Monday, 31 December 2012

Top 12 of 2012!

Well I was chatting to a friend about different 'End of Year' blog posts and we got to the one about your favourite 12 beauty Products of 2012 - So I thought I'd join in as this year I certainly have had some life savers in the Beauty department - plus this tag is a nice way to compare different beauty products...

Well I've hunted through my Hundreds of items and have managed to pick twelve - Just mind you. It has certainly been a challenge!
 These are my favourite/best products of 2012!
  • Kick Ass Concealer - Fair -This is one of the best concealer's I've ever found and it's three in one with a little powder to hold your make-up in place!
  • MUA Undressed Palette - I loved this from day one as it has loads of versatility for night and day - plus it's a fantasti Duper of Urban Decay Naked 2 but a sheer fraction of the price.
  • Sleek True Colour Lipstick - Candy Cane- I was skeptical when I got this in my Glossybox as it seemed too dark for my skin - but it was fab on and can be as dark or light as you want - fab for night or day..
  • Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer - This was well worth the price tag as it certainly does make you look like you've put auto correct on a photo!
  • Rituals Magic Touch - This has saved my Skin the winter months - definitely one of the best things I've EVER got for free!
  • Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen - I'm obsessed with none-naked nails - but I wouldn't be able to be if I didn't look after them and this has certainly helped me on my way this year - plus it's mega easy to use...
  • Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara Blue - I've been complimented on my eyes with this on - they truly do look Bluer (Excuse my bad English language!) Plus apply as a top coat and you'll look as if you have fake lashes on - Bonus!
  • Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation - When you have combo skin like me this is a life-saver on the skin - especially when I had to go out and my skin just wasn't haven't any!
  • The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist - This has been a wonderful pick-me-up for my face as it tends to get dry even with make-up on. So this has helped re-hydrate me - and it helps keep make-up in place!
  •  Estée Lauder Chic To Cheek Tone Correcting Powder - I may have only got this at Christmas - but it has certainly shown its worth this past week! It's been fab on using each separate colour for it's own use or as a high-lighter all mixed together - I adore this and I intend to make it last this next year!
  • John Frieda, Frizz-Ease Extra Strength Serum - After having my hair dip-dyed in summer - the bleached bits become prone to split ends so when I got this I saw immediate improvement and it certainly has saved me from some serious bad hair days...

    And Last, but not Least...
  • Soap&Glory Dr.Spot, Invisible Spot Fighting Gel - This does exactly what it says on the tin. It's great for those stress spots and getting rid of them quickly.
To be honest, I had about 10 more products I would add to this list such as many nail varnish's and so Moisturisers. But I was good and kept to the rules.... 
So that's my top twelve products of 2012 - and I can't wait to see what I discover in the coming year - I'm sure there's so fabulous items for me to fawn over in 2013 - Actually in fact I know there is as I've already ordered a few things to show up in the New Year - Such as the MUA Fur-Effects seem a genuine must! 

So this is it for '5'1 is the new 6'2' for 2012 - It's has certainly been an interesting and fabulous year, full of fashion beauty and life events and I wouldn't have it any other way!

To be honest these may have been the top products to keep me going but the thing that has truly kept me going this year is this:
Robert has been the best of everything this year - and always will be!

So hope you've enjoyed this post and have a fabulous New Year!

But, what're your Top 12 Products of 2012? 
If you make one paste it here - I'd love to know!


Friday, 28 December 2012

Boxing Day Haul!

Christmas is over, unfortunately so to get over the post Crimbo blues I did the most likely thing in the woman's prerogative - I went SHOPPING!

I think I spent way to much I must say, but I suppose all is ok since all the clothes are size 8 or 10 (Showing I didn't pig out too much!) and just about everything was in the sales - bonus! 

Well I went to Carlisle - about an hour from where I live - and decided to hit the stores.... It was certainly bargains galore and as most other women around I was battling for a bargain - quite literally in some case - women really are defensive when it comes to bargains in the fashion and beauty world - but I suppose that is out prerogative after all!

My  Fabulous Haul!
Well it's not a HUGE haul, but a little decent one to keep me going over the new year! - Then bring on the January sales...

I decided to hit the Newlook store there as I'd managed to get the last size 10 coat - as in THE coat - My coat that I'd fallen in love with - well I'd phoned up the day before and asked them to hold on to the last one for me and so - It was finally mine!
Me in the BEST coat ever!
That's right it's finally mine - and instead of paying the full £54.99 I payed £32! Yes, I got a bargain for this baby - well thanks to my Mam's persistence in telling me to phone and ask them told hold the last size 10 for me... It's out of stock everywhere now, but here it is on the site - Black Woolly Contrast Sleeve Belted Skirt Coat - Newlook - Now £32 Was £54.99. 

I didn't just get that from Newlook, I also go two fabulous size 8 versatile tops and I was after a pair of inverted heels, but since I was unable to get any I went for the other fab pair I'd been dying to get my hands on...

From Left: 
Next I went to Lush to indulge in their sale as I'd been dying to get my hands on a few things but I'd never actually managed to go shopping their before Christmas to get them - which I'm quite glad about now as everything I wanted was half price! Man I love sales!

From Left: 
  • Magic Wand Bubble bar - Was £4.95 - I paid £2.48 - This smells amazing and makes my bath fabulous and bubbly! Also I must admit the fact it makes the bath pink is fab! Plus, doesn't the bell make a cute key ring when you're done!
  • Mr.Punch Soap Bar -Was £6.45 - I paid £3.23 -  Filled with alcoholic goodness this instantly struck me and simply does feel fabulous! It smells divine and it leaves this smell on your skin all day!
  • Snow Globe Soap Bar - Was £5.84 - I paid £2.92 - I got this because it's smells so good the lemon grass and citrus lemon and grapefruit. So refreshing - something to wake you up! I used this on my legs and I felt refreshed and was left with a fresh smell all the time!
Some of the best Lush products ever...
Such fabulous colours and smells - I love Lush and I can't wait to venture to the new Lush Spa in Liverpool Next year! - Girly Days are even needed for me! 

