Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Is Job Hunting a Dating Game?

In today’s economic climate and unemployment at an all-time high, I recently found myself in the very common situation of job hunting. Since finishing university for the summer, without loans and grants, I have found I’m burying myself with further job applications. That awkward feeling, like many of you get, going, I want to be able to afford X,Y and Z, whether it be a summer holiday, the latest trend or something as simple as paying the rent and to do that I need one of the most difficult things to get, a job! But, sitting there thinking, how do I go about it? Struck a thought in my mind:

‘How different is job hunting to Dating?’

Thinking back on my dating and job hinting experiences they prove to be very similar things.
Firstly, you write your curriculum vitae (a fancy word for C.V) and your cover letter. You sit and write all your qualifications and promote yourself as highly as you can without sounding simply pompous. You tell your possible future employer everything they want to and need to hear.  Then you send it in and wait for them to either want to see you or not.

To be honest, I  compared it to that awkward first date moment, where you sit in front of this person you like, and basically, as humbly as you can, tell them how amazing you are and hope they like all they hear enough for a second date... You find yourself digging up these moments of when you won first prize in an art competition when you were six, to try and impress them.

We all have our fail safe stories in which we always impart on our prey whether it is a job or a man...
You almost flirt with the job, as well, in the way, they have these specifics they need from you, and you faithfully rhyme them off with ease that you fit in perfectly with all of them... They need someone with 'good communication skills' well, by Jove, you have good communication skills.... They need a 'people person'... and shockingly, you love people...

You do it on a date too... He likes a certain football team... so do you... or even if you hate football, you tell them if you had to pick a favourite team, it would be theirs.... Which you end up growing to like, despite how boring they are...

It's not that we lie, we do have 'good communication skills' and we don't hate football, but we are willing to try it for the job or the man! Because we feel we need and want both of these things. We want to impress these people enough to desire to see us again. To make them need to see us. Then, if we do it well enough, mission accomplished, if not, we the process again.

Why is it we do this?

Whether it is for a job or a man I don't think I've ever not 'been myself', whether it be a job interview or a date, just the best possible version of me. This is what we do, we only discuss and flirt with these enhanced views on us because no-one in their right mind would walk into an interview or a date and discuss this one time they 'cheated on their boyfriend' or 'cheated in a test' we leave them disclosures out, out of simple common sense to get what want and need. People want to be liked by something they want. We want to be wanted. No matter if it's a future employer or a future man.

So, if you like football, well I like football too!

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