as I was inspired by the new chunky glitter ranger from Model's Own - I'd always liked glitter nail varnish - but never really liked the standard glitter ball looking glitter varnishes that you could always get - now, I'd always fancied the MUA Constellation glitters - but urgh, every time I go to buy them, they're always sold out! So I turned my sights to my wanting of a winter look for my nails and Models Own's glitter colours were fantastic for this - with a base of Rimmels Lasting Finish Sweet as Sugar 704... As I love their colours! As for the Model's Own Glitters I went for Freak Out!, Jack Frost and Southern Lights -In honour of my more Southern University - I do plan to purchase the Northern Lights for my next (hopefully soon) trip back to Cumbria...

But my dallying through the park, unfortunately  didn't make me miss my flu jab and I arrived early for it and suffered the excruciating pain that was the monster nurse who jabbed my arm - ok I'm exaggerating (but does that surprise you?!) as frankly I'm terrified of needles and even my yearly flu jab is no exception to this general rule!

So, yes, I have spent the rest of the night feeling sorry for myself and having a well needed 2 and half hour nap! Now, as my need for sleep is fulfilled and a bubbly bath finished being on the books it's time to start thinking up my Halloween outfit - as yes, I've left it a bit late this year!

What do you all think of my outfit and nail poses in the park?

Friday, 19 October 2012

Peplum Loving, Uni and OOTD...

Scarfs - Newlook,
Blazer, Peplum top and Black dress
- all Topshop
Shoes and Tights - Primark
Socks - Sainsbury's
Well I told you all about my recent clothes and make-up haul well it just happens that I wore these today to uni... I also thought I'd tell you of my day and the trials I have to overcome in my everyday life...

Well today was our presentation seminar and being on a Drama course we often don't get chance to wear my snazzier clothes as my style is usually restricted to things such as leggings, joggers and hoodies ect... So Fridays being a lecture/seminar day and not work where I have to be completely professional , it's nice to wear some of my smart casual clothes - I wasn't feeling great this morning, basically lack of sleep caused me to have no inclination to drag myself out of bed, never mind going out and doing anything. So to make myself feel better about the needs of the day I obviously opted for my new gorgeous Peplum Grey top... I love it on and matched with a Topshop dress I usually wear for nights out it made a perfect dress combo.
I partnered this made-dress with tights, walking socks, brown brogues and an older Topshop cardi/blazer...

I have a true love for this Blazer. I've had it since I pinched it off my sister years ago now when I was 14 - but I've never got rid of it and it's stayed in good nick - plus there is simply somethings that are a bonus to not growing or changing much since I was 14 (well except my boobs :-S) and  have not really grown out of many of my clothes since then and somethings, like a blazer, are so practical and timeless - there's not really any point tossing them away, especially if you haven't grown - well if they're terribly old and out of fashion I make exceptions - as to state now I'm NOT a hoarder (Though those ones on T.V make me giggle hehe)... So chuffed with my overall look I found look I dragged my arse out and decided walking was not an option. Plus, I'd just washed my hair last night (then fallen asleep with it wet eg. I'm asking for an afro!), and worrying it was already a mess (though I was complimented throughout the day) I didn't want to risk an adding-on of the "windswept and interesting" look and opted for the peasant wagon of the public buses - which, by golly were actually running swimmingly on time! Yes, I'm shocked too!
A true student desk, work and teeeeeaaa!

I showed up early enough for my lecture and decided to get my caffeine fix from my coffee shop... But when I walked in, Ben was on the till! That's right coffee shop guy! He said hi and tried to anticipate my order - which for once was wrong as I'd done the economic and cheaper option and brought my own new travel mug (My mam got me in summer yay!) and a couple of tea bags.. So I only needed hot water. Though he did manage to add a flirt in that by giving it me for free - or so he said as I had assumed it was free... Never mind a free drink is a free drink! Though his obvious wink made me literally laugh out loud - which I don't know if he was was amused at or not...

So moving swiftly on from him we - as frankly I didn't stick around long enough, after he asked me out the other day at uni when I was ill (Long story, wait for my Sunday post!) had the long lecture's. Which are always awesome! Well, of course they are if you can get one that has lecturer that has love for the same things as the students do - including the times they makes quotes and references to such things as The Incredibles eg. he used the line "No Capes!" - Ok, it was a "you had to be there moment". But it was fabulous! And worth a mention, in my opinion!