We next headed to Boots to take advantage of the 3 for 2 on all Soap & Glory products - so I decided to try their range for blemished skin and of course get the facial peel off my Christmas List! But of course, it's me so I wasn't going to leave without a few extra's!

From Left:

The last bag is the La Senza One - Buuut, I choose not to kiss and tell - even with undies - but I had stocked up on plenty of their No VPL and Seam-free undies for sheer comfort and I HATE HATE HATE knicker lines when it comes to night out's or just anytime....

So I haven't photographed my items - as that's a bit much even for me - so I'll simply leave it to your imagination - thought frankly I am rather pissed off at the fact La Senza's new suppliers won't be getting any sizes above DD - So 34FF me is going to struggle - sigh - I'll have to stock up in their sale then!

So that's my sales haul! I hope it's been interesting and you've liked the items I've bought...

I rather enjoyed my trip out - it certainly cured my hangover I had and I came home with some fabulous items!

Have any of you had any sales hauls? 
Have you got any of the products I've just got?
Tell me what you think!


Tuesday, 25 December 2012


Yes, that title should be said as if you were taking part in doing the scream for Noddy Holder's song "Merry Xmas Everybody" - because yes I was doing that at 9am this morning because to state the obvious -

I'm so excited - the turkey's on, games are being played, no there's no snow, but there is lot's of presents and Shakin' Stevens going on in the Background as I write this... So yes the festivities are here!

I thought I'd give you all a Merry Christmas and give you a lil peek of the pressies Santa brought me!

That's my Presents wrapped up and waiting this morning brought by Santa - then a lil summery of what I got...

1. Nerd and Cross studded T-shirts..
2. Turtle Star Projector!
3. Red Snuggly
4. Make-up/Nail polish case...
5. Take That CD 
6. "Keep Calm" pj's
7. Impulse Very Pink Gift Set
8. Hello Kitty Socks 
9. Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum
10. Make-up bag containing goodies!
11. LucyQ Hula Necklace (I got it!!!!)
12. GD Leather Uggs
13. Brogue Heels
14. Ankle Leather Boots
15. Wedges 
16. Belts
17. Fluffy slippers
18. Chocolate and sweets of course!

Hmm I think that's it! - Yes, I've been made a very happy bunny this Christmas - it's certainly been shown that I haven't been that naughty this year! Yay mee!
I've decided to give you a little run down of just some of the fabulous gifts I've been given by my nearest and dearest - and Santa of course!

All Things Pink!

1. Jimmy Choo Eau De Parfum 60ml - This was on my list - it smells fantastic and I've basically bathed myself in it so far!
2. My little Brother Liam got me a fabulous Impulse Very Pink gift set that I love! Which is a good thing because I managed to squirt it up my nose when having a sniff!
3. "Keep Calm" Pajama's - I've been so into the Keep Calm range since it reemerged a few years ago so I've been very chuffed I can go to sleep with it on my boobies!

Bag Of Goodies!
My mam put together a make-up bag full of fabulous stuff, including some Astor's, MUA and Estee Lauder!

Estée Lauder Chic to Cheek Tone Correcting powder
This baby may look like something for your eyes, but really it's filled wither pigmented powder to blend in with the natural tones of your skin and it had green for redness, yellow for dark patches, pink to brighten and blue to take away shine - all in one gorgeous compact...

Astor's Eye Artist - My Perfect Black Palette -
I simply loved the collection of twilight colours in this Astor's mini palette - they're perfect for a night out!
1. MUA Lip Glosses shades 2 and 5, 
 2. MUA: Frozen Yoghurt, L'Oreal Resist and Shine: 101 and 530.
 3. Me with MUA and Models Own Southern Lights on!
My guilty please MUA glosses and blushers and Santa indulged me further with more nail varnish, the MUA one is fabulous under some glitter!

Bring on the Shoes!
1. Brushed Wedges 2. Black Leather Booties. 3 GD Brushed Leather UGGS 4. Brogue Heels
 (All size 4)
What can I say I got loads of shoes - but I suppose along with Jewellery it's a girls prerogative to get shoes! I know they're all black - but they're all very versatile - my favourite!

LucyQ Hula Pendant 1
Yes, I got the necklace I wanted! I LOVE my man - how sweet is he! This is a fabulous necklace because like me it's perfectly imperfect! It's simple fabulous on and I literally haven't taken it of since 9:30am when I unwrapped it...

So that's just a select few of the things I got - there was a bit more and some cash, but it's Christmas and I didn't want to bore you all after all!

I'm loving my Christmas so far and I hope you all are too - It's been fabulous and not just because of the presents because remember Christmas is about so much more than Pressies - But they are lovely to get!

I hope you all have an amazing holiday!
Merry Christmas Everyone

thought I'd just leave you all this fine Christmas of me in a snuggly!

Monday, 24 December 2012

The Christmas Tag...


Seeing as it's Christmas Eve it seems once again I've left somethings till the last minute - no not Christmas shopping (though I was in town today getting a last few things!) it happens to be I've neglected my Christmas tag until today - but I suppose it has more effect if I do it on the last day before the BIG day....
My Christmas Pressies for others!
I was tagged by a few bloggers such as Natalie but its one of those "everyone tag's" so you should all give it a go!

Here I go...

     1. What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
Well I live away Stoke so mainly it's comign home to see my lovely family and friends - then of course, presents Christmas dinner and the fab films and shows on T.V - also the fact that you can wrar obscene jumpers and get away with it!

2. What is your favourite makeup look for the festive season?
I don't really have a usually style but this year I'm all in for the frosty glitters look! I can't get enough of it especially the MUA Undressed Palette which has more nude but glittery colours... But I do like to see what products are out at the time to see if I can update my Christmassy look...

3. Real or fake tree?
We've had both at my house, but I pretty much have to stick to fake as the real ones make me sneeze like I have hay fever - Plus when the needles fell on the floor when I was younger one stuck in my foot and I had to have a bandaged foot over Christmas!

4. Giving or receiving presents? 
I think along with every woman out there it would be a complete lie if I didn't simply ADORE getting presents - but unlike some people that get well and truly stressed getting pressies for others I love going out shopping and making a big deal out of getting someone something special!

5. Do you open your presents in the morning or evening?
If I got it my way it would be from midnight when it strikes 12 after Santa has been, but we get up fairly early in the morning and tear open them babies - it's even better now my lil' bro has ADHD like me and want's to get up at 6am because he's like 5!

6. Handmade or bought Christmas cards?
I love getting and making handmade cards - but I'm truly rubbish with art - If I get a hand made one Moonpig shall do it for me otherwise I pick some fabulous one from the shops - this year I have Disney Princess ones!

7. What is your favourite Christmas film?
A Muppets Christmas Carol! It sounds awful but I like it when Scrooge is bad in that film as Michael Caine produces one of my favourite lines in History - "If they'd rather die, they better do it and decrease the surplus population" silly I know, but simple acting joy to watch every year - then again I actually watch it in months such as June...

8. What is your favourite Christmas food?
We have the works with Christmas - minus Prawn starters ect because I'm allergic - but even though we have beef and Turkey my favourite things to eat on Christmas is my weight in Roast Potatoes, Mash and Cauliflower! I'm a quirky person I know...

So that's my answers to the tag! I reckon you should all give it a go this fine Christmas eve - it may be rainy but it's still the season after all! If you do participate people link it to my blog so I can have a peek - I'm so nosy!

This is my last post before Christmas 2012 - so I hope I've not been too naughty - and neither have the rest of you - As I want Santa to treat us all to some special gifts...

Merry Christmas Everyone

Sunday, 16 December 2012

All Things PEPLUM...

Well assignments done and handed in so I am free of uni until January - so I thought it was about time I gave you all a little fashion post, and what better than a post on one of my favourite fashion trends of the moment -

You all know how much I'm loving the Peplum style at the minute - Actually I've always adored it - It's fab! I've invested in so many gorgeous pieced of this trend as they're fantastic and just honestly make me feel pretty!

Me rocking a peplum top...
I've seen so many people jumping on the peplum bandwagon, but I feel like I've been banging on about this trend for years... So I decided to follow up from my last post on peplum - and basically every time I've mentioned it - and actually give it it's own post that it deserves - This is kind of a 'Knowing Your Shape' but not, as like I've said in the past - I disagree about what I read a fellow blogger said that they're a quote/unquote "A perfect all rounder" as in my opinion they suit maybe 3 or 4 out of the five shapes that I talk of - as I think Pear shapes can't wear them and Apple's and/or Boy Shape's MUST be careful with them - but they do suit MOST people... For example- My Fashionista was caught by me wearing a black peplum number, and there was nothing wrong with the dress, I loved it, but it was a bit tight and the shine of the dress showed it off and showed her apple/boy shape off. So watch your outfits ladies...

SJP IN SATC 1 and the Lovely Kate!
I've put together some info on 'The Peplum' when it was started and how long it's been 'on the scene' as it would be - because like I said, I've loved it for years and other women have way before even my Mam's time - it was certainly not just invented for the A/W 2012 trend at all! Nowadays you see them everywhere - even when you don't want to (like on night's out!) from the catwalk to celebs like Emma Watson, Lady Gaga, Diana Argon (LOVE HER!) and Rachel Bilson right to our very own Mum-to-be Kate Middleton have all rocked thee peplum. Rightto the pages on Cosmo, Glamour and ELLE - it seems that everyone has gone peplum mad - unashamedly even me! But some of us that have heard of it think it was invented in the 80's (as worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in The first SATC film!) But oh no! It was actually started way back in the twenties!

I've done my research ladies and have discovered from the likes of the roaring 20's they've fascinated us ladies who are involved with fashion! They traveled through the decades and made the magazines but eventually faded away in the 50's when the years of the fabulous Marilyn dresses and pencil skirts came in , but popped back up in the kickin' 80's where they're were puffier or just simply bigger - then they dispersed again through the grunge 90's right until the noughties and the 2010's they've come back on the scene much to my pleasure!

Here's a little picture to demonstrate this research - featuring the fabulous people's princess (R.I.P) and the fabulous Diana Argon:
From the 1920's to now this trend was NOT Invented today it was simply revived!
So that's a brief history on the peplum - I'm not sure who invented it - who though that an extra piece of fabric around your middle would look brill - but they're an amazing person! The earliest I could track it back to is the Peplum is in old copies of Godey’s Lady’s Book, a popular magazine in the 19th century that featured poems and especially discussion about fashion. But it never made it to the big fashion scene until the 20's...

As for today's peplum - I'm loving it, obviously, and I've not just done my research on the past, but also on the current style's of what peplum's I own, what I want - out of all the simply fabulous clothes!

Here's a little collection of different peplum's of what I actually have and a couple that I wish Santa would bring me please...

All of these are from some of my favourite high-street stores and even the likes of eBay  I haven't included designer because, come on get real, £200 for something I can pay £20 for? Plus, I like to keep a deal to my readers that the stuff I show you all is pretty affordable!

So this is just a little collection of peplum Items that I either have or really want and intend to get either soon or in the January sales - because everyone LOVES the January sales - clothes on the cheap whats not to like?!