You can't greatly tell but:
 123 Boujours foundation,
No.7 Blemish cover stick,
Natural collection Blush
Topshop Matte Lipstick
After a long day, and listening to more of yesterday's offender Cara "airing more laundry" I did opt for walking home, you know to clear my head and such - which really does show how good the make up is, as even on a windy, miserable damp day my make-up didn't move and was in perfect-tact when I went for the long walk home...

Arriving home I have the best greeting! I'm always greeted by two important members of my family that are never mad at me and always happy to see me! My two dog! Jude and Charlie - so as opposed to being a student I'm having a cuddly night in with them - and Harry Potter!(As you do!) - Aaand of course watching the heartbreakingly close-to-me programe of Stand up 2 Cancer! (Again, a long story but worth the read!) please do visit the site and remember, you have more chance of getting cancer than you do getting stuck in a lift!

But I was also greeted by a lovely email from Cybersmile! - For those who don't know, it's an online charity to stop, prevent and make awareness of online cyber bulling and such! With it being such a common thing these days - that's even happened to me, and they even nicely make kids aware of it in Primary schools now (Though, it is more than sick the person that would pick on a school kid!) because it happened to me I'm still currently in a position of them working with the police and I've just signed up to join the charity - as I'd now love to try and make my own awareness of it offline as well as online....
God, who thinks life may have been a little simpler back in the 90's?! At least then we could still watch Hey Arnold and Saved by the Bell without worrying who's stalking your latest status! This is another charity I think you should get on-board with and stop those bullies - remember even for the likes of me at nearly 20, it's never to late or stupid!

So despite what caused me to get to this place at least it shall eventually have a happy ending! Finally...

I shall enjoy the rest of the evening and start preparing my make-up/face-care regime blog post - which for even an English rose like me, often seems rather long!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Versatile Clothes and Make-up Haul...

Well this is a bit late - but a while ago I go I invested in some clothes and make-up that I really wanted and needed from the current and my favourite style's... But, better late than never, as they say...

I went for a shop in Topshop, Newlook, Next, Boots and Superdrug  and found some clothes that definitely my 'star-buy's' over these past couple of months... The intention of my shop was to update my wardrobe with a range of clothing and make-up that would be versatile to me and my needs as starting uni after summer, and having a new job meant my favourite leggings were not the appropriate wear I was looking for...

1) Petite Peplum Scuba Skirt (£28 - Topshop) 2) Cowl Neck Chiffon Dress By Wal G (£33 - Topshop) 3) Capri Fade Jeans (£22 - Topshop) 4) Black Cross Strap Wedges (Now £14.99 - Newlook) 5) Sleeveless Peplum Top (£18 - Topshop)

I bought these in the thoughts that they were all incredibly adaptable for what I needed them for and the could combined with the clothes that are already in my wardrobe...

When looking I was after clothes I would be able to wear for uni, work, nights-out and casual-day-wear. So I had to keep all these factors in mind when trawling the shops, with Robert as my pac-mule, looking for my Autumn wear - as this was also a factor as now the weathers cooling down I don't think taking to the street  in a crop-top, like in summer is as appropriate as I desire - so I've picked things that show off enough, fit well with my body-shape eg, my fairly small waist but curvy hips and big boobies, and my petite stature - as 5"1 doesn't ever scream easy fashion - but I do try!

So here's why I bought what I did buy it:

  1. Petite Peplum Scuba Skirt: This skirt from Topshop is so flattering on! It pulls in your waist skims over your hips and doesn't flare to make me look bottom heavy - plus, for a while now I've been in LOVE with the style and actually jumped on the 'Peplum-band-wagon' years ago now and am genuinely chuffed that they've hit the scene again and I no longer have search the internet far and wide for my newly beloved style...
  2. Cowl Neck Chiffon Dress By Wal G: When I saw this I originally saw it in grey and really liked it. But when I tried on the grey it made me look washed out and a bit frumpy so my hopes that had shot up went straight back down, well, until Robert brought me in same dress in Purple - which I hadn't seen earlier. When I tried it on I LOVED it! It sat really well on me and the colour suited my pale complexion and my eyes "popped" (Well so said the ladies in the shop -though she would...) So it was MINE! Plus it wasn't too short or too long - It's definitely become a staple for this season!
  3.  Capri Fade Jeans: I know what you all may think 5"1 with 26" legs + pus capri jeans = Oompa Loompa eat your heart out - and so did I until i tried these babies on! I LOVE next for when it comes to petite jeans - They fit me perfectly! I love them because they fit nicely on my short leg - unlike other shops - and their size 10 is a perfect fit on me - chuffed much?! These were brilliant - well except for the fact I washed them once and they went a wee bit too big around the waist - but I matched them with a belt and they're good to go for a casual day or with a pair of wedges for work...
  4. Black Cross Strap Wedges: Wedges and me go together nearly as perfectly as me and Robert (nearly) they fit me  so well and on a night out they keep me going ALL night - I hardly ever get sore feet in wedges and these ones have proven to be as equally a heel-god-send as I needed as I was wearing them from 6pm right through until 3am and even after falling during the night I never once had pinchy or sore feet! So these are a MUST-HAVE for you ladies out there - but they are big sizes as I had to get a size 4 as opposed to my usual size 5...
  5.  Sleeveless Peplum Top: Again with my beloved peplum style! I LOVE this top! It's so flattering on my lil' bod and doesn't make my boobs look too big... It flatters my figure and goes out at my waist creating the right shape needed for a lil' hourglass like me...
That's why and where I got my fabulous new additions to my wardrobe for this season - not that I shall be getting rid of them when spring hits as I am in love with each one!
As for the make-up part of this haul, well I was in desperate need to update my make-up bag, basically because when I went back up to the land up Cumbria the make-up fairy *cough* my sister *cough* took away and used up all of my current make-up, so I really needed to invest in some new foundation, primer mascara ect. So I did! 
From Left: 1) Bourjois: Beauty-Full Volume Mascara (Superdrug - RRP: £6 I got it free), 2) Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation (Superdrug - £10), 3) Revlon, PhotoReady Primer (Boots £12),  4) Estée Lauder Tempting Melon Nail Lacquer (Boots £14) 
I bought these from the two different shops Superdrug and Boots - These are my two favourite high-street stores to  get my make-up from - yes I would love to be a casual shopper at Selfridges & Co. But, being in Stoke or Cumbria means I MUST work with what I got, plus release me in either of these could happily keep me occupied for HOURS! I simply do get lost in the lands of beauty, make-up and fashion - plus they're not too pricey shops!
  1. Bourjois: Beauty-Full Volume Mascara: This came free with item 2). It's soooo good on - I expected, as it was free, it wouldn't be as nice on as it actually was - but, when I tried it on, even with just one coat, it was so pretty on - it really did give volume! I looked like I'd glued on fakies by the second coat as I've got naturally rather long and black lashes, so with this on my lashes were HUGE and pretty and with NO spider legs - bonus! Best freebie ever!
  2. Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation: It was the '123' aspect that drew me and it was the result that kept it in y make-up bag! It has Yellow pigments for dark circles (which I am prone to!) Mauve Pigments for a brighter complexion - which with as pale as I am I could really do with and Green Pigments for anti-redness - which is Autumn/Winter is PERFECT for me as my skin goes reder than the cheeks of a true English-rose - plus on the answer to does it work? Yes! It does and you don't have to use a lot for your whole face as a small amount goes along way!
  3. Revlon, PhotoReady Primer: Now, I am one of those ladies that doesn't have naturally flawless skin so I NEED  primer, and I've trawled through so many different brands it's unreal - but the Revlon one really worked for me and it's so nice on your skin just by itself too...
  4.  Estée Lauder Tempting Melon Nail Lacquer: Well you may have read a little while ago I got my make-up and nails done when I went for a mini-beauty day - well this was the nail shade they used and gave me a free voucher for money off it - which bonus for me because I fell in LOVE with it and it's unfortunately £14 for a little pot of it - but I've declared it my "Special-occasion" nail varnish and paying less than half price made it a glorified buy on my part -again a versatile item witch was my aim when buying all these!
So that's my not-too-recent clothes and make-up haul - so if you are actually after buying any of these chances are a few are in sale by now - but I still frankly adore them! They're versatile, adaptable and simply me - everything I want when updating my wardrobe....

Have you had any versatile shopping sprees? Or got any versatile fashion and beauty tips for me?

Saturday, 13 October 2012

WISHLIST... New look...

Well, it's coming up to the season where we start buying - or at least me and my mam stock up for Christmas early...
So I've been trawling the shops and browsing online and frankly, was just going to pick one item from a multitude of shops - but couldn't, I mean, who can? There was simply too many things that caught my eyes and made me go 'YES' so I've decided to break-down want I want by each shop and I'm starting with New look...

1) Red Or Dead Brown Tweed Satchel £54.99, 2) Wide Fit Brown High Leg Buckle Chelsea Boots£24.99 3) Brown Aztec Twist Open Front Cardigan  £24.99 4) Black Houndstooth Snood PU Belted Coat £49.99 5) Cream Sequin Boucle Peplum Top £19.99 6) Black Keyhole Detail Jersey Jumpsuit 7) Black Chunky Heeled Platform Shoe Boots£27.99 8) Red and Black High Waisted Zip Shorts£16.99 9) Black and White Polka Dot Peplum Top £14.99

These are just a few things I came across that instantly caught my eye... So here's just a couple of details as to why...

1) If you know me, you'll know that I LOVE satchel's! They work with everything for me and they're definitely a staple of my style and I think everyone should have one. I loved the small details of this one such as the latch - it's things like that, that really make me fall in love with them. I currently have an Italian leather Satchel Robert bought me from Stylist Pick that I use for uni and work and such, plus for what it is, it was a steal at £20! I truly am in LOVE with satchels!

2) Now, I love high boots, but always have the fear that because they're high they'd make me look shorter than needed (I mean at 5"1 I really am short enough!) But, I have a pair from Topshop my mam bought me years ago, like when I was 14 and they're still in good nick now, and don't make me look short and make my calves look slimmer as I do have muscular calves - being active and athletic you see... So I picked these because they are wide fit, not because of my calves as regular ones fit, but because of my feet... I have diddy ankles but rather wide feet - it's what they call dancers feet - my mam and Rob are just the same, so I'm not alone, plus with boots I personally like the extra room and being in between sizes normally I can just simply go  for a size 4 in wide fit...

3) I am a sucker for a snuggly cardi - whether it's mine, my mams or my chaps I LOVE cardis that are snuggly - plus I love quirky patterns like this one. I have soooo many cardi's and I pretty much live in them, they keep me warm in winter and and in autumn they're a nice substitute for a coat and in summer and spring nights they're nice to snuggle up in while your sat in the garden... I think I genuinely loved granny/Christmas cardies and jumpers since before them made a bang on the scene as I loved them when I saw Shakin' Stevens in his Christmas video (My favourite Christmas song ever!) 

4) I've just talked about winter coats and I'm usually a blocked colour kind of girl when it comes to coats - that or fur - but I fell in love with this.. There was no escaping it - I loved everything about it. It just flatters my figure eg. Not too long, fitted, belted and has a built it snood - come on guys a snood! I LOVE my snood, so a coat with one genuinely does make me eeek... 

5) & 9) I've loved the peplum style for a while now - for months in fact. But they weren't as available as I would've liked then as they hadn't made the bang then as they have now. I invested in a designer Rachel Stevens dress online that was a strapless peplum dress a couple of years back and ever since I fell for them. But, I could never find any so since they're back on the high-street I've jumped on the bang-wagon and boom my wardrobe is happy for it - as am I. I already have a scuba petite peplum skirt from Topshop, but now my sights have turned to tops and these to a gorgeous - casual, but you could wear them for work or a night out - versatile clothes are simply my favourite!

6) Now, jumpsuits - I always have the worry with them that they'll make me look short - that or my long body will give a more camel-esque look - if you get my drift. So, I'm always careful with them. But this one is simple but gorgeous, plus with it being jersey it's just sheers comfort in my eyes, also, how nice a shape is it?!

7) I've fallen in love with chunky shoes ever since my first pair of wedges at 14... Yes, I adore skyscraper heels, in fact I'd live in them if it wasn't for the fact they'd be inappropriate whilst in rehearsals, but theres something about wedges that are sooo versatile - plus these are like a mix between boots, heels and wedges - could a girl be happier? 

8) I love high-waist shorts that have a tiny flick out on the legs - that also can be casual, work or night out- not asking for much, I know, but somehow this low detail description are hard to find! Terrible, I know! So, when I saw these babies I was well on them, plus I love the sassiness of the red with an almost black belt look the black pannel gives... The zips add gorge detail and I must say make them easier to remove after a night out than buttons - that's personal, but yerr...

Since I covered 9) with 5) as they're basically the same I didn't see the point in repeating... But, these are just a few of the many of things that have made me 'yay' with satisfaction just from a look! 
There is many more, but the list I truly made was waaay too long to blog about - I did recently get some gorgeous new wedges from newlook whilst trying to look for joggers - well getting side-tracked in shops is a girls perogative, I suppose... 
I think I shall invest in the jumpsuit first as it truly is a gorgeous thing, plus, being jersey means easier to take up to the length of my teeny tiny 26" legs!

Have you seen anything from New look that has caught your eye? Or have you bought anything lately that is simply wonderful from there you could share with me?