Top Row:

  • Ladies Sleeveless v-neck Bodycon Peplum Dress - eBay - £14.99 -This is just me in dress form. Simple, classy, LBD and all for 15 quid. You can go wrong. 
  • Black Crepe Peplum Biker Jacket - Newlook - £34.99 - I love this biker jacket. It's so versatile. You could wear it for work, night out, uni, shopping! It's pretty, slimming and just fabulous.
  • Cameo Rose Black Studded Neck Peplum - Newlook - £19.99 -I got this for my birthday and I LOVE it! It's so flattering and you feel slim and sexy in. It's definitely a piece I'll be rocking past this winter.
  • Rich Purple Peplum Shell Top - Newlook - £8.99 - This cost effective little number comes in a range of colour. But I was instantly attracted to the purple. It stands out and is fabulous. Just a simple little number to add some colour over a pair of black skinnies or a bodycon.
  • Dark Purple Peplum Skirt - River Island - £25 - I loved this, it's so unique and flattering. Again a purple colour, but absolutely fabulous. Also, the price was definitely not as much as I thought it was going to be from River Island.
Bottom Row:
  • Petite Peplum Scuba Skirt - Topshop - £28 -I got this for work, but I've found it was so much more versatile than that. I've worn it on night's out and just for shopping days. 
  • Basic Peplum Top - Topshop - £16 - This was my first peplum piece of the season. I've loved it ever since and simply got more of an addiction.
  • One Shoulder Stud Trim Peplum Top - Topshop - £38 - This is a fabulous choice for a night out. The stud trim gives the impression of a belt, and goes really well with fitting in with this studded trend.
  • Black Peplum Shorts - River Island - £12 - These are so cute and such good value for money. Plus they put a gorge spin on regular black shorts, which we all know are a staple to every girls wardrobe.
  • White Peplum Work Shirt - Newlook - £16.99 - I've mentioned this item before when I did my post of work/interview wear. This is a nice example of making work wear chic and a cute spin on your standard white shirt.
So that's just a few of the peplum items I've fallen in love with from my local high-street - and honestly it is just a few as I would have soooo many more...

I love the peplum style and it can be worn in so many way's - so don't think you can't wear it with a scarf or a cardi just because it's a more structured item. You don't have to look like Kate Middleton at a dinner party , because the peplum is versatile, yes it is a very structured and a tailored look, but be brave and maybe break that structure up a bit with a pair of skinnies or a fitting cardi. There's nothing wrong with playing things down!

So I hope you all like my weekend come-back to blogs after being distant due to uni and I hope my little insight into the origins of peplum have more interested you than bored you... As it for a history freak like me, it's been fabulous to get right in to it...

One more thing, I got my December GLOSSYBOX... eeeek watch out for my next {Rachael Review}...

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Christmas Fall..

I haven't blogged in a little while as well my beauty & fashion obsession and my generally witty observations of life have had to take a back seat this week as it's the dreaded time of the year for us students, assignment week.. Bum, bum buuumm...
Freezing away waiting...
in my furrr...

Yerr, it's a big deal where we have presentations to complete, portfolio's essay's and general stuff to get done so we can high-tail it home for Christmas - or in my case have an extra couple of day here until my op then get my mammy to pick me up...

So like I said unless it's to do with uni or the uni library my social life and therefore my blogging life has had to take a back seat and this all means I've packed in my cosmo's and cocktails in for a recurring coffee addiction to keep me going- well almost...

I did have one aspect of fun to do this week my Cheerleading Christmas Meal! - Anything to do with Cheerleading is mega fun so I couldn't say no to a fabulous meal with my girlies...

Well this week, as I said was HECTIC - actually hectic is an understatement I think I'm spent a tenner in printing credit, just for SOME of my portfolio - but I digress - so the day itself was a runaround - I had a group meeting to talk about some work, I then had an interview to do (Not go to but to record...) then had to go back to work then to Cheerleading. After all this I had to find a half hour in between to sort my outfit, get ready and get there... Not a lot eh? Well, I actually managed it surprisingly and due to the ice and cold I put on the furrr! I love my fur! It was my mam's and I like to wear it because it reminds me of her... Anyway, I got dolled up in my a fabulous LBD from Very (which required a fairly comfortable none-bra to keep my boobies up and in!) and my Louboutin's and made my way to the venue - which is fab and know for their fab food, vodka and one of my favourite things ever - Cocktails!
Yes there is a bite taken out before the photo-
I couldn't wait!

There was some drinks and banter, but I'll get to the main point of the meal - the food was fab, and all my parents (mainly my mam's) good manner's at the table kicked in and I was chomping away like a right little lady - thank god because we all know how we'd do it at home! Well yes it was amazing -so amazing I couldn't quite manage it all and I was clever - I didn't pick the vodka cream I chose ice-cream with the desert which made it extra yum!

Strawberry Woo Woo &
Purple Rain...
During the meal I had to get their world-renowned cocktails - plus we all know how much of a cocktail lover I am - So I thought I'd take advantage of the Student Society deals - eg. 2 cocktails for £6 - the only catch is you're meant to get two of the same kind - but I didn't want that - of course, I'm fussy! The bar man was pretty adamant about giving me my own way. But, I pulled out the ol' Rachael charm (and no not my boobs! though in the dress he was having a peek - typical guy!) and flirted my way in to getting two different cocktails rather than two the same - Well I say flirt, it was more of sweet talking or 'flanter' - anyway we got cracking over my love for cocktails and how I'm enthusiast with making them, and unashamedly drinking (lots of ) them! He asked how I would usually make them and I said "with extra shots in each" and with a bat of my eyes, got a free extra shot in each...

My poor wee knee...
This may have been a good idea at the time, but at the end of the night, when I was p*ssed, it certainly was NOT! Me and my friend were saying our goodbyes and decided to hop in a taxi as a late night not studying or working is frankly NOT a good idea this week, so we popped off. On the way to the taxi rank the frost and ice on the ground looked pretty and glisteney. But not so much when I was in the full splits on the ground from slipping on a frozen thing on the ground, landing in the splits, with ripped tights and messed up knee to end the term with! - On the up side I landed a damn good splits that didn't hurt! Also, like many other times I didn't fall on my arse, I fell in a stylish and as-dignified-as-you-can-get-when-falling way as I possibly can! - Definitely a story to tell, which a battle wound!

So after this week I think the desire to finish my work, head back to Cumbria and relax and party there has ignited with a burning passion - I love this city, but there's way too much temptation to go out, shop, party and that, so I'm happy to go home soon...

This is a bit of topic and more of a wee catch-up, but I haven't had time to organise my beauty/fashion life this week, but I promise you when it's over I can pack away my growing addiction to coffee, and crack out the Cosmo's again over Christmas...

On a light note I do have a super fashion blog planned for this weekend once I'm done with the jaws of uni... Hope you're all looking forward to it - it's on one of my most favourite things in trend at the moment - but it shall remain a surprise until I post it!

Wish me luck with the rest of my uni work and Au Revoir until I can manage to pry myself away from plays and books on Documentary Theatre...


Sunday, 9 December 2012

How Much is My Face Worth?

No, this isn't about the worth of surgery or daft things like this is all about one of my favourite things ever - Make-up!

After getting ready for my birthday I realised that my face goes through a lot to look fabulous! I don't cake it on - that would be bloody awful, but I use such a range of different products on my face too keep it going for a night out!

So I've decided to summarise what I use on my face and tally it up to see how much my face is worth on a night out - as if I did it during the day it would be like £10 eg mascara and a bit of spot cover hehe So I hope you all find it fascinating and fun to see how much my face is actually worth when I head for a night out!

Well I best start with a picture of me with my make-up on:
Not the best, but you get the idea...
This is from a couple of weeks ago when I was ready for a lovely meal and I'd used all my fab make-up that I use for a night out... So now would be a nice idea to show you which these are...

My make-up items:

Face & Lips....
From Top Left: (All from Boots and Superdrug) Simple Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser (RRP £4.99),
Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer (RRP £11.99),
Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation (RRP £10.99)
No7 Stay Perfect Concealer (RRP £7)
Collection Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-Up Fixer (RRP £5.99)
Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks (RRP £1.99)
Soap & Glory™ Marvelips™ - As good as nude (RRP £8)
Nivea Hydro Care Lip Protection With Pure Water & Aloe Vera (RRP £1.99)
MUA Lip Liner Softly Lined (RRP £1)
Total of Face and Lips = £53.94
Well that's the total of my face and lips on a night out and to be honest, I'm a bit shocked with what my face goes through! I'm now going to give you a little run down of each item, what it is and why I use it...

  • Simple Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser - This is a fab moisturiser. I discovered it back when I was 17/18 and I've tried different ones, but this is by far my favourite when it comes anti-blemish Moisturisers - It doesn't let anything get into my pores meaning I won't get spotty that and I use it as a base to my Primer...
  • Revlon PhotoReady Perfecting Primer - I use a different Primer during the day - I use Nivea, but for nights out this is my baby. It really does make my face look like I've clicked 'noise reduction' on Photoshop. It's brill and makes my fairly uneven face, even and ready for foundation, which is why this is worth the pennies because no-one want's their foundation to go on blotchy or stick in their pores...
  • Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation - I got this because, as I said I don't have even skin - who does? But I have red pigments, dark patches ect (When you look close) so I gave this a try and it gives your face a lovely even look using the different pigments in the foundation and you really do see a difference... The purple pigments are for anti-dull complexion and truthfully I do look less washed out...
  • No7 Stay Perfect Concealer - I heard about this from a fellow blogger as I was dying to find a concealer that quote, unquote "Actually works" - This works really well in combination with the other products and it has an anti-blemish quality to it meaning I don't have to worry about my spots getting worse if I'm covering them up...
  • Collection Fix Me Up Long Lasting Make-Up Fixer - I actually heard about this stuff on ITV: This Morning. As strange as that sounds. I was watching the professional use it to keep the model's make-up in place and though 'That's what I need!' because after an hour or three partying my make-up sometimes goes to pot! So I tried it an voila, it does actually help - like hairspray for your make-up - well worth it!
  • Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks - I'm naturally very pale and my natural pink cheeks either get red in winter when I'm ill or disappear from the cold - So this cost effective little blush is well worth it. It stays on for ages and gives a nice glow to my face - though I do fancy getting a new creme blusher as I've had them before and they do last a bit longer than the powder blush...
  • Nivea Hydro Care Lip Protection With Pure Water & Aloe Vera - I know you can get lip primers, but I feel this does the same thing for me - plus this is my favourite lip balm ever! I adore it and it fills out the creases of my lips to give an even look when I apply the colour....
  • MUA Lip Liner Softly Lined - I use this to line my lips - as I'll be honest  I don't have the most lushous of lips - despite what my guy says - they're a bit undefined  So I use this to give my lips definition and shape before applying the colour...
  • Soap & Glory™ Marvelips™ - As good as nude - This may seem a natural shade on most ladies, but on this pale girl it's a fantastic stand-out colour, as close as I get to bright red to be honest (Hmmm a 'knowing you Lip shape is needed!) as red can make me look washed out... So this is a gorgeous matte colour - but the other end is a close over coat that also plumps your lips - how fab. So you really can't go wrong with Soap & Glory!
So that's the total of my Face & Lips - £53.94 

Wow - not in the hundred, thank god. But it is a shock what simply I go through to take a fab photo - and I haven't even moved to eyes yet!
As for my eyes, I decided to do them separately - as when it comes to my make-up routine (yes, another routine!) I do them separately - and put a bit of my 'fix-it' spray afterwards! So take a look at my fabulous eye wear...

From The Top: (From Boots, Superdrug and FeelUnique)
L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim - Intense Black (RRP £6.99)
NYC Eye Pencil - White (RRP £1.49)
Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara for Blue eyes (RRP £7.99)
Bourjois Beautiful Mascara Black (RRP £7.99)
MUA Pro Pallette Undressed (RRP £4)
Max Factor Eyebrow Pencil Hazel 002 (RRP £4.99)
Total = £33.45
So that's the quick run-down of what goes on my little blinkers - and I thought it would be more to be honest  but frankly, I'm glad it's not! A lot seems to go into making my eyes stand out further - so now I shall explain what all this is and why I use these specifically!
  • L'Oréal Paris Super Liner Perfect Slim - Intense Black - I previously used Max Factor - but it ran out (boo!) and thought I'd shop about for something new... Now, I love the easiness of eye pencils - but I hate they smudge and move. Where as I love the definition of liquid eyeliner, but my hands are way too shakey for it - so when I came across this stuff and did the sneaky pre-open-in-shop try on my hand I was rather impressed and for good reason! You can do all sorts with this even those fancy slicks ect. which I'm still yet to completely master!
  • NYC Eye Pencil - White - It seems strange to have a white eyeliner. But I got this because ages ago when I was learning my first steps of the use of make-up, I got skeptical when my mum told me to put white eyeliner on my bottom lid - she said it would open my eyes. Like I said, I was skeptical  until I looked in a mirror! It's fab, defines your eyes and opens them. So if you have little eyes I say £1.49 is a good investment!
  • Bourjois Beautiful Mascara Black - I have naturally long black eyelashes - so I'm quite lucky, but that doesn't mean I don't want them longer, thicker or blacker! And this ticks all the boxes I use one or two coats of this on the top lashes to extend and basically give a false-lash look, with the hell of false lashes!
  • Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara for Blue eyes - I was skeptical about this, I thought "Blue mascara? That made me think of me circa 2004 when it was cool to have colour mascara!" but this isn't coloured, it has 'saphire' pigments, for those of us with blue eyes - and of course different pigments for different colour eyes - but it really does work, well in my opinion!
  • MUA Pro Pallette Undressed - I'm a sucker for MUA and natural makeup so add them together this was a must have... I'd seen/had their Heaven and Earth Palette but even for the likes of me - there was only cream/nude colours - and even I like a little extra colour as I didn't want to risk it being too boring... It gives a fab natural look with highly pigmented colours as it has a mix of nude shimmers and mattes it does well even for this glitter season... If you are wanting a nude palette but actually want some colour don't got for the Heaven and Earth Palette got for the Undressed Pallette just for that tiny bit extra for the season - Also I have loved being able to use it for the likes of work and uni then switch it to night-out-mode... 
  • Max Factor Eyebrow Pencil Hazel 002 - I stress about eyebrow shape! I don't like the big bushes, I like defined eyebrows so this is a handy little tool to help shape and shade my little brows! I LOVED the little brush that really does help keep it all in place when it comes to adding a bit of colour...
So that's my eyes done and the total is - £33.45! 

Not as much as I'd thought there would be, but I like my eyes and don't like to use too much on them... Other's might disagree, but I think they're kinda pretty... I love all these products and would say get them and try them for yourself - you'll be surprised!

When it comes to products for my face - Of course I find things that will suit me and make me look pretty, but also what makes me feel pretty! I've also got to take into account, my type of skin, the fact I'm pale and - sometimes even the shape of my face - Yes, knowing your shape applies to alot of things not just bodies ladies!

So the over all total of How much my face is worth on a night out is - £87.39! - Wow that's actually alot! If you think back to your small face plus the products then the cost that's fairly steep for me. Though in my defense, I've missed out a couple of things that could easily make £100 if I added them - but I use them so rarely I didn't - perhaps I shall do a follow up!

So that's most of the products I use, why I use them and in total how much they cost all adding up to how much my face is worth! It could be worse, so I'm happy, though a bit shocked what my face goes through to look fabulous - oh the price we pay for beauty!

Have you tallied up how much your face is worth? You should! I did and now I'm in a world of realisation! 
How much is your face worth? 

And just because I don't think I look quite my quirky and fun self in the first photo here's a photo of me in a onesie having fuuun.... As you do!

Saturday, 8 December 2012

You're Not 19 Forever!

Well - My Birthday is over... But as ever with nights like this, the hangover remains! Let's just say I left the teens and my ability to survive alcohol did also...

Yes, I told you all of my birthday yesterday, what I got and how excited I was - well today I'm going to enlighten you all as to why Birthdays are a health hazard, to everyone - and in short the answer is drink!

I'll elaborate....
Me blowing my candle out!
In a devil onesie!

Yesterday I thought a close friend of mine, Caggy wasn't coming out. You know, tis the time of year and well I was a bit gutted. But I got ready - in my new peplum top! - Which, to digress, I paired with a bodycon skirt, tights and my new-ish wedges. I also let the top be the main piece by not going too heavy with the jewellery, but did use my fabulous MUA make-up pallet I've previously blogged about (HERE)and used the metallic glitter's in that to really set the outfit off! Back to the story I thought she wasn't going out and had thought we'd have pre drinks at one of the other SU's... Only to get a text late afternoon saying:

*Do you fancy having pre-drinkies at mine?*

I thought 'yeah sure it'll be nice to see her and her chappy, before hand, even if they aren't coming out' - So  I got dolled up and tipsy and headed over... 
After arriving I had a fabulous surprise - there she was with a few of my friends, all dressed up and ready for the night - I was so excited! I may not be huge on surprises, but that was fab!

Me in my new Peplum!
We had some drinking games, of course, one which included a Bukaroo - which I'll be honest, I've NEVER played - yes, ever! So I went into 10-year-old mode and went right for it -competitive and everything. Surprisingly I didn't lose. But that did stop me drinking along with everyone else. As in guzzling down my bottle of champagne cocktail! Us girls had a gossip then we all had a dance - especially my friend Rich who basically is an artist with drinks he can drink anything without a flinch - but not without spilling it on himself! The conversations ranged from ex's to men having a nip-on and Women's "ZONES" (Hmm perhaps a blgo is required on this!)... As you do (aaah my friends!) then we decided, after finishing all the drink and forcing down vile tasting peach schnapps and vodka scrumpy mix down my friend, Rich's gullet we thought we should hit the club - Birthday VIP style!

I was actually clever this year and brought jacket to wear so I didn't end up dying! My friend Rich on the other hand, was w*nkered before we left and had trouble walking in a straight line all the way to the SU... When we got there I felt really special or famous - as corny as that sounds, because we got in for free because it was my birthday, that and they called us the "Birthday Party People VIP" - I mean how awesome is that?!

Well we got dancing, drinking and met up with more people we knew and it has to be said, we had a fabulous time! It was brilliant and there was no girls trying to hone in on my man like last week - though I did have a randomer come up to me near the bathrooms, spluttering and completely puckered up said:

"Oh My God, I f*cking love you! Yerr, that's it, I'm like definitely going to Marry you!" 

Yeah, how do you respond to that besides "f*ck off"? Well I first tackled peeling him away as he'd discovered his own pincer grip hug to my arm, so I detached him. Then after he went on and on and on I managed to get a word in saying I wasn't interested as I'm seeing someone and he should stop hugging people -to which he said 

"Oh God, yeah I'm really sorry, I thought you were my Girlfriend - you look like 'er a bit! My bad!"

Birthday Look!
Oh the shame! I mean we've all mistook our significant other from a distance or from behind in a crowded place and -perhaps waved or gone closer - but never have I ever gone to the extent of trying to kiss someone else! I had to restrain from laughing right in his face - but I was just actually glad that it wasn't me! 
My guy troubles didn't end there - remember Ken? Well Ken was out?! Yes, as if! Well he saw me with Robert, but still tried to find ways to get me alone for a dance or a chat - I think at one point I actually hid behind a low pillar from him, that yes, I needed to crouch behind! Which obviously wasn't very good hiding as him and his friend walked over and asked what I was doing?! Oh the shame for me - I blagged I dropped a ring or something a then mad a quick dash for the loo and luckily ran into my friends.... 
Yes, it was like something from a terrible comedy sketch! Afterward I did basically everything short of having sex with Robert in front of him on the dance floor to put him off - but my grinding-dancing was on top form - or so I thought when wrecked - thank God there's no photo's of that!

Well my guy troubles aside we also had to spend the night keeping Rich from wandering to the bar to drink more or just collapsing -which he did on my knee at one point! We actually got worried when we left him outside and then two minutes later we saw the guards running out! But we then sent Robert to collect him and turned out he was talking to some girls and making them laugh - then again this guy, you could make a book with his random musings!

Sitting outside the take-away
at the night's end
That was hilarious. What wasn't hilarious was me trying to make my own cocktails by mixing vodka, gin, orange juice and something else (I have NO idea?!) and washing that down with swigs of larger and Guinness (How womanly! Not!) but that concoction was deadly! Also there was a few 'Knowing Your Shape' moments, but how good was I at restraining myself! I didn't flinch once - though there was a cringe or two...

By the end of the night we had to carry Rich home - I say "we" I mean me and Caggy walked and talked whilst Robert and her fiancé Phil basically carried him back to theirs and straight to bed! - But of course with a stop off at the take-away!
Me on the other hand when I got home, sat and watched T.V for half an hour with won tons then headed to bed....

So that was my amazing night out - where I didn't get ill, I didn't get kicked out of a club, didn't have a broke limb and  I have quite happily turned 20! Though of course, I've learnt a couple of lessons - as I suppose we all need to when we age a year:
  • Do not make your own 'cocktail concoction' in a bar when your plastered - the hangover the next day may not be worth it! 
  • Bukaroo is AMAZING, where has it been all my life? It is a fabulous drinking game!
  • This year onward I need perhaps be harsher with Challengers - as grinding on the dance floor may not have been an attractive substitute!  
This is not something I've learnt but more of a fact: I have amazing friends and family! This year right till my 21st needs to be doubly amazing!

Your not 19 forever - Now, I'm 20!

Friday, 7 December 2012

Keep Calm - It's My BIRTHDAY!

One the best 'Happy Birthday's ever! - Off Google!
Yes, it's my birthday today - the big 2-0 - my twentieth birthday, my twenteenth, Mon anniversaire, mein Geburtstag.... You guys get the picture - it's my 20th Birthday today!

It's so exciting to me...

I love Birthday - especially mine... Of course! 

Every Birthday is so special to me because even though we have our "Big Birthday's" eg. 18th, 21st ect. I believe every Birthday should be special, because you don't get to repeat it you only get ONE of every age. I only get to me 20 for as long as I got to be 18 or 19. So I think every birthday should be a big deal!

This is a new decade for me. The end of the teenage era! A full blown adult - though, would you believe it at times? hehe It's odd for me, but not as most people have said I'm 20 for ages now because I said I was nearly 20...
Cards From Left From My Nan, Liam, Robert, Mam and Dad...
Including a sneaky peek of my Pink Champagne!
Anyway it's my birthday and I've loved all my card's and presents... So far... 
I've got clothes, make-up, shoes and money off my Mam. Money off my Dad - though that's brill, because I don't think he'd quite know what to get for his 20-year-old youngest daughter (It likely scares him I'm not a kid anymore!) My Nan gave me a cute card and a bit of money - Noooo don't over think the money - My families just ace hehe... MY love Fiancé, Rob, he got me some lovely pressies that truly shows he listened - that or he read my Christmas list blog post - He gave me LOTR: Lego game, Zumbo's Cookbook and he got me a lil' subscription to Glossybox and Cosmo! I am a Happy and lucky Girl! He's also surprised me with a bottle of Pink Champagne - My FAVOURITE and he's making me a Birthday cake! - Like a pro I love my guy!

I'm so excited and will definitely share more with you guys as my day progresses and as the weekend goes on hehe I went to uni and found I get me and four other friends in our LRV (SU) tonight - so you know what we're doing!

To be honest this Birthday-day (long story) is going ten times better than my last two as both those times I was really ill on my actual Birthday and had to postpone my celebrations! This year (Touch wood!) It's going so well and I'm not flat on my back... (In a bad way!)
From Left: Lego: Lord of the Rings, Glossybox, Cameo Rose Black Studded Neck Peplum Top, Tea- tree Facial wash and Zumbo Cookbook!
We then popped to town and I got a gorgeous new studded peplum top from Newlook (Click HERE) that I've been fawning over for what feels like forever!- courtesy of my Mam (She's the best!) and some fantastic undies from Primark - as you do... This lil' shopping trip was all topped off by a quick nip into Bodyshop, to only find out, since I have a Bodyshop card I get a free gift for my Birthday - Bonus! So I got some fabulous tea-tree face-wash (Click HERE!)that I'd had before and it's amazing....

This is just my day so far, going amazingly - So I'm a very happy bunny this Birthday... And I'll be even more happy when I get to re-celebrate it when I get back to Cumbria (Northern style!) not too long from now.... Yay.... But with my Birthday being in December and near Christmas I'm just so happy that people remember it!

I'm afraid that's all I have for you at the moment and I shall update you all on my going's-on's tomorrow - if I remember them after my night out!

But, for now it's time for this Northern Girl to get dolled up, his the champers and cosmo's and have an amazing Birthday!

Thank you to everyone eg. My Mam, Dad, My little Brother Liam, Fiancé and Friends, who have and will make this day even more special to me and for me - thanks guys - Love you's!

Rachael Marie Grealish

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Glossybox - November - {Rachael Review}

So this is my first Glossybox - and in short - I LOVED it!

This is my first proper {Rachael Review} since having blogged hacked, so I'm really excited to share my thoughts with you all and see what you (my lovely readers) think about it, what your opinions, thoughts and views are ect... So I hope this is exciting for you all as much as it is for me!

I won a November Glossybox in a competition - which I'm quite chuffed about, as I always say I never win anything... So I awaited and low and behold I got it in the post -which to review that, didn't take as long as I thought it would - so well done Royal Mail...
My beautifully wrapped and fabulously presented November Glossybox!
When I got it I thought it was so beautifully wrapped, like a present, which always makes me happy! - I mean who doesn't get giddy when they see a wrapped up present for them? Especially with the up-coming season! What else was nice about it, is that, yes, you could look up the items online - but there's tonnes of different ones meaning you never know which five items are going to be yours...

After admiring the pretty packing - how girly of me! - I unwrapped it - without any rips (shockingly enough!) and was pleasantly surprised by my five gorgeous and usually expensive items - my favourite! It's a fabulous box filled with five items from the different ones available each month - plus, once your done the box is so useful to fill with other little items - I'm currently using it for random little beauty products of my own, which I thought was rather fitting considering what is was made for!

In my November Box I got the following:

From Left: Alison Clare: Mango Body Butter (RRP £15)
MONU: Firming Moisturiser (RRP £18.50) Kensington  Caviar Top coat (RRP £11)
Crabtree & Evelyn: Himalayan Blue Hand Therapy (RRP £14)
Dermalogica: Daily Microfilant (RRP £38.50)

I've tried them all and I loved 90% - I would've loved them all - if I've used one right... I'll elaborate...
  • Alison Clare: Mango Body Butter - The smell was simply delectable with this! I love body butter's and this stuff goes a long way - meaning you only need a little of it per half limb (that sound silly, but that's how I distribute the moisturiser when moisturising). It makes your skin feel fabulously soft - and I got complimented all day on how nice it smelled.
  • MONU: Firming Moisturiser - Well this is what made my result 90%... When going to use it after my shower, I hadn't read it properly and naturally assumed it was firming for you body never even thinking about it for your face. So I got a little out and rubbed it over my tummy. Then read the back and noticed it was for your face and eyes... Ooops, though I did have a fabulously soft tummy that day!
  • Kensington  Caviar Top coat - I was actually really excited I got this, as I was in dyer need for a top coat! This one I'd actually read about but was not willing to part with £11 for a top coat! I've used it a few times since I got it and it really is fabulous and strengthen your nails making the style or colour last so much longer...
  • Crabtree & Evelyn: Himalayan Blue Hand Therapy - I ADORE this! You don't need much of it per use and it goes a long way! From the first time I used it my hands felt amazing. It made it quickly to my handbag and I now take it everywhere and after a couple of weeks I've still got tonnes left! So chuffed with it as I'm really OCD about smells on my hands. So to have one randomly work for me is awesome!
  • Dermalogica: Daily Microfilant® - I was really unsure about this when I first got it. As frankly, I didn't know what to do with it. It's like a fine powder (like the stuff you get to boost your roots!) and you apply it to wet hands then scrub your face with it. But, being the skeptic I am, thought it wouldn't be brill, due to the fact I'd never use a powder face wash. Turns out - I LOVE it! I don't use it every day (because I don't want it to run out!) but when I do my face feels so smooth, soft, and simply fabulous...
So that's just a quick {Rachael Review} of my new five fabulous products and I've definitely fallen in love with the Glossybox's! 
I would definitely recommend them to someone who likes more expensive brands but doesn't want to pay the more expensive prices as it's usually £10 a box or you can get various deals on the site... But I wouldn't recommend it for someone that doesn't like surprises - as there's tonnes of products, but you never know which of them you will get in your Glossybox -which to me is half the fun! 

I love it - and have adored the products they gave me! It's been like a mini birthday present, beautifully wrapped and full of stuff I love!

I certainly hope Santa reads my wishlist and perhaps wraps another up for me... 

Have you had a Glossybox - if so, what did you get and what did you think?
Tell me your thoughts...
{Rachael Review